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Receive Mail & Packages | USPS (1)

Enter a USPS Tracking® number in the search box to check the status of a package.

Track Your Package

Going out of town or want to change where your mail is delivered? Learn about all the ways to handle your incoming USPS® mail and packages and choose the best option.

Receive Mail & Packages | USPS (2)

Receive Mail & Packages | USPS (3)

Get Informed Delivery

Now both business and personal accounts can preview images* of mail and manage incoming packages on one dashboard without entering tracking numbers. From the Informed Delivery® dashboard, you can also sign up for text or email notifications, schedule delivery alerts, request Redelivery, enter USPS Delivery Instructions®, and more.

USPS Electronic Signature Online

Informed Delivery for personal accounts includes USPS Electronic Signature Online® (USPS eSOL®), a feature that allows you to digitally sign for incoming packages that require a signature including Priority Mail Express®, Signature Confirmation, and those insured for $500 or more. USPS carriers will leave your packages in your mailbox or at your preferred delivery location if they are too large to fit in your mailbox.

Get Started Nowwith Informed Delivery

*NOTE: Black and white (grayscale) images show the front of the outside of letter-sized envelopes and mailpieces that are processed through USPS® automated equipment.

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Simple Ways to Manage Your Mail

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Standard Forward Mail & Change of Address

USPS is taking steps to increase security, combat identity theft, and further protect our customers' information. When you submit a change of address request online, you need to take additional steps to verify your identity:

  1. Opt in online to receive a verification code or link on your mobile phone OR go to a Post Office location with an acceptable photo ID to complete the identity verification process in person.
  2. Pay the $1.10 identity verification fee.

After your change of address request is approved, you'll get confirmation as well as instant access to valuable coupons provided by third-party retailers in your area. Your change of address request lasts for 12 months, but you can pay to extend it for 6, 12, or 18 more months.

Learn More about changing your address.

Premium Forwarding Mail

Taking a long vacation or an out-of-town assignment? For a weekly fee, you can have most mail sent to you each week with our Premium Forwarding Service Residential®. The temporary service is available for periods as short as 2 weeks and up to 1 year.

Learn More about Premium Forwarding Service Residential

Start Premium Forwarding

USPS Package Intercept

With USPS Package Intercept® service, you can redirect domestic packages, letters, and flats with a tracking or extra services barcode as long as the items have not yet been delivered or released for delivery. Either the sender or the recipient can request to have a shipment redirected as Priority Mail® back to the sender's address or to a Post Office™ location as a Hold For Pickup.

Learn More about USPS Package Intercept

Redirect a Package

Reserve a PO Box

Want to separate home and business mail or keep your address private? Reserving a PO Box™ is a great way to get your mail when and where you want it. PO Boxes are available in a range of costs and sizes. Just find one online near you, complete the application, pay with a credit card, and bring the printed form, your emailed receipt, and two IDs to the Post Office.

Reserve a PO Box

USPS Hold Mail

If you're going out of town for a while, you can submit a USPS Hold Mail® request online and we'll keep your mail safely at your local Post Office until you return. You can schedule the service up to 30 days in advance of your date or by 2 AM CST (Mon.–Sat.) on the start date.

For enhanced security, USPS now requires you to create or sign in to your account to verify your identity and current address before submitting a new online USPS Hold Mail request.

Learn More about USPS Hold Mail service

Hold Your Mail

Hold For Pickup

Whether you’re shipping from a retail store or printing your own shipping label with postage, you can always elect to Hold For Pickup. Hold For Pickup allows the recipient to collect a package at the local Post Office. If you're the recipient and you'd like to redirect an incoming package to a Post Office for pickup, you can select Hold For Pickup using USPS Package Intercept®.

Get Started with Hold For Pickup

Schedule Redelivery Service

If we missed you when we tried to deliver your package or mail, you can get it redelivered by making a request online. Use the tracking barcode for your item and schedule Redelivery on a day that's more convenient for you. In select markets, recipients can also schedule Redelivery to a USPS® Smart Locker. If you have your tracking number, you can also schedule Redelivery via USPS Tracking®.

Schedule a Redelivery

USPS Delivery Instructions*

If your package doesn’t fit in your mailbox and you won’t be home to receive it, you can provide USPS Delivery Instructions online and authorize your carrier to leave it in a specified location. Just track your package and select “Delivery Instructions.” You can request that your package be left with a neighbor or held at a Post Office for pickup. For the cost of additional postage, you can have your package sent to a different domestic address. You can also change your shipping service option, upgrading to Priority Mail Express® service or Priority Mail® service, as well as add insurance and extra services.**

* Service is only available for packages sent domestically.
** Not available for packages sent to APO/FPO/DPO addresses. Other restrictions may apply.

Get Started with Delivery Instructions for your package

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Receive Mail & Packages | USPS (2024)


Does USPS deliver mail and packages separately? ›

USPS packages are processed separately from your other incoming mail because they will not fit in your mailbox. For packages and mail that needs to be signed for, special handling is required. You will receive an e-mail notification from Postal Services when your package is ready for pick-up.

Will USPS pick up packages from my mailbox? ›

If you put a USPS postpaid return labeled package in your home mailbox with the flag up, will the mail carrier take it back, or must you take it back to the post office? He'll take it, but if it's a big package we highly reccomend you fill out the request form online for a free pickup.

Can you go to USPS and get your package? ›

For example, you can certainly ask that your packages held at your local post office (behind the counter) for you until you are able to pop down to the post office and pick it up yourself. There aren't a lot of postal employees in the USPS they're going to deny those kinds of requests.

Can I have something shipped to the Post Office instead of my house? ›

Yes - you (the addressee) have the option to send your eligible package to a different address or to a Post Office™ for pickup, but there is a postage fee.

Does USPS do double delivery? ›

The second residential delivery was discontinued on April 17, 1950, in most cities. Multiple deliveries to businesses were phased out over the next few decades as changing transportation patterns made most mail available for first-trip delivery.

Does USPS deliver packages to door or mailbox? ›

USPS is the only package delivery service that uses the mail clusterboxes, in which the mail carrier should place the package inside the parcel box and provide the respective key to open it in your mailbox. The parcel boxes are the large mailbox doors located at the bottom of the box.

Can I walk into USPS and get boxes? ›

You can purchase boxes and tubes of various sizes at most Post Offices. Select Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail boxes are available free at the Post Office for items sent using either of these services.

Can I go to the post office and send a package? ›

If your package uses stamps and is more than one-half inch thick or weighs more than 10 oz, you must take it to a Post Office counter and give it to the Retail Associate at the counter. If you printed the postage using Click-N-Ship or at a USPS kiosk, you can use any method to drop off your packages.

Can I leave a package in my mailbox for USPS? ›

Always keep in mind that if your mailbox is big enough to accommodate any packages you are shipping out, you can leave those items in your mailbox for pick-up without scheduling with the USPS.

Can I put outgoing mail in my mailbox? ›

Sending Mail

You can send mail by: Dropping it into a blue collection box. Leaving it in your home mailbox. Scheduling a pickup.

Will the USPS leave a package at the door? ›

USPS may not deliver your mail or packages to your door; the carrier will then place your items and any packages contained therein directly into your mailbox. If any heavier packages do not fit inside, the carrier may have to place them on the ground next to it instead.

Can I use the Post Office as my address? ›

Can I use a post office (PO) box or temporary mailing address? You may use a PO box for your mailing address; however, you must provide a residence address when your COA includes your DL/ID card. Temporary mailing addresses are not allowed.

Are parcels and letters delivered separately? ›

Your letters and parcels will generally be delivered separately. Special arrangements. This is most commonly buisinesses that pay more for an early delivery of all mail that has arrived by that point, with the remainder coming at the usual time. Some pay for multiple full deliveries (e.g. Parliament).

How does USPS separate mail? ›

Machines Separate the Mail by Shape and Size

This is called culling. The machine then orients the letters so they all face the same way with the right side up. The mail sorting machine also scans for postage to know it has been paid for and then applies a cancellation line so the postage cannot be reused.

Why does my USPS package say out for delivery but mail already came? ›

But, occasionally, you may notice that your tracking page still shows the out-for-delivery update after you have already received your item. It can happen because the carrier forgot to do a destination scan and upload the details online.

What do I do if the USPS says delivered but no package? ›

If USPS is reporting "delivered", you will need to contact USPS directly to file a missing mail search. To save time, we suggest reaching out via email by submitting a service request here. If FEDEX is reporting "delivered", you will need to contact FEDEX directly to file a claim.


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