How to View and Delete Reddit History (2024)

How to View and Delete Reddit History (1)

If you’ve been on Reddit for some time, you’ve probably accumulated a history. The app retains your latest search queries and browsing history, as well as comments and posts. If you don’t need all that to remind you of your earlier activities on Reddit, then know that it’s possible to get rid of all that information. This tutorial shows how to view and delete your history on Reddit.

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How to Find and Remove Reddit History on Your PC

If you’ve signed up with an account on Reddit, then you have access to more of your past data. If you don’t have an account – which is still a viable solution for browsing Reddit on PC – you won’t be able to see this info.

Browsing History

Being able to access your browsing history can be useful if you want to revisit a post or thread you accessed a while back with the intent of sharing it with others or simply to reread it. As you’d expect, you can do that both on your PC and mobile device by following the steps below:

  1. Open Reddit on your computer.
  2. Scroll downward a bit and look on the right side of the screen. You should see a box labeled “Recent posts.” You can see the last three posts you interacted with.
How to View and Delete Reddit History (2)

Note: if you haven’t logged in with a Reddit account, the “Recent posts” box won’t be available.

  1. click on the posts to be taken to them.
  2. To remove these posts, just click on the “Clear” button at the bottom.
How to View and Delete Reddit History (3)
  1. If you wish to view more than the last three posts you viewed, click on your username in the upper-right corner and select “Profile.”
How to View and Delete Reddit History (4)
  1. You’ll be taken to your profile page where you can access various information regarding your Reddit activity. At the top, select “History” to view your browsing history in full.
How to View and Delete Reddit History (5)
  1. In practice, however, the feature is a bit clunky. In our experience, it was slow to load and didn’t remember all the threads we opened. Interestingly, there’s no option to delete your browsing history via the Reddit webpage.
  1. If the option does not work for you and you need to retrieve a certain post immediately, search your browser’s history to access that info. Use the Search box to quickly fish out only the Reddit links.

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Search History

Moving on to search history, once again, you will only have access if you logged in with your account.

This is simple to view: click on the Search bar at the top to see all the recent keywords you’ve used to search for stuff on Reddit. Below your search queries, you’ll see a list of “Trending Today/Promoted” topics.

How to View and Delete Reddit History (7)

To remove one of the search terms (or all), press the “X” button next to each term you want to remove. If you’re browsing without an account, you’ll only be able to see the trending topics when you click on the Search bar. They will be the same as above.

Comments and Posts History

As in section #1, you’ll need to access your profile page to find information about your comments and post history.

  1. Once you’ve made it to your profile, click on the “Comments” or “Posts” tabs to view and browse the respective older information.
How to View and Delete Reddit History (8)
  1. While it’s not possible to delete comments and posts in bulk, what you can do is remove items one by one. To do so, click on the three dots underneath a comment and select “Delete.”
How to View and Delete Reddit History (9)
  1. From the same screen, you can also take a look at your “Saved” folder, where you can view all your Saved posts, as well as view the posts and comments you’ve upvoted or downvoted. You can change your vote from there if you change your mind.

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How to Find and Remove Reddit History on Your Mobile

The options we’ve detailed above are also available via the mobile apps.

Browsing History

Accessing your browsing history via mobile apps is much more straightforward and doesn’t suffer from the loading issues experienced on desktop. Follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Reddit app on your phone.
  2. Tap on your avatar in the upper -right corner of the display.
How to View and Delete Reddit History (10)
  1. From the sidemenu that appears, select “History” at the bottom.
How to View and Delete Reddit History (11)
  1. You’ll be able to browse your history on this particular mobile device. Interestingly enough, the option appears to be local, so if you’ve browsed other posts/threads on your PC (even while logged in with the same account), they won’t show up here.
  1. It’s not possible to delete individual items from history. The most you can do on Android is opt to “Hide post” or “Block account” by pressing on the three dots in the top right of each post. On iOS, you also have the option to “Mute r/subreddit.”
  2. You can, however, delete all of your Reddit history on Android. Go to the very top and press the three dots.
How to View and Delete Reddit History (13)
  1. Select “Clear history.” The feature is not available on iOS.
How to View and Delete Reddit History (14)
  1. As you might expect, the “Recent Posts” option is not available via the mobile apps.

Search History

Accessing your search history on mobile works pretty much as it does on desktop. Just tap in the Search bar at the top to view your latest queries. Tap the “X” to remove an item.

How to View and Delete Reddit History (15)

As on desktop, you’ll be able to view the “Trending today” topics underneath these keywords.

Comments and Posts History

To get to your comments and posts history on mobile, follow these steps:

  1. In the app, tap on your avatar in the upper-right corner.
How to View and Delete Reddit History (16)
  1. Select “My Profile.”
How to View and Delete Reddit History (17)
  1. You can view your older posts and comments but nothing else. For instance, your Saved folder is not accessible from here.
How to View and Delete Reddit History (18)
  1. As before, you’ll need to delete posts and comments one by one, as a bulk option is not available. To do so, tap on a comment you want to get rid of.
  2. You’ll be taken to the post page to view your comment.
  3. Tap on the three dots next to the “Reply” option and select “Delete” from there.
How to View and Delete Reddit History (19)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my history available for other users on Reddit to see?

Yes and no, as it depends on which history you’re talking about. Your browsing and search histories aren’t available for others to see. However, your comments and posts are visible to other Reddit users. To see this information, then can tap on your account name, then select “View profile.” From there they can browse your posts and comments. These comments/posts will remain available unless you or a moderator delete them.

Will my search history be preserved if I log out of Reddit?

If you’re logging out of Reddit on your desktop, your search history will be automatically deleted so that you can start fresh. On mobile, however, the search history will be preserved.

Can I prevent Reddit from tracking my browsing history?

If you wish to browse anonymously on your mobile you can. To switch to this particular mode, tap on your Reddit avatar, then on the downward arrow next to your username. Select “Anonymous Browsing” at the bottom. Note that while you’re browsing in incognito mode on Reddit, you won’t be able to vote/downvote, comment, or create posts.

Image credit: Reddit app smartphone reddit logo screen background by 123RF. All screenshots by Alexandra Arici.

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How to View and Delete Reddit History (20)

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How to View and Delete Reddit History (2024)


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