A Guide to Glamorous Summer Dressing, Courtesy of Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie’s ‘The Simple Life’ Wardrobe (2024)

However polarizing, you can’t talk about 2000s style without mentioning everyone’s favorite hotel empire heiress—and Kim Kardashian’s then-boss—Paris Hilton. Seemingly joined at the hip with fellow socialite Nicole Richie for the better half of the era’s first decade, the pair were often photographed twinning (and glittering!) in sequins and bubblegum pink at some party or red carpet event. But some of their most iconic ensembles are from their days on The Simple Life, the duo’s joint reality show which saw the the 20-something’s ditching Los Angeles for a life of milking cows, fixing up cars, and working at Sonic—often with their heeled sandals and designer sunglasses still in tact.

With recent news revealing that the two are set to reunite on screens for a new reality TV project (whether or not it will bear semblance to The Simple Life remains under wraps), and Y2K-inspired fashion being firmly rooted in the zeitgeist, there’s never been a better time to revisit Richie and Hilton’s fashions of the time.

A personal favorite was when the multi-hyphenate pair demonstrated how to glam up a pencil skirt while filming in New York: Hilton opted for a sequined-out look while Richie paired a leather skirt with Balenciaga’s iconic City Bag for an edgier approach. Oversized shades were essential to completing the vibe. On another occasion, both donned brightly-colored spaghetti strap dresses—a notable early-aughts staple every fashion girl is still reaching for in their closets today.

Whether fashionably ready for work in a polished set or primed for a night out in an embellished minidress, channeling Hilton and Richie’s The Simple Life-era wardrobe is actually, well, simple— as proved by the six outfit ideas ahead.

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Pencils, Please

Here’s not one, but two outfits that make a case for wearing pencil skirts outside of the office more often. Sequins and fuzzy details (pups count!) are the only thing missing.


lumière shirt


small leather shoulder bag


sequined midi skirt

Saint Laurent

mesh slingback pumps

Shop more pencil skirts:

Tom Ford

leather midi skirt


layered sequin skirt

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Strapless Staples

If there’s one thing you can learn from Hilton’s party wardrobe, it’s to underestimate the versatility and styling power of a strapless dress. Whether slipping into a simple satin number or something more embellished, the style needs little more than a chic slingback and some jewelry to shine.


strapless cotton minidress


jacquard & leather slingback pumps


bezel lariat necklace

JW Anderson


Shop more strapless sparkly minis:


crystal-embellished mini dress


Nolia dress

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Something Shiny and Short

The only thing more ubiquitous than logo handbags in Hilton and Richie’s The Simple Life wardrobe is the sequined mini, both in skirt and dress form. It proves a no fail-for almost any occasion, with hot pink accessories adding an extra dose of fun.

Ramy Brook

Hettie halterneck top


sheer sequin mini skirt


small rockstud crossbody bag


neon pink hair clips

Shop more hot pink minidresses:


sequinned mini dress

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Go With the Flow

Billowy, handkerchief hemlines are a classic noughties look, with many styles on the market right now looking like they were pulled straight from the The Simple Life’s wardrobe archives. For your next sultry summer night out, opt for a brightly-colored slip or halterneck style and finish off with glittery heeled sandals.


asymmetrical printed dress

Rene Caovilla

Eden sandal


halter neck wrap mini dress

Manolo Blahnik

leather sandal

Shop more flowy dresses:

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Flirty Formal

Soft, powdery hues and floral elements add a rush of romance to the classic suit. Opt for a style with bold shoulders and a sleek pant for a bold, carpet-worthy silhouette.

Magda Butrym

satin oversized blazer

Magda Butrym

wide leg silk pants

vintage Diorissimo shoulder bag

Simone Rocha

rose earrings

Shop more tailored suits:


suit blazer


suit pants

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

The Ultimate Combo

According to Richie, you can’t mess up with a tube top and midi skirt combo. To polish it off, a fun, vintage handbag with a pop of color—nose ring optional.


cadillac cloth handbag

silver and lucite mule

Shop more tube top and miniskirts:

Amir Slama

strapless tube top


asymmetric silk mini skirt


bowling bag

Urban Outfitters

Marlow metal pendant necklace

A Guide to Glamorous Summer Dressing, Courtesy of Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie’s ‘The Simple Life’ Wardrobe (2024)


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