40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (2024)

The top stops along the way from Richmond to Conflans Sainte Honorine (with short detours) are lastminute.com London Eye, The British Museum, and Tower of London. Other popular stops include Fondation Monet in Giverny, Canterbury Cathedral, and Dover Castle.



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Shopping mall


Meadowhall Shopping Centre is a large shopping mall in Sheffield, England. It features hundreds of high street and luxury stores, as well as a food court and cinema. Meadowhall is easily accessible by both train and car, making it one of the area's most popular attractions.

Conveniently located next to M1 junction.Really big shopping mall with lots of premium brands shops. Be prepared that you will easily spend there at least half a day browsing in shops.Also there is a decent choice of food outlets for all tastes.It has a good tram link connection to the city center. Also buses are available.

Tomek Ikea — Google review

Free parking!!!The free parking was exciting for me because it seems that in the UK, paid parking is the norm. Meadowhall is a great shopping mall and entertainment venue. My daughter had a great time shopping here. The mall layout and store options were thorough and well considered. Bright, clean mall. It was also clear that the mall was designed to allow for less mobile persons to have an inviting and accessible experience there. Lots of family and kid friendly options and facilities as well.

Megan Elizabeth — Google review

A shopping center which offers every shop experience. From Poundland to Rolex. Also as a bonus there the shopping area called the Lane.There there is the shop under the stairs.Any Harry Potter fan it's a must .Photo opportunity pushing a trolley into a platform wall. . A prison wanted poster.Then there's the food court.I hate walking around shopping centers usually however kind of enjoyed this shopping center.

Alan Peters — Google review

Excellent food and clothes at good prices. Including having Primark huge advantage. Free parking. Easy to find.

Yuval Gruber — Google review

Got something for most people. Clean and dry and some decent shops. Can get busy at a weekend but a mid week visit is just right if you like it a bit quieter.

Patrick Lappin — Google review

What a gem of a shopping centre, we came here for a bite to eat. before heading elsewhere and were nicely surprised as to how lovely Meadowhall was. A large mall conveniently located next to M1 junction with lots of parking. Loads of premium branded and hughstreet stores and a great choice of food outlets for all tastes.

Blue Bean Photography — Google review

4/5 Lots of (somewhat expensive! 😅) shops to indulge in. Loved the free parking, always useful! A little tricky getting up & down a floor with a pram + non-lift goer since the stairs & lift are not next to each other. Quite specific to our situation, I am aware, but still had to keep playing where's Wanda with my fianceé.P.S. Prepare for it to be BUSY if going @ a weekend.

Henry Tacey — Google review

Every unit was full unlike the Metro Centre at Newcastle. The staff in all the shops,restaurants and Prosecco bar had friendly and cheerful outlooks. A great mix of designer and everyday run of the mill stores. Excellent.

Margaret Blair — Google review

You have all shops you ask for. Massive Shopping centre and big choice of food from Food hall. If you have family and kids you have to get parking permit for family parking. If not you'll get ticket. So don't forget to get one from customer service on entrance. Then stick it on your dash. Thanks me later 👍😅

Ejdy DMJ — Google review

A great shopping place with varied collection of stores ranging from affordable to premium brands. Hence, you can find everything that you need under one roof and you will not have to worry about parking as free parking is available.

Fadel Alnoud — Google review

Love it for shopping, nowhere compares as has shops you don't see in other places so go specifically for these. Good parking, clear signs inside, generally clean, some decent restaurants (pity more and more are becoming just big chains you can get anywhere though but there's still some that you don't see elsewhere but would be good to see them do more to support small businesses like an affordable rent section for street food vendors).Best thing is the opening hours so being able to go when it's not as busy.

Anna B — Google review

Amazing experience huge shopping 🛍 centre all big brands available..cinema screens food court..very beautiful sitting Area..

SEEMA AJMAL — Google review

Had a lovely day here,not been for many years. Everywhere was clean, tidy & the shops were varied. Had a great lunch at TGIF's too!

Kim Adams — Google review

Love meadowhall plenty of excellent shops and great places to eat or just people watch with a lovely coffee ☕️ can easily spend a day there I just popped into joe browns but go often excellent free parking lots of it too it seems huge when you first visit but not when you go often and now oh my a couple of excellent chocolate shops Shopping is so easy all in one place fab they do have a cinema but it's not as nice as it used to be but it's there if you want to go excellent eating centre oasis every taste catered for love meadowhall good place to spend a winters day

Veda Hardy — Google review

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Meadowhall in Sheffield with my family, and I must say, the experience was nothing short of extraordinary. Often compared to the likes of Bluewater, Meadowhall certainly holds its ground as one of the largest shopping centres in England, if not outshining it by size and offering.From the moment we arrived, kids and wife loved, the sheer scale of Meadowhall was evident. The centre boasts over 290 stores, catering to every imaginable need and desire. Whether ww was browsing the latest fashion trends in stores like Zara and H&M, exploring high-end brands such as Hugo Boss and AllSaints, or simply searching for the perfect gift in one of the many unique, independent shops, Meadowhall had it all.In my opinion, what truly sets Meadowhall apart, though, is not just its vast array of retail options but also its dining and entertainment facilities. Based on my kids' opinion, the Oasis Dining Quarter offers an impressive selection of eateries, ranging from fast food favourites to sit-down restaurants, ensuring that there's something to satisfy every palate. After a delicious meal, the Vue Cinema provided the perfect escape with its latest screenings, rounding off a day of shopping with a touch of relaxation and entertainment.There are no issues regarding the accessibility and convenience, which is also where Meadowhall shines. Located just off the M1, it's incredibly easy to get to, and with ample parking, the usual stresses of shopping were noticeably absent. Public transport options were plentiful, making my journey smooth and hassle-free.In a nutshell, my day with family at Meadowhall was a delightful experience from start to finish. It's not just the scale of the shopping centre that impresses but the quality of its stores, the diversity of its food offerings, and the overall atmosphere that make it a must-visit destination. It easily rivals, if not surpasses, other shopping centres like Bluewater in many aspects. Meadowhall is more than just a place to shop; it's a place to explore, dine, and enjoy. I can't wait for my next visit!

Andy Singh — Google review

Has Boots and Super drug which is good as you compare prices easily.Meadowhall is good when it's not overcrowded. It has good parking compared to city centre. They need to increase child parking spaces though.You also not worried about 'rough sleepers' like you are at City Centre.Its a refined place to shop and meets expectations.A good place to visit during winter especially.

Normadic N — Google review

Great for every day shopping you have literally everything. Plenty of car parking space

romanidzeee — Google review

You could spend the day there browsing around all the top shops. There are plenty of places to eat. I had sausage and chips with peas it was a very good Adult portion and only £7.80. The taste was brilliant just like the chip shop at home. So keep an eye out for the Tasty Plaice.Ps The Car Parking is free.

Thomas Love — Google review

Travelled 2 hours from Durham to visit just for a look out.Bored with the hustle and bustle of our local MetroCentre as some of the shops we love have closed but still have stores within Meadowhall.Really enjoyed the experience seemed far better and relaxed than the MetrocentreEasy drive in and easy access back out on the motorway

Mondo Daftasabrush — Google review

The centre itself is lovely, great shops. However. We stopped here as the website advertised baby feeding facilities, we did eventually find the mums feeding room and my partner said it was so hot in the room. We have to top up her feeding and there wasn’t anywhere inside that room to heat milk. So I had to go looking.My biggest concern was getting into the center. Someone got a bit happy putting in posts. Random thing to moan about but we parked in a empty car park at the back of what looked like Debenhams. And walked but there were posts everywhere blocking our route with the buggy. We walked past a disabled drop off area and I don’t know if someone in a wheel chair could of got to the centre via this route. See the photos.So not really buggy friendly.

Michael Cawley — Google review


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Suite 1, Meadowhall Centre The Management, The Oasis, Meadowhall, Sheffield S9 1EP, United Kingdom

+44 333 313 2000


Haddon Hall

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks

Haddon Hall, a notable historical landmark, showcases a magnificent Tudor hall and gardens from the Elizabethan era. Unlike other nearby houses, Haddon Hall doesn't heavily advertise itself but offers visitors a more intimate experience. Stepping into its grounds reveals its stunning beauty, which is truly awe-inspiring. The house itself is a well-preserved example of medieval architecture, dating back to the 12th century when it was initially constructed as a Norman fort.

We used our gardeners world 2 for 1 offer (In Mays magazine) for lots of houses n gardens.Would of cost £47. approx for 2 adults children free which is really good. Loved the house n gardens. Loved the history of the house. Not sure i would have paid the £47 to visit but guess it preserves our history.There is also doing talks about the history you can join for free.Cafe with outdoor seating area has nice views.

Diane Ainsworth — Google review

Today is the last day of Haddon Hall Artisan Market.There is already a Christmas atmosphere, and the weather is very good today. It snowed heavily at noon. ❄️We enjoyed to visit the house which is over 900 years old. Also saw a lot of artists Christmas or art works, very good, the price is not very expensive. It's £7.50 per people and it's free for children.We feel good today, and it's worth going to see.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Winny W — Google review

Very interesting and different ‘stately home’ visit being medieval rather than Elizabethan on. Many of the original medieval features remain without being updated, and the free guided tour was very informative. Stone floors are very uneven and very few handrails as original so worth bearing in mind. Gave a real informative insight into this period of history. Nice restaurant too, 2-3 hours is adequate time.

Simon Smith — Google review

Hadden Hall has a lovely warm feeling about it. I believe it's the only stately house to not have been damaged in the war. You can tell it was a loving family home with no nasty skeletons in the closet. Definitely worth a visit though very pricey for what you get. No real gardens or land to explore just a section of the house. The restaurant is lovely with home cooked food and obviously popular as many tables reserved on a Thursday.

Linda Kirk — Google review

Haddon Hall is a beautiful manor house, where you can see about a dozen rooms, chapel, a tiny museum, and gardens. It is well presented, with about two pages of information in each room that tells of its history and notable items, like tapestries.However, the entry fee feels quite expensive at about £25 per adult plus another £3.80 per car to park. We spent a pretty leisurely hour in reading/seeing most things, so felt a bit steep in price compared to other comparable homes in England.The restaurant had pretty good food like jacket potatoes, sandwiches, soup, a few other mains, in addition to cakes and hot beverages. It's also slightly expensive and seating was a bit tight around 12:30/12:45, but the food came out quickly and was tasty so a nice stop if visiting Haddon Hall.

Becky T — Google review

The Hall is very historic, quite lovely and well cared for. An excellent free 30 minutes guided tour is available, on the hour and half past. After that you're left to wander those rooms open to the public, and some of the garden. We found this took another hour or two, the majority of the hall is private.It was £75 for the three of us, including parking (£3.80), which we might have felt better value were we permitted to walk the paths by the river, or the battlements on the public side.

Steve Kirkham — Google review

Haddon Hall has been on my list for a while, I was glad to catch the roses before they faded! A little bit of a pricey affair £23.90 entrance plus £3.80 parking, the staff in the cafe were a little rude if you ask me. Guided tours were going but I enjoy to take myself around quietly and avoid the crowds. Beautiful place, gorgeous grounds, lovely views. Would be nice if there was a bit more access to walk the wider estate. But all in all I lovely day out.

LiziiBear — Google review

What a fantastic medieval hall, a true untouched gem. It has some truly interesting history and beautiful gardens. The guides in each room were great and answered any questions. The great hall and chapel are spectacular. There is n cafe, small gift shop, and a large car park across the road with a charge of £3.80. A good 3 to 4 hours are needed.

Steven Moseley — Google review

Just stunning place, steeped in history with one of the best tour guide opening talks I have ever heard. Friendly staff and incredibly atmospheric history.Garden is stunning, and cafe serves great food.It IS expensive: £23.50 for an adult, so with 5 of us going, that is an expensive day out. I understand that it is still a home, but feel a little more could have been open (one of the towers?) for that level of spend.I would say it is definitely one for sure-footed adults, as there are no obvious things for children to do (but they would be free entry). Both inside and outside it is very uneven with lots of steps, which contributes a lot to the incredible character but makes it inaccessible for anyone with mobility issues. There is no obvious way of making it accessible ... not on the building agenda hundreds of years ago!Externally, it is one of the most stunning places in England; romantic, historic and truly spectacular. Internally, it is fascinating, but just not that many roo.s on display.Well worth a visit if you prepared to spend the money.

Hannah Rogers — Google review

I just wanted to say what a beautiful home,you can see the love everyone has for this stunning Hall.The ladies giving information about Haddon Hall were so interesting.A absolute must to see & learn the history.Thank you for a wonderful time.Restaurant food was 5 Star too 💞The carrot cake…Wow !

Dawn Wood — Google review

Visited the Christmas market at the hall and it was beautiful. There was a great variety of stalls inside and out, so that you got a real sense of the whole building and groundsWould definitely recommend a visit

Jane Chadwick — Google review

Amazing interesting place, we really enjoyed our visit. There are friendly informative guides around the house and gardens to answer any questions you may have and also plenty of information to read in each room. Particularly loved the chapel. The whole place has a nice atmosphere although there were a few people there it doesn't feel crowded and you feel free to move around at your own pace. We sat for a while in the gardens overlooking the river it was so peaceful.Some people in the reviews have commented that it's expensive, we did have a 2 for 1 gardeners world card and under 16s are free so as a family of 3 it costs just under £24 and £3.50 parking so was pretty good value for us. However if we did have to pay full price I still think it's worth a visit. Also Derbyshire residents are getting a 30% discount at the moment.We were saying its a shame you can't just go to the cafe for lunch without having to pay the entrance fee for the house as the grounds are so nice, we would definitely take a ride out for lunch occasionally 😁.

Loo Gb — Google review

It's a full day here to get the most from your visit & the guided tours are well worth it. The house is well kept though very uneven in places due to the centuries of footfall. The gardens too are beautiful & not over-manicured.We stopped off at the café for lunch which was beautifully served, tasty & not over priced.My only gripe is at the extra car parking fee on top of the cost of admission.

Mark & Janice Bright — Google review

Fascinating place with a wealth of history (it's so old). So points to note.. parking is across the road. It's an automatic barrier system payable on leaving by credit or debit card at the barrier (couldn't see coin facility). Oncd over the road, Tickets for the house purchased at the little hut . They don't give you a map, they don't do them. Walk up the drive & over the little bridge. The stables block has been converted into a restaurant- its upstairs, they will bring the food down for you to eat outside, but don't provide a waiter service to take orders outside. This is the only place to eat or drink, no picnic is allowed in the gardens. The walk up to the house is steep, so not for anyone with mobility problems. Once through the main gate, up on the left are toilets next to the museum (the only ones on site except by the stables). There are tours which are worth doing as the individual rooms have very limited written info, so buy a guide book (£9 June 2023). There wasn't always a guide in each room to ask questions. One guide told me they don't label items on purpose, shame as most places have a little note about what stuff is..this is my main criticism, hence the 4 stars. Overall, it's worth a visit, tho.

Dee A — Google review

I'm not overly into stately homes etc, but really enjoyed Haddon Hall. It was reasonably priced, nice little gift shop and theirs a cafe & facilities.The hall itself is an impressive building with a rich history. There are guided talks, but not compulsory. It's not stuffy but public friendly with plenty to see. The gardens are as magnificent as the hall and was perfect on a warm sunny summers day.Parking is across the road from the main entrance, so be careful crossing the main road on foot. Well worth a visit if you have the chance.

Mr B — Google review

Not cheap at £24 for adults over 16. Kids are free but with extra to be paid for parking and inflated prices in the cafe it’s a difficult sell (I’d recommend getting anyone under 20 in as a child as they cant check and taking your own food). However, once in the building and grounds are very impressive and with 900 years of history you can see why it’s regarded as the best example of a medieval building in the UK. It’s also been featured in many films including The Princess Bride.

Del213 — Google review

Beautiful Haddon Hall was a delight to visit on Good Friday 29/03/24. The weather was kind. The guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. The hall is quite amazing, so many rooms and a stroll in the gardens too.

Sandra Stonehill — Google review

Really enjoyed the candlelight evening tour. W were given mulled wine and mice pies, which were delicious. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. While I wish we could have seen more of the Gomez the 5 rooms we did see were beautiful with interesting bits of history in each one.

Kathryn Mullins — Google review

Christmas Artisan market.Very good home crafted market , in fabulous surroundings, beautiful house and gardens ,beautifully decorated for christmas. It was a crisp winters morning.My only criticism would be ,for more notification ,regarding access ♿ it's a grade 1 listed building ,with certain restrictions .There is a flight of stairs to the house and to the restaurant outside. Be very aware of uneven floors , and steps with no railings . Otherwise beautiful.

Glenda Seymour — Google review

Visited for the Christmas Market on Saturday. Very enjoyable experience. Parking is just a short walk from the house. Lots of stalls for food, drinks and Xmas things everywhere. It was busy but that was expected. The ticket price for the market was only £9.50 and can walk around the hall so it's value for money.

Jack Morgan — Google review

It's been one place we've had on our to do list for a while and just managed to get ourselves there for one of the final days before it closes over the Winter months. We visit a lot of places with our English Heritage and National Trust memberships, so we have a good feel for historical places and buildings. There is plenty of dedicated parking associated to the Hall that's not too far away 5-10mins walk, but that is the only place really to park. The visit, although in winter was lovely, the sun was shining, so we were able to wander around the gardens, which are well maintained. The Long Gallery, Chapel, and the Great Hall are all beautiful examples of the Tudor period and are very well refurbished and presented. The staff were helpful and friendly, and the lady giving the guided tour of the Chapel was excellent. I did feel that at some points it was a little bit lacking in maybe descriptive literature to engage you in the environment of each room (kitchen area mainly), and maybe due to the season and time of year the staff seemed busy on managerial work rather than being around to answer questions in particular rooms. However, when they were, the information they provided was good. For the size of the place, you felt you are only seeing half of the Hall, which makes you feel like you are missing out on something. However, I suppose you have to understand it's a working, livable space as well. The cafe/restaurant was in a separate outbuilding up a flight of stairs before your entered the main gates of the Hall. It is well presented and great for hot food with some nice choices and variation on the menu. However, we just had Tea and Cake, again lovely selection to choose from. Staff friendly and helpful. The little museum showing found artefacts during the refurbishment was a very interesting section on the look around. Overall would recommend a visit

Jamie “Jamdoodle” C — Google review

This was my first experience of visiting Haddon Hall Mercatum Market and I was impressed with the stalls and decorations. I was disappointed with the parking experience as it was very muddy and one lady was slipping so badly that she returned home. The traffic delayed us due to so many Christmas events at the same time.I think more could have been done to hasten the parking. I did object to the queue once I arrived at the admission point, as there was only one person scanning tickets and there were about twenty people waiting and we had already lost an hour of our time.The rooms were very crowded and I did wonder on the top floor how people would evacuate if there was a fire alarm. Ideally a one way circuit would have helped but difficult to implement. Times tickets? All in all it was lovely and well worth the ticket money.

Jenny Hastings — Google review


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The Estate Office, Haddon Hall, Bakewell, DE45 1LA, United Kingdom

+44 1629 812855

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Indoor snowcenter

Outdoor Activities

The SnowDome in Tamworth is a winter wonderland with an ice rink, swimming pool and gym. It's one of the best indoor ski slopes in England, perfect for beginners.

We were there for winter wonderland to see Santa's show and it was just perfect for our kids and for ourselves as well. Definitely we will return there because you can do a lot of things.And we definitely recommend this wonderful place !

Andreea Maria — Google review

Learn to snowboard day. A very good experience, went from complete beginner to being able to control speed, change direction and link turns.The instructor Paul was great, friendly and gave clear instructions / pointers.Very good facilities and equipment.

Laurie Rippin — Google review

Came this week! So no one else for the day pass of the 6 hour skiing lesson set. Adam K taught me and a family member - he was really patient and calm; a great teacher! Snow slope was good as it was steeper one end and had flat bits and a good corner. Rope system was sound but elevator could be slightly faster.Lunch was limited and basic but ok.I think it is slightly too expensive for me. There is a surprise at the entrance - a £2.50 car park fee. Make sure u bring quite a few 20p coins as the lockers require them and they’re a one use coin, so if u open the locker, you have to put a new 20p in!Overall, a great experience and will be back for the advanced ski 3 hour lesson

AJC 04 — Google review

We visited for the winter wonderland Santa experience. It was amazing and magicalReal snow, sledging, Christmas trees, decorations and slides my daughter loved it. It was followed by a stage show of Cinderella and Santa then through to see a selection of animals, hot chocolate and a Christmas merry-go-round.The show was really good and entertaining.Well worth the money and I'll happily go again !

Aaron Molloy — Google review

Amazing fun day out for all the kids and even the adults too.We went for a birthday trip for the Snow fun park where there was a giant snow slide, snow area and mini snow slide and house.We had to arrive earlier than the booked slot to prepare, but also the venue was packed full, you needed the extra time for parking too. Parking is a couple of £s.The snow park was amazing, lots of fun to be had in 30 mins. We all had a great time on the slide and would highly recommend and would come back again.At the snow dome, there was also ice skating, swimming pool, skiing and rock climbing, lots of fun for everyone.

Aliysa Dawson — Google review

Great spot for family fun. Kids did ice skating and climbing walls, but there was also skiing and swimming fun to do another day.Aspen dinner was great for quick tasty food: burgers, pizza etc. Order on QR code and food arrived promptly.

Corene Newbery — Google review

How can it be that you're all so professional? I couldn't say anything wrong with the staff. Very well trained with customer service. I finished my snowboarding lesson, I did it a couple of times though, the instructors were so kind, knowledgeable and very encouraging. Thank you Ollie, Emily, Dean, Adam, Ben, Charlie and Josh. My anxiety is on the roof every time but my instructors were so happy with my little achievements 🤣🤣🤣 kudos 💪💪💪

john James — Google review

Had a brilliant day today at the SnowDome. We were there with a private party (that was fantastic - thank you to the Brain Tumour Trust). The actual dome itself was beautifully decorated inside, very exciting on arrival. On entering the Christmas experience, again well set up waiting area where helmets were there for children (compulsory) and adults (optional). As the doors opened for our slot, it's was to a snowy scene and a good supply of sledges. It goes in a loop - we went right and started with the large snow slide (you go down on rings). We then pulled the children round on the sledges, although the temptation of snow was too much, so lots of stopping and throwing of snowballs! There are two smaller slides on the way round, as well as two selfie opportunities - one in a sleigh and the other in large baubles. By the time we got back to the beginning we had run out of time and the trumpet rang for the pantomime. This was Cinderella with a cast of 4, one being Santa. He was brilliant, as was the whole show. The children loved it, from the little ones, to my older ones (age 11) as they made it modern and relevant. After this you exit at the top to Santa's Village, where there are lots of animals to see - lamas, pigs, goats, rabbits and our favourite 25+ super cute guinea pigs! There were lots of photo ops, a talking postbox you could write letters and post into, plus a carousel ride. All in all this lasted about an hour and a half. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience with an 8 and two 11 year old- the only reason I've not given the full five stars is that we could have spent longer in the snow area at the start. For another visit, my kids definitely liked the look of the ski slopes too!

Wendy Watkins — Google review

My Daughter has had 2 ski lessons here now, the 1st one was nothing short of a very disappointing experience, my daughter of just 8 years old was put with an adults class which was very off putting for her and left standing waiting for 30 minutes during the lesson whilst waiting her turn to go. In the end I complained due to this not being the only issue I experienced. I received a free refund and used that for a second lesson. This was much better, far better teacher and my daughter absolutely loved it. I was very appreciative of the initial refund and my daughter was very hesitant to take a second lesson. All good in the end and she is looking forward to a third lesson.We have eaten in the restaurant both times and it's a bit of an odd experience. Both times we had walked in, been noticed by staff and sat waiting and waiting until we had to get the attention of a waiter to ask for menus, foods good, service is ok as long as you are keeping eye contact with the staff for what you want.Wouldn't stop us going again as we know the drill now. All in all a good experience and we look forward to returning for a third lesson.Thank you again for the refund. We gave you a second chance and was very pleased with our experience.

Dan Cooper — Google review

Amazing Santa Winter Wonderland adventure. Everything was really good organized. One way system. Take care you are starting with snow zone for first 30 min, so is really important to not be late, after are Santa theatre, after animals and carousel room. We did not know that we can not choose the rooms for ourselves. Otherwise was great. See you next year.

Ludmila Rudce — Google review

Good, fun activities under one roof. We swam, climbed and played in the snow. The kids had a lovely time. All in all it was reasonable value for money.

Dan Hodgkins — Google review

Great place. The viewing gallery could be longer but otherwise a great way to spend a day off with or without the kids. Plenty of toilets, a dining area and a great coffee shop.This time we took the toddlers ice skating. We hired the seals for them to sit on whilst we pushed them around. There is a central rink and an outer circle to go round in. There are also ‘polar bears’ or ‘penguins’ to learn skating with and are priced per person.Note the ski/snowboard sessions come without outerwear hire. Boots, helmet and snowboard are included but don’t forget waterproof coats, trousers and gloves. The first time we went we made the mistake of not wearing waterproof and we were cold and soaked at the end of the fantastic session!

Esma — Google review

Unbelievable state of equipment! This is the worst I have ever seen! I’ve ski’d/snowboarded in many countries, some are classed as third world, this place is fourth world by those standards. I’ve brought some complete novice friends here to see if they want to join us on future skiing/snowboarding holidays so thankfully they know no better. But for me it’s utterly disgraceful & embarrassing to see the equipment being handed out. 3 out of the 6 ski boots 🎿 don’t have power straps. 1 boot as you can see has half the foam padding hanging out! And how much did this cost!

ADAM ORRISS — Google review

I went with my mum and sister for a day out and it was really fun and I highly recommend it. I did the skiing section so that's the part that I'm recommending you would do as it was very fun and I find it pretty realistic. One reason why I'm giving this four stars not 5 is because on the lower levels you have to hold a rope which can hurt your hands and is quite annoying so I recommend having strong hand grip. Also the food isn't the best but the drinks are really nice. I would not recommend buying the pizzas but the loaded fries are good.I found this experience very fun and brought my confidence back to skiing

CyberSlayer — Google review

Good place to visit, kids enjoyed it. However wasn’t clear we needed to book ice skating ring at extra cost, was also informed on email arrive 30 min early, which we did and then was told couldn’t go in for another 20 min. The Cinderella show with Santa was good. Parking was reasonable.

P Bedi — Google review

Great for the kids ...with sledges to pull and small slides and tubes to go on.Real snow on the ground and cold so wrap up warm 😁The mini panto was brilliant and the actors and actresses made it fun for the kids...and a lovely way to warm up.The mini zoo and fairground attractions kept the kids happy and the letter to santa area was a nice addition.Great afternoon would recommend.

Jay W — Google review

We as a family of four had an amazing day out at Santas Winter Wonderland. Our boy age 4 and daughter aged 2 had the best time. Our time was 9:35am on a Sunday, and we felt it wasn’t overly too busy. Just right. The kids managed to go on all the slopes and rides multiple times. They loved gliding round being pulled on the wooden sledges! The pantomime show was fun and engaging even our 2 year old sat through it all (with snacks on tap!).Wrap up warm it’s cold! :-)

Adam King PT — Google review

Excellent place to learn or practice your skills techniques, they cater for all. You can learn to ski in a day, take coaching sessions or if you can already ski then get a lift pass at a reasonable price. Lift passes include Ski, boot and Helmet hire also.

Owen B — Google review

We had booked for the Winter Wonderland as it was advertised for children aged 2-16. Our children are 10, 13 and 15.We were very disappointed and felt it was not value for money for their age group. Only one snow slide in the winter wonderland area was big enough for them (others were aimed at much younger children) and there were so many people going on they only got 2-3 slides. The panto was OK, about 20-30 mins.Santas village was disappointing. The animals are cute but the carousel has a sign next to it saying height restriction and all three of my children were too tall to ride.When I complained to the manager at the end she said "sorry you didn't enjoy it, everyone else seems to and comes back year on year". I did explain that I think it would be very good for younger children but recommending for up to age 16 is not ideal. If if had at least included ice skating they would have been happier but that would have cost us an extra £70+ on top of the £150+ we had already spent.

Sabina Green — Google review

Recently went to the winter wonderland experience with my 8 year old son and had a fantastic time. He loved it. Food in the restaurant as well was excellent. We also did swimming whilst there!

Thomas David — Google review


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(5395)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (21)

Leisure Island, Riverdrive, Tamworth, B79 7ND, United Kingdom

+44 344 800 0011


Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (22)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (23)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (24)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (25)

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Sights & Landmarks

Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden is a historical site located in Kenilworth's outskirts, featuring ruined castle walls adorned with carved arbours, an aviary, and a marble fountain. The castle has survived the longest siege in English history during Lord Edward's reign and was dramatically extended during Tudor times. Unfortunately, it fell during the English Civil War with its walls breached and water defences drained.

Marvellously medieval day out. We visited during a reenactment weekend and were thoroughly educated and entertained. Good parking (free to English Heritage) which is close to the castle. Staff were all friendly and knowledgeable. We had a good wander around the ruins, grabbed a coffee and thoroughly enjoyed the shows. There are plenty of grounds to walk around, you can also climb up the keep or sit in the stable cafe for a sandwich and drink.

Stuart Williams — Google review

Great day out by myself the space was beautifully kept and the gardens smelt amazing, not busy at all. Lovely exhibitions and the audio guide was immersive worth getting one. Plenty of space do recommend as a day out even having a picnic. The tea room and bookshop were spectacular.Free entry with English heritage membership which you can get on site

Monica Calanche — Google review

Amazing Castle to wander, incredible views of the surrounding land, interesting history. Not a bad price for entry - pretty typical for a state park/historic site/landmark/museum experience. Highly recommend visiting.

Nick Williams — Google review

Like so many people before me I totally loved my time looking around the castle, house and grounds. I was surprised so much of it survived!The castle remains are amazing, huge and in some parts delicate. Built for defense and to entertain Queen Elizabeth I. Great bit of history to delve into.The gardens are lovely and the house is amazing to see just how much is period.There’s a cafe and toilets with plenty of paid parking.

Paul Tooze (No Journey Too Small) — Google review

Excellent visit.. Very interesting with quite a lot to see. We spent at least 3 hours here! You can freely climb the walls and explore the ruins via the well laid out footpaths. We visited during half term and there were actors demonstrating medieval skills and guided tours!Really cool place, recommend a visit! Good local pubs within walking distance from the castle for an after visit meal/rest.

Ryan Howard — Google review

An amazing experience. Another English Heritage site that delivers beautifully. If not a member please make sure you look it up. There was a medieval festival at the time we visited with over 350 people putting on a grandiose event. There were so many new things to learn about the old days. Embroidery, cooking, hunting, medicine, archery, forging and many many more. Re-enactment of battles, court jester having a fire show, medieval music etc. And if this was not enough you can visit the keep, the gardens and the gatehouse, all beautifully presented. There is a tea room with little choice of food, but of course you can bring your own picnic. Toilets were sufficient for the amount of people on site and they were very clean. Definitely 100% recommended

Gabriel Radulescu — Google review

Beautiful place, to visit. The castle and garden, just amazing :)You can buy tickets on the arrival in the visitor center, as well as gifts.There are toilets and lovely cafe.There is a limited car park space just next to the castle, but opposite the road there is a pub with a car park. Non guests of the pub have to pay, we paid like £6,50 for a day.Definitely worth a visit :)

Klaudia Chojnacka — Google review

Magical place.Great storytelling throughout on the information boards to help you envisage what it would have been like. The history is absolutely fascinating and the illustrations bring it to life well. Seeing what the rooms were and how they would have been used makes you feel connected to the place.Walkways through the towers are incredible; spectacular views over the rest of the castle and surrounding landscape.Only dissapointment was the cafe: beamed stable setting was magnificent but by 3pm there was barely any food left...just a couple of cakes.

Hannah Rogers — Google review

Visited this nice place today, late autumn sun was gorgeous making the ruins look glorious against the green grass surrounding the castle…. Cream teas at the cafe could complete a pleasant half day out. Ticket is £16/ adult.

Iulia Arsan — Google review

Fab English Heritage property. We got to the car park at 10:20 and the main car park was already full so we parked on the Euro Car Park and walked back round.The staff were very friendly and helpful and keen to get us to buy membership!Good venue lots to explore in the castle and around the grounds.

Gemma Handley — Google review

Excellent half day out. Easy to get to. Staff extremely friendly, helpful and informative. Café has a lovely selection of food, cakes and drinks and more than enough seating inside and out. The new access stairs and platforms are a fantastic addition giving a wonderful new perspective of the castle. Parking was limited but if you get there early there is more than enough. Only complaint is the lack of toilet facilities. Allow enough time to queue if you need to go.

Bruce Joubert — Google review

A superb day out. Really very friendly helpful and informative staff. Dog friendly. Nice cafe. Great ice cream.But most important the castle and grounds. It really makes a whole day out with a large castle ruin to explore, walks and pleasant picnic area.

Roger Tweed — Google review

Pretty disappointing if I'm honest. The cafe had no scones (that might be the most middle class sentence committed to Google review). The free car park has no signage indicating how you can access the castle, which is likely because English Heritage are missing out on car park money, but it is shortsighted to discourage visitors in this way. The garden was mostly dead and completely underwhelming compared to similar attractions. Book tickets online to save a little bit of money, as definitely not worth the full price at the moment.

Matthew Gauden — Google review

A beautiful old ruined castle. There are lots of information boards telling you about the history of the castle and its owners. The reconstructed Elizabethan gardens are lovely and have a fascinating history. The cafe is ok, I don't like tea which is just a teabag in a cup.

David Belton — Google review

Beautiful gardens and ruins. There’s a nice cafe and gallery which showcase the history of the place. Some interesting multimedia in the museum including a minecraft game. Most interesting fact was that there used to be man made lake here for defense but was drained after the civil war

Anthony Chan — Google review

Absolutely lovely and surprising day out at Kenilworth. We used our English Heritage membership for free parking (in the adjacent car park) and entry to the grounds. Very helpful and friendly staff. An informative audio tour was included. There has been a lot of care and attention given to this site and its history was well explained in various boards, signs and exhibits. There was a stair structure built into the ruins some ten years ago which help you fully appreciate the scope, scale and views which Royalty and the wealthy have experienced for almost 500 yrs. Definitely worth a visit!

Gary Wise — Google review

Simply magnificent. Well worth the price. It's easy to spend a good few hours here, and it's worth getting the free audio guide. We also went on the 20 min ruins tour which was complementary and well worth it. It's a really majestic ruin with a rich history and I can't recommend it enough. Note that you need to get a wristband from the ticket office opposite the gate before going in the main entrance.

Gregory Smith — Google review

I love this castle, have visited numerous times over the years. The history of this castle is fascinating, from a Norman tower through to the Elizabeth era. As I am obsessed with the medieval and Tudor period, I love coming here. There are minimal info boards, however they do give a little information. You are better off buying the guide book. The castle is a ruin, but still beautiful to look at and explore. Steps and walkways have been installed in places, this makes a big difference when looking around. Garden is stunning. Great for taking a picnic too. It is English Heritage, so if you are a member it’s free entry. There is an on site car park again free for EH members.Toilets, cafe and shop on site. Staff very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend a visit.

maria coleman — Google review

Snow and rain didn't deter. Elizabethan gardens still impressive. Large ruins. I can hardly imagine this place in its hey day. The Stables serve as cafe and information centre. Gatehouse still intact.

Sue Miller — Google review

Really great day out visiting somewhere new. Lots of history and displays explaining what happened. The gardens are lovely and it's great you can still go up the castle ruins and imagine what it was like. The staff made it though, they were so friendly and knowledgeable!!

Amy Pickering — Google review

Beautiful day out, will be returning in the summer to walk the grounds properly, there is some ongoing work but it doesn't get in the way.The views across Warwickshire from the top of the remains are incredible.Staff were friendly, and parking can be a pain on busy days.

Lee Lattimer — Google review

Kenilworth Castle is simply stunning! The architecture is incredible, and the surrounding scenery is breathtaking. Highly recommend a visit for anyone seeking beauty and history in one place!

Hansi Jayawickrama — Google review

Loved it here! Beautiful place. Activities running for kids but still lovely and pleasant for adults. Information point everywhere. English heritage site so it is worth having a membership!

Paige Cunningham — Google review

Incredible Castle, 3 different constructions from 3 different eras each with their own fascinating history.The tour was spectacular and you could tell the tour guide was very passionate and knowledgeable about the Elizabethan era.Would highly recommend going.Also the cafe food was good and the staff very friendly.

Jamie Ewing — Google review

Very interesting place to visit with the family as there is lots to explore and learn about the history of this amazing castle. We enjoyed the storyteller who was very good telling us about the may Tudor Christmas traditions that still have echoes today.

Thomas Kus — Google review


Cotswolds Distillery Visitor Centre

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (29)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (30)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (31)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (32)

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Food & Drink

The Cotswolds Distillery Visitor Centre offers popular tours three times a day, seven days a week. Visitors have the rare opportunity to witness the craft of local spirits and learn about the spirit-making process. The distillery also features a cafe and shop, with plans for an eco-friendly wetlands area in progress. Guests can enjoy experiences like the Gin Masterclass, where they can blend their own gin after learning about its history and sampling various flavors.

Great little distillery in the middle of nowhere. Don’t be worried if your sat nav takes you down some very narrow single track roads, you will get there eventually. Book your tour well in advance as they were fully booked when we turned up on the off chance but they still made us very welcome and we had a short video presentation and then sampled the various whisky’s and gins available before deciding which to take home. Add to that a great little tea or coffee shop, very clean toilets and the best (and biggest) carrot cake we’ve in a long time what more could you want. Highly recommended

David Hollander — Google review

Myself and my other half (as lovers of gin and whisky respectively!) decided to visit for a tour and tasting on our way back home from a trip away. We're both already fans of the produce but wanted a chance to try some different ones and learn a bit more about how it's made. Hattie was a fabulous guide, very knowledgeable and kept everyone laughing too! Lovely afternoon with a bonus of some really nice food from the cafe. Would definitely recommend a visit and we look forward to returning after the upcoming expansion!

Sarah Barratt — Google review

My husband and I had a great time at the Cotswold Distillery - we started with the tour and tasting, which was really interesting and our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable and made it a great experience! We could try multiple samples of their gin and whisky so it was really good value for money, and drivers could take away a bag with a number of samples of their choice too to try at home which was a really nice touch. Afterwards we also had lunch in their cafe which was delicious, had a great atmosphere, and a wide range of options to suit everyone. We will be going back and would thoroughly recommend!

Lexi — Google review

We visited yesterday for the Gin Masterclass Experience. We had the most fabulous, fun filled 3 hours and Brian, our host, was simply wonderful! Very knowledgeable and kept us laughing throughout. We enjoyed learning the history behind the gin and loved sampling ALl the different flavours before deciding how to blend our own gin (There was a lot to try!). Great we could mix it up our experiment with a tonic and garnish to get a real sense of the taste before we committed to the final product! Mine just needed a dash of grapefruit added to it so great I could go back and tweak the recipe, as many of us did. Of course you get a tad drunk but that's all part of the fun! The drinks weren't in short supply! We really enjoyed sampling the other gins at the end with Brian and a few other couples. We were curious about the 1616 and the wildflower gins so of course it led us to buying a bottle or two before heading back. Alison your a star! Thank you for sorting out a taxi for us! Yours and Brians banter certainly had us laughing. Everyone was warm, friendly and helpful and we really enjoyed our time there. Would highly recommend as lots to do as part of the experience and good value for money we thought. Definitely the better of the two gin experiences we have done. THANK YOU!

Emma Marshall — Google review

Brilliant visit, great tour, Nicola was friendly, knowledgeable and funny, she made the whole visit amazing. We can not speak highly of her, from start to finish, whilst sampling she made the whole group feel included, those who were and were not drinking.Nicola is a massive personality within your team. Thank you Nicola for making our visit the best gin tour we have been on and we have been on several 😀The only down side was we bought a pen and realised when we got home it was not put in the bigger bag from bottle bag, should of contact them but life took over. Still an amazing time 😊One last thing, visit the cafe, food is lovely 😍

Louise Barnby — Google review

One of the best distillery tours we've done. The tour guide was very knowledgeable about both the whiskey and gins that are produced at the distillery. The venue is very pretty and in the beautiful settings of the countryside of the Cotswolds.The staff were so friendly and happy to help or answer questions, the tasting afterwards was amazing as we got to try as many whiskeys/gins as we wanted.The food served at the cafe was delicious and much needed after all the tasting we did and of course a few bottles were bought from the gift shop before heading home. If travelling to the Cotswolds for a break/long weekend I would highly recommend a visit to the Distillery...

Sonia Hamilton — Google review

One of the best days out ever. We arrived too early for our guided tour and had time to have some food from on-site restaurant. Shakshouka and pizza were delicious, accompanied by coffee and shots of outstanding whisky liquers Amaro no1 and no2. The tour was very interesting with a blend of humour and information followed by tasking of Cotswolds whisky that is made with heart and passion expressed in its taste. I highly recommend this place to everyone.

Bart Linnert — Google review

Brilliant afternoon spent with the fabulous Susie, what an excellent tour guide. Made it enjoyable for us drivers too! All staff we met today are a credit to the company, everyone lovely and nothing too much trouble. Now slurping my No 3 gin in front of a fire, perfect end to the day!

Debbie Fullick — Google review

The Cotswold Distillery is a fantastic place for Whisky and Gin drinkers alike. I would highly recommend the distillery tour. It's an interesting tour to go on but you get to taste all the Whisky and Gin they supply so if you've not tried one before, here's your chance. Suzy, our tour guide was friendly, funny, and informative. All the staff are friendly. They offer a selection of nice food for snacks and lunch, including stone baked pizza and some excellent cakes

Robert Broglia — Google review

Absolutely fantastic place to visit regardless if just going for some food and drink or the full tour and tasting experience.Ambiance and hospitality of the employees was fantastic. You could tell they truly enjoyed their workplace and what they were doing.Doesn't hurt that their Gin and Whiskey collection is yummy as well.

Sascha K — Google review

Absolutely brilliant, can't recommend it enough, very knowledgeable and friendly staff and the whisky speaks for itself, Melissa our tour guide was very very good and susy on the counter was very pleasent, would definitely go again, 👍

Peter Wilcox — Google review

Such a wonderful tour, especially on a rainy afternoon. Our guide was entertaining and knowledgeable and the tasting afterwards was very generous. We stayed for a delicious bite in the cafe and went away with beautiful Gin!

Debbie Williams — Google review

What a fantastic experience. We went on the distillery tour and it was great . Also considered the designated drivers as well with a bag of goodies to take away . Also had a bite at the on-site cafe. Food was great and catered well for dietary's

Gemma Stainsbury — Google review

Excellent, A very friendly team and a great tour.Informative tasting session at the end. I attended several distillery tours and this is the best by a country mile. Great whiskey as well.

Martin Rushforth — Google review

Fabulous afternoon at the Cotswolds Distillery for a special tour. Sun shone, had lots of nice whiskys and gin. Friendly and helpful staff. Cafe and shop are fantastic. Highly recommended.New eco friendly wetlands area that has just been started looks fabulous and will be a great environmentally friendly addition to the production of a fabulous range of gins and whiskys.EDIT: back on Monday morning to buy some whisky and also had a lovely cappuccino and Caramel Latte cake 🍰

Simon Lakin — Google review

We visited for a tour which was great, Lots of information and plenty of tasting. The cafe was also excellent, the pizza and garlic bread were fresh and tested great. Lots of variety of gin and whisky in the shop too. The staff were all very welcoming, everyone went above and beyond to make sure you had a good time. The tour guide was amazing, Charlotte, she made the tour with a good balance of humour and information.

Ryan Smith — Google review

Great informative tour with an excellent tasting session afterward. Hattie was our tour guide, she was funny and brilliant

b m — Google review

Visited for a group evening gin making class and demonstration. Awesome fun and a great night out. Only downside was I forgot what was learned by drinking far took much of what was made 🤪 🍷

Fobby — Google review


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Phillip's Field, Whichford Road, Stourton, Shipston-on-Stour CV36 5EX, United Kingdom

+44 1608 238533

I'll never travel to Conflans Sainte Honorine without this trip planner again

Learn more

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University of Oxford

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (42)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (43)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (44)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (45)

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Sights & Landmarks

Oxford is a prestigious university that has 38 colleges, more than 22,000 students, and 70 research departments. It's a popular destination for tourists who want to explore its beautiful architecture and historic sites. Oxford Walking Tours runs different tours throughout the day that allow you to see some of the most famous landmarks on campus.

This is definitely a show stopper when it comes to Oxford and it's probably what most visitors come here for. Stunning buildings and lots of great spots for pictures. This place definitely made me miss my college years! They also have cute gift and coffee shops where you can buy lots of merch.

Matteo Tomassetti — Google review

Really amazing place there is a lot to see not only for harry porter there is a lot of nice architecture and photo spot. The Audio guide is really helpful you can take your time at the place that you like. I highly recommended if you have time to visit this place

Nattawan S — Google review

Exploring the University of Oxford, with its impressive array of historic buildings, offered not only a glimpse into academia but also a touch of cinematic magic. As our guide led us through the enchanting corridors of Christ Church College, we couldn't help but feel a sense of wonder, knowing that these very halls had inspired the Great Hall of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films. The connection to the beloved wizarding world added an extra layer of fascination to our tour, highlighting the university's enduring cultural impact beyond its academic renown.

Subhankar Das — Google review

TheUniversity of Oxfordis a collegiate research universityinOxford. Historical evidence of teaching in 1096, making it the oldest university in theEnglish-speaking worldand theworld's second-oldest university in continuous operation. The history and influence of the University of Oxford has made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world.Facilities are very good here. Environment of this university is very peaceful. Location of this uni is great just right in the heart of Oxford city. Very convenient transport facilities. Hostel environment is very nice and good for study. Even it’s everyone’s dream to study here.

win task — Google review

The architectures themselves already tell you many stories. As the oldest university in England (over 1000 years history), it has so many things you can explore. Visit the Divinity School if you are a fan of Harry Porter. Climb to the top of St. Mary Church if you want to have a overview of Oxford. Try the handmade ice cream in the lane next to Pembroke College. You can also pick a restaurant on the high street to close your day at Oxford.

Tracy Xu — Google review

Nice town to visit. Very busy with students coming and going. The student population is about 23k and the whole town is about 60k so the student population is roughly 1/3 of the population. Oxford is known to be a great university to study humanities where Cambridge is known for excelling at the sciences, math and engineering.

Hayes Weggeman — Google review

Oxford University is a distinguished institution with a rich history of academic excellence. The diverse range of courses and world-class faculty provide students with exceptional learning opportunities. The campus is awe-inspiring, blending historic architecture with modern facilities. While the workload can be demanding, the rewarding educational experience makes it worthwhile. The vibrant student life and extracurricular activities add a unique charm to the overall journey. Oxford University truly fosters intellectual growth and prepares students for success in their chosen fields. It's undoubtedly an exceptional place to pursue higher education.

Harun Scientist — Google review

What a beautiful place, so full of history and amazing tales. And the Home of Education.Loved all the college buildings, the history each of them carries, and the architecture of these buildings were just amazing.There's nothing I need to say about it's Education systems, knows it's one of the best in the world.But just as a tourist, you have to visit the place to see and feel the beauty of this place.

Nihal P N — Google review

Oxford is an enchanting city with an awe-inspiring architecture that never fails to leave a lasting impression on its visitors. Its unique buildings are a testament to the rich history and culture of the city, making it an ideal destination for history buffs. The city exudes a sense of calmness and vibrancy at the same time, making it an alluring place to live in. The neighborhood is welcoming and friendly, and the city offers a plethora of opportunities for entertainment, education, and work, making it a fantastic place to call home.

The Clinic Ara Damansara — Google review

So I took a trip to Oxbridge to see what all the fuss is about the University of Oxford. Lol. Oh the fuss is well placed. I loved the brief tour, my friend who is a student provided. There is so much history and richness and depth and also excellence concentrated in the space. Also, did you know that there is a very strong industrial activity/park quite near the academic area?? Had no idea but I had fun. I took a pic where DJ cuppy took her matriculation pic too!! 🥰

Nana Yaa Ayim — Google review

Absolutely STUNNING place, went there for a day trip and took a personalised tour around the University with a group called Footsteps, very informative and knowledgeable, they tours are actually taken by students themselves which is great too see. Loads of lovely bars and small pubs with a great street market also. And I even saw the coolest bloke on earth ( Submitted Pictures )100% worth a visit !!!!

Boss Hog — Google review

The University of Oxford is ranked 1 in the world. the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experience at universities from all over the world. My Expression is a wonderful day and I'm trying to get admission in oxford university...

Aayan Ahmad — Google review

Great experience!Witnessed the wisdom and a center of excellence.1. Great for a day trip London.2. The parking is little crowded but near university there is a Nados, opposite to that we found great parking spot.3. Except the main Bodleian Library , other libraries are just a building but remember you can witness the history every where in the campus.

Palash Chatterjee — Google review

2 hours walking tour was awesome! Discovered lots of information! Harry Potter , Narnia , & Alice in wonderland scenes & inspiration site in addition to famous & historical site!

Ed Tom — Google review

The University of Oxford, with its historic buildings and picturesque courtyards, has served as an enchanting backdrop for several scenes in the Harry Potter film series. Its ancient architecture and scholarly atmosphere perfectly capture the essence of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Iconic locations like the Bodleian Library, Christ Church College, and its Great Hall, have been featured, offering fans a glimpse into the magical world. Visiting Oxford allows Harry Potter enthusiasts to walk in the footsteps of their favorite characters, experiencing the magic and inspiration drawn from this venerable institution.

Chatchapong Samutalai — Google review

Stunning architecture and beautiful scenery of all the college's lots of tourists around like me taking photos and videos. I had a lovely day out with family enjoyed every bit of Oxford university walks. I would definitely visit again soon.

Mohammed — Google review

What’s taking them so long to review my application? Really enjoyed seeing all the colleges and libraries. Stunning architecture with amazing history.Highly recommend a day trip from London. Only a 90 min train ride from Marylebone station and 2 hr bus ride via Oxford Tube.The walking tour is highly recommended. Our guide was very knowledgeable.

Xin Wang — Google review

One of the best universities in the world. Wonderful buildings and facilities with world leading academics and teachers. The best students and graduates from around the world. An incredible place to visit, a life changing place to study, an inspirational place to work.

Andy Reynolds — Google review

Oxford's ancient spires hold stories from the ages. The Bodleian Library safeguards centuries of learning, while Radcliffe Camera stands as a testament to intellectual pursuit. Cobblestone pathways echo the dance of minds across time. Oxford: where history and scholarship waltz hand in hand.

Abdullah Al Rashed — Google review

Extraordinary buildings, beautiful gardens, and an amazing history. One of the best universities in the world.

Douglas Gramkow — Google review

Really nice City to visite, just a bit of hard to find a parking here, a specially over the weekend. But we find a big parking with a lot of space next to the train station in city centre. A lots of things to see

Miroslava Uberall — Google review


(6480)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (48)


(1649)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (49)

Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD, United Kingdom

+44 1865 270000


The Fitzwilliam Museum

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (50)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (51)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (52)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (53)

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Art Museums

This museum is home to a vast collection of artifacts from different cultures, including art from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It's one of the most popular museums in Cambridge, and its galleries are filled with famous paintings by such artists as Hogarth, Gainsborough, and Turner. The museum also has a wide range of historical artefacts from medieval manuscripts to ancient Egyptian and Roman antiquities.

Absolutely excellent museum.Came on the bank Holiday to see the Hockney exhibition. It has been spaced out throughout the museum so you get to see more.Really great exhibits on offer and extremely well presented.Free entry, very nice gift shop.Toilets in basem*nt.

Chad Greenblatt — Google review

Excellent Cambridge museum. The current exhibition: Islanders The Making of the Mediterranean - which runs until 4 June - is spellbinding. It spans thousands of years, from neolithic Crete to Roman period Sardinia and includes an object that is 9,000 years old. The exhibition is free is free to enter but a ticket is required.The museum's permanent collection is also amazing; I particularly like the ceramic pieces that are on display.

John Carr (Corinne and John) — Google review

Worth to visit this beautiful museum which is holding historical stuff from all over the world. It’s free and in centre location of Cambridge city. Building itself is a beautiful architecture.Not big as London Museum but still offering a lot from all over the world specially Egyptian, Greek, Roman etc which is spreading different time period.

win task — Google review

The most beautiful museum and feels a bit like British museum from the outside. Highly recommended to visit once in a lifetime. Entry is free so check out this place. I love visiting museums 😇

Muhammed Wafi — Google review

We visited the Fitzwilliam on a Thursday morning, having pre-booked free entry. I've visited many museums but I think this might be one of the most fascinating smaller collections I've seen. In May 2022, they cleverly juxtaposed David Hockney's exhibition pieces alongside permanent and older work that resembled them, it was very well done. Highly recommend when in Cambridge.

Eva S. — Google review

Loved this museum. From medieval armors and weapons to ancient Roman Empire or even Egypt. The collection is superb and worths your time to pay it a visit. When you want to take a break there is a coffee/tea shop near the souvenirs.I really enjoyed my time here and definitely I'll return as I didn't had enough time to explore it properly.

Raul Gavris — Google review

The museum is definitely worth a visit!A great place with an impressive number of paintings and antiques from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.Unique collections of famous artists, interesting artifacts, sculptures, porcelain, armour. Everyone will find something for themselves! Admission to the Museum is free!

sergiusz pawlowski — Google review

An enormous range of artworks, some especially famous ones such as Monet's. Great selection of flower still lifes, along with religious artworks. Art is sorted by country of origin. There is a gigantic collection of ceramics, varying in age. The gift shop is large and quite good, there is also a café.

William North — Google review

Lovely well maintained museum. Plenty to see. Cafe was average price but delicious cakes and coffee. Toilets on site were clean. Well done Fitzwilliam museum. If in Cambridge, you must take time to visit, and it's free entry.

Antonia m — Google review

One of the must visit places in Cambridge!It is like a small version of the British Museum but less crowded, so you can feel free to explore around and admire all the exhibitions here.Better expected spending 1-2hrs to visit here

ling ling — Google review

One of the best museums in Cambridge.The entrance architecture is stunning as it is inspired by ancient Greek temples.Lots of paintings, historical weapons, statues, and objects.The entrance is free of charge and you get to see a lot of things, a must-stop when visiting Cambridge.

Francesco Marchini — Google review

Fantastic morning went to side entrance told you can book a slot but let us in because numbers were low i think due to covid will only let a certain amount of people in at any time .plenty of volunteers to guide you round or answer any questions nice cafe for drinks and snacks great museum shop aswell great experience

jonathan gilbert — Google review

Nice Museum to visit, my son wanted to see the Egyptian items. You could spend a couple of hours walking around looking at the interesting artifacts. You have to book your tickets online before you go. Its free to visit or you can make a donation if you like.

Tina E — Google review

Beautiful museum, which is definitely worth a visit! It's free and there are also a gift shop and a cafe. There is a lot to see, so you would need a few hours to see all the galleries. You can see art from all over the world and you can see artefacts from different time periods. There are sections dedicated to Egyptian, Greek and Roman history, just to name a few.

Rosi Petkova — Google review

Great museum, really fascinating array of things on display, there's really something for everyone. The building's architecture is also gorgeous and there's a lot to see just by looking up.

Sarah Davey — Google review

Beautiful place to explore the art and antiquities. Plenty of rooms to explore and learn more about art and world history. Have lovely cafe place too and if you would love to get souvenirs they have shop for that too. Easy access to toilets. Definitely a must see place when visiting Cambridge.

Indy Ro — Google review

Amazing place!Full of interesting history (from Romans to Egypt, Japanese etc etc.).Very nice displays with detailed describtions. The art and pictures gallery upstairs was exceptional too, full of nice pictures.The museum is situated in the heart of Cambridge (good location).And all this wonderful experience was Free of charge!

Andrejus S — Google review

Excellent museum. Free entry to permanent exhibitions. Or did I walk in unnoticed? Grand building. Parking nearby not cheap but worth a visit or several. Lots of pottery and trinkets but some great art. Handy cafe. Affable varied staff appear everywhere. Blake exhibition to pay to see at this time. But had to pick up someone at Cambridge North.

Mark Corbo — Google review

Most impressive entrance hall. Vast collection of very cool items. Love the Egyptian rooms and the Armour section. Very good cafe and gift shop. Bus stops right outside.

Benomaly (Benomaly) — Google review

It was such a beautiful experience at the Fitzwilliam Museum. Although most of the art works are appreciated by just viewing and not touching, they’re still worth viewing. The entire museum is really big and the facilities are also good. It’s a very picturesque place, has a disability entrance as well. There’s also a table with supplies to draw and paint. Helpful assistants as well. We appreciated the moment.

Jewel Ike-Obioha — Google review

One of the best museums in Cambridge if you are on a quick day trip (as ours were unexpected). We entered without a ticket,as it's only until January I guess.The paintings were fascinating. Much to see about Egyptian culture and sculptures. Not sure about the European potteries, didn't feel authentic.PS: do not fell for the shop and cafe, overpriced, you can get most of them around Cambridge City for less

Jabin Farha — Google review

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge is a special place full of interesting things to see and do. Here's a simple guide to help you plan your visit:Getting Tickets:Getting tickets is easy. The admission is free for all. Just show up and enter. However, you need to do prior booking for exhibitions.Parking:There's no parking at the museum, but you can find limited parking nearby on the streets or in parking garages. It might be a short walk, but the museum is in a convenient location.Accessibility:The museum wants everyone to be able to visit. They have ramps and elevators for people who use wheelchairs. They also have accessible bathrooms to make sure everyone feels comfortable.What to See:Inside the museum, you'll find all sorts of interesting things. There are old artifacts and modern artworks to explore. It is divided region wise. The museum is easy to walk around, so you can take your time looking at everything. Moreover, they allow you to take pictures without the flash.Guided Tours:If you want to learn even more about the exhibits, you can join a guided tour. Knowledgeable guides will tell you interesting facts about the things you see. It's a great way to learn new things!Café and Gift Shop:After you've seen everything, you can relax in the museum café. They have drinks and snacks to enjoy. Don't forget to visit the gift shop too, where you can buy souvenirs to remember your visit.

Syed Ashiqur Rahman — Google review


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Trumpington St, Cambridge, CB2 1RB, United Kingdom

+44 1223 332900


IWM Duxford

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (59)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (60)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (61)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (62)

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War museum


IWM Duxford is the largest aviation museum in Europe, featuring 200 vintage aircrafts and a vast airfield showcasing military and civilian vehicles. The exhibits cover both World War I and II, with a particular focus on American civil and military aircraft outside of the USA. The museum provides an all-day experience for families, with informative displays in each area. Conservation efforts are visible throughout the museum, which offers reasonably priced cafes as well as outdoor picnic areas for visitors to enjoy.

Fantastic day out. First time using our membership. No queues. Took picnic and there were plenty of benches near children's play area. Cafe gave good service for hot drinks. Area very clean and well kept. Wonderful exhibitions. Highly recommended. Loved watching some planes landing and taking off.

Lucy Hyde — Google review

Probably the best war museum in the UK! Have visited many times throughout my life, with friends and family, for displays events and just days out and it never disappoints. So a wide range of vehicles and aircraft for every enthusiast to enjoy. Stepped in history and So much to see and do, definitely worth the visit. I highly recommend the classic wings fights as it was an amazing experience to go up in a 1930s aircraft and see the stunning aerial views of the region. Will definitely be back in the future!

Samuel Harrison — Google review

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to fly into Duxford, as it provided me with a unique experience. Upon landing, I walked straight off the runway and into the museum, which immediately immersed me in the atmosphere.Accompanying me on this visit was a disabled passenger, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the museum offers complimentary onsite wheelchairs. This thoughtful provision made the entire experience more accessible and convenient for my companion.We spent a significant amount of time exploring the various hangars, each filled with captivating exhibits and historical artifacts. The sheer magnitude of the collection was awe-inspiring, allowing us to delve deep into aviation history.After our museum tour, we decided to take a break and enjoy a delightful homemade meal. We found a comfortable spot on one of the many benches or tables conveniently located outside, which offered a picturesque view of the active runway. As we dined, we had the privilege of witnessing numerous visiting aircraft and even witnessed some impressive aerobatic displays above the runway. However, the highlight of the day was undeniably the exhilarating sight of a Spitfire soaring past in a breathtakingly fast flyby.Although our visit was thoroughly enjoyable, there was one minor inconvenience we encountered. The distance between the various hangars proved to be quite significant, especially considering our limited time and the presence of a disabled passenger. Unfortunately, the shuttle bus service that would have facilitated our movement between the starting and ending points was out of service during our visit. It would have been immensely helpful to have this service available.Despite this small setback, our overall trip to Duxford left a lasting impression, and we are already making plans to return. I wholeheartedly recommend this museum to everyone, whether you're interested in exploring the exhibits or even considering the unique opportunity to fly into the airfield itself. The experience is truly remarkable and is sure to leave you with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for aviation history.

Ali Javed — Google review

We are absolutely blown away by how fantastic the museum is. There is so much to see. We will definitely be having another visit. The facilities are excellent with plenty of picnic seating and the cafe has lovely food. All the staff were extremely helpful and friendly. I can't praise them enough. Well done to IWM Duxford.

Tricia Black — Google review

It doesn't matter how many times you come here it still an interesting place. The plane collection is always worth a visit. You can fly on various planes if that takes your fancy for that special occasion. The American hangar is well worth a visit. The B52 Bomber is massive taking up half of the hanger. The Black Bird spy plane is also here.

paul adams — Google review

What a fabulous place, we had our Christmas party here. It was awesome . Friendly knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere, good food but most importantly amazing planes. What's not to love?! Also if you are a visitor in the day time the sunset is stunning

Evil Edna — Google review

I was lucky enough to be able to fly in a Spitfire as a 60th birthday present from my daughters. It was an incredible experience and brought me pure joy. The staff were fantastic and very friendly which just added to the whole day.Each of the buildings holds history within its walls and it's worth taking your time to absorb everything.

Julie Gale — Google review

Definitely all day experience. So much to do and great place for families. Good amount of information in each area. Great to see conservation in action. Cafes reasonably priced and good food. Do recommend taking a picnic as not much space to sit in cafes but plenty of outdoor space. Would come back again

Liz Joesbury-Clarke — Google review

Absolutely stunning experience. You can see all types of war vehicles, from aircraft (my favourite was the SR-71, beautiful one), through mortars and artillery to tanks from WW1, WW2 and modern ones. Also, boarding Concorde and seeing it in real life was amazing. When you are walking from one building to another, you will have an opportunity to see beautiful airplanes perform breathtaking acrobatic stunts. Although the t-shirt I picked in the souvenir shop was already sold out, they have a nice collection of items that are worth buying. 10/10, not visiting it would be a massive mistake.

Andrej Polansky — Google review

Really enjoyed it. Not too crowded and lots to see. I was lucky on the day, as weather was great and there were a lot of planes flying around so we got to see some Hurricane aerobatics and some other WWII planes flying about. Would recommend.

David Wallace — Google review

Brilliant museum but be prepared for lots of walking. Wonderful displays and plenty to see. Obviously the theme is on war machines but there are some civil planes. It would be fantastic if the museum could have a dedicated section for this. Well worth a visit.

T Chan — Google review

If you love planes, tanks or history this is an amazing day out, great displays with good write ups that interest all ages. The workshop hangers are incredible to watch a spitfire or hurricane being restored or given inspections. The workshops also smell amazing.It's a lot of walking and lots to see, we got distracted by everything and went for lunch late, by which time the food choices were limited. Go, enjoy, read and by the end of the day you will be able to recognize which is a hurricane or spitfire, P51 or thunderbolt

Daniel Groves — Google review

Brilliant places to see such wonders of the skies! Took all the hours available to see all the hangers and still did not have enough time, so prepare well and your time. Staff excellent, and the volunteers went above and beyond to help. Definitely be back.

Paul Moseley — Google review

Warning, allow a full day for your visit! We visited especially to see the Spitfire display and were not disappointed, however each and every hanger and display holds marvels of air travel whether it be commercial airlines, first world war aircraft, spitfires or more modern machinery of warfare. It's an absorbing place with stacks of history which make it the ideal setting for an aircraft museum. Sometimes the information provided is a little scant but use Google to supplement the knowledge provided, a great way to spend a day, if you're lucky you might catch some vintage machinery airborne. Well worth the entry fee.

Mark Bennett — Google review

First of all, I would just like to start this review by saying wow. If you are planning a visit, please allocate at least a whole day here. There is so much to do and see you can easily make a day or two of it. I visited with a friend, and the moment we walked in, we were greeted by the very friendly staff who were happy to help us with any questions or queries. There truly is a bit of everything here, from WW2 era fighters like the spitfire and hurricane to current models like the typhoon. Maybe that's not your thing? No problem! There's a vast range of civilian aircraft, too, many of which are open to go inside. These range from a prototype Concorde to a full VC10. This is without mentioning the amazing American section where you can truly appreciate the size of a B52, get up close with an SR71, and many other aircraft! Maybe the aircraft in general is not your interest? Again, you are covered as there is a massive collection of land vehicles in their own dedicated building. Highly recommended for everyone to do.

Alex Murdie — Google review

This is the best museum ever to my humble opinion in combination with my interests, which are not a plane or a history nutter ones, but still liking the subject.If you care at least a little bit about your children, do them and yourself a big favour and buy those tickets asap. I would recommend a bit of a research in advance to know what is there, why and what is interesting about it. There are wonderful signs and everything, but still.My Number One ever, the reason I've visited there first time for and will always keep me going back, is SR-71. This is the best aeronautical achievement of humankind of all times (again - my humble opinion).I try to go at least once a year (no kids), but will one day I will buy that membership and even the birds there will roll their eyes when they see me for 437 375 294 636th time 😂Distance is the only reason I cannot afford to volunteer, otherwise I would put my TV in the bin and probably spend more time volunteering than at my actual workplace.Are you still reading? Come on then, see you there!

Yosif Anchev — Google review

Duxford is a truly wonderful place to visit with a huge range of aircraft that are both static and flying, and a fantastic land museum with a range of tanks and vehicles from multiple eras. There is so much to learn and you can spend a long day here so I'd highly recommend getting there early, say to start the day 10am to 10.30am, as this gives lots of time to look around in a relaxed and leisurely way. There's often planes flying around too so you can often see a mini air show on days that are not official airshows. Really amazing and very special place that played a crucial role during the Second World War. Highly recommended and a great place for kids and families to visit.

Danny Hewitt — Google review

very good time spent here and lots to see, helpful stuff to answer any questions even depending when you go they have some good shows and events on. but in general see few odd planes take flight.unfortunately only down side is, where its so big its spread out to far and inbetween, it can be a struggle for elderly people to walk it all. rented mobility scooters would be ideal for the elderly just because purely on the size of the place just a suggestion.

Mark Hoy — Google review

Battle of Britain Day. What an amazing place Duxford is. It's a brilliant day out on any day of the week but today took this to another level.We arrived early to take in the hangars and stands. The American Hangar is my favourite. The flying started at 1pm and there was a tremendous array of WW2 aircraft to enjoy.The Red Arrows put on a great show towards the end but the icing on the cake was the Lancaster and Sally B flying together for the first time in decades. The cherry on top was the 16 Spitfires and Hurricanes that made up the big wing who performed two passes.Having flown in a Spitfire, the next item on the aviation bucket list was to go inside a B17. As luck would have it and for 20 very happily spent pounds I was given a very thorough tour inside and out by a super enthusiastic crew member. It was quite a humbling experience to actually stand in the place that countless brave airmen risked their lives whilst under fire. A similar feeling to when I flew in the Spitfire, the B17 is a truly wonderful aircraft.The only slight gripe was being forced to turn left out of the carpark added a rather large detour to our journey, not that it mattered. An awesome day and I will be back again... and again... and probably again!

Tom Raffield — Google review

Really good educational day out for solo or group visits. So much to look at here in the different hangers and displays. They are constantly being updated and refurbished to upkeep the exhibits. Lovely gift shop at the end to pick up merchandise and small gifts. Entry is reasonably priced too.

Charlie Brown — Google review

My partner and I became members last year. Great value for money as you get access to lots of other museums such as the Churchill War Rooms, Imperial War Museum London etc. Always very friendly staff and pleasant experience. You can tell the other visitors appreciate history and engineering. The cafe caters for gluten free with jacket potatoes and chips. Could do with some gluten free cakes perhaps. The toilets are very clean. There is simply too much to see in one day hence we have been 3 times in the last 12 months. My sister has now also joined and thoroughly loved it. They provide a taxi for elderly guests as there is a fair bit of walking between hangers. The best hanger is where the engineers are actively working on planes. People often miss this one. If you visit during the week they will be there. During the summer there are constant flights, you can book a short pleasure flight. I plan to do this next time in the warmer months. The shop as well has something to cater for every budget. It seems as though the item profits also go back to the charity as they are all Imperial War Museum branded. I like to see this.

U. Customer — Google review

We visited yesterday and had the most incredible day out. I had not been since I was a child, and now I was taking my son to experience the museums.The selection of planes in the various hangers is mind-blowing. The exhibitions are very well thought out, and it all flows impeccably.We recommend going to the very last exhibition first, then working back to the start. We walked for about 5 hours, but there are options for shuttle buses to areas for those who might need this.We spent the entire day there and feel like we barely scratched the surface. It's definitely worth a few visits to allow yourself to soak everything in.The obvious stars of the show are the Blackbird, B-52, Tornado, Harrier, Lancaster, Spitfire...there's a huge list. I was impressed with many of the obscure and lesser known planes and vehicles such as the one man German sub.A very well thought out and maintained museum that must be one of the best in the world for this subject matter.

Sean Mayes — Google review

Duxford is such a well run, curated and interesting museum. They've done an impressive job of bringing the exhibits together so that they tie in nicely. All the staff and volunteers are exceptionally friendly, professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I can't recommend the annual membership highly enough so you can return and learn more each time.

Giles Olley — Google review

In The co*ckpit ~ Spitfire N3200 Experience.For Christmas I gifted my son this wonderful opportunity to be able to sit in the co*ckpit of a beautiful, historic Spitfire.Mick, the expert IWM guide, kindly let me sit in whilst he gave us a thoroughly informative talk about the Spitfire’s history.Then my son was able to sit in the co*ckpit whilst Mick explained the controls and what the conditions would have been like.The whole experience was incredible, I cannot recommend it enough. Plus the proceeds go towards the N3200 and keeping her airworthy. A very memorable day!

Susannah — Google review

This museum is massive and 100% worth the trip/money! This is a full day out it took us (2 adults and 2children) 4/5 hours to complete all the buildings. There are cafes and toilets throughout the whole facility and a really nice gift shop.

Rachel Kemper — Google review

So many planes and so little time! A great day out with so much to see that you do really need most of the day to get round everything. A lot of walking but it's mostly flat. They also run a regular mini bus service between hangers.

Claire Dragon — Google review

This place is absolutely amazing. A must for anyone you just can't believe how these planes look in real life. Advice your looking at at least 4hrs to get round it all. The volunteer staff honestly are what make this place what it is they are a credit to the place, also try the chilly dog from the cafe near the entrance. Overall very happy and worth the money awsum experience

Gary W — Google review

Came here yesterday really good day out highly recommend! Clean well organised modern museum. Cost £67 for 2 adults 1 child with no donation which I thought was a little excessive. Food and drink are expensive aswell so bring your own!

Tony Henry — Google review


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IWM Duxford Airfield, Cambridge, CB22 4QR, United Kingdom

+44 20 7091 3067


Hertfordshire Zoo (Formerly Paradise Wildlife Park)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (66)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (67)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (68)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (69)

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Nature & Parks

The Paradise Wildlife Park is a Hertfordshire zoo that features an enormous collection of 800+ animals from all over the world. You're allowed to feed and touch the animals, making it a great day out for kids. The park is well maintained and staffed by knowledgeable and helpful zookeepers.

This place surprised me of its beautiful decor, cute fauna variety and an amazing dinosaur section added to it. We were lucky to see all the animals relaxing in the sun & the interactive dinosaurs roaring with realistic bodily movements. Whether you love The Lion King or Jurassic Park, this place is a must!

Ruby Webb — Google review

We visited the Paradise wildlife park to do a Tickle a Tapir experience. It's a lovely park. Lots of food places. Good exhibits and viewpoints for the enclosures.The experience was amazing. The keeper Joe was so friendly and very informative. It was lovely to meet Tim and Tamara the Tapirs. They were very content to be fussed over.The Tigers were active and one was even taking a dip in the pool which apparently is relatively rare.We didn't do the dinosaur walk but it looked really good. A great place to take children as there are lots of play parks etc.All staff we encountered were really friendly and welcoming.Highly recommend a visit if you're in the area.

Myfanw Jones — Google review

We visited this place for the 3rd time in 3 years. Kids still love it. Dinosaur walk was good fun with educational facts written next to each one. Great place to take photos. Zoo was also amazing, everything close by so don’t need to walk a lot to get from one place to another. Good variety of animals and managed to see most with good views. Dinosaur meet and greet, jungle dance shows, and the children’s soft play area were a great addition. They even have a dedicated multi faith prayer room which was very convenient.

Suleman Ahmed — Google review

Absolutely fantastic. Extremely underrated zoo! There is a wide range of animals to see and you can also pay for special interactions, (tickle a tapir) which are great add ons! You can easily navigate around the park and get up close to some of them which is great!The dinosaur world is a great perk and makes the zoo unique. Was very impressing. An excellent choice for kids! Great value for money

despina kalozoes — Google review

Really enjoyable visit. Came for the day without kids and had a nice time. It wasn’t too busy or crowded at any point. Plenty of toilets dotted throughout the park. The food options seemed good and varied, and there were plenty of picnic tables and benches to sit on with your own food as well.Some of the habitats are great - we particular loved the sun bears. They were so fun to watch! Others seemed a bit small and lacking and made us uncomfortable. I do hope they continue to update throughout and improve this.I also had the red panda feeding experience which was delightful. The keeper who accompanied me was really lovely to talk to and I enjoyed asking her questions. I wish the experience could have been longer but I suppose with only one panda at the moment who isn’t bothered by bamboo, it was bound to be a bit short.Overall a lovely visit.

Erin J — Google review

Brilliant. We went on the summer evening night event. The zoo, entertainment and staff were so nice. Our toddler went free as he is under 2 and for the both of us it cost £32.40 (we had a discount code so got £3.60 off). It's small and not huge. No queues or rush. We got to relax and enjoy it. Highly recommend it.

Razia Ali — Google review

Yes yes yes!!! I haven’t been to the park in 7 years and today went with my 8 year old and 1 year old. I often find it hard to find things to do that will suit both my children due to their age gap. However this was perfect!! I love the size of the park not too big not too small. The animals enclosures were massive and clean. The eating facilities had a great view of the enclosures. Felt like the tiger who came to tea moment. My son was worried about a snake as she was submerged in water, and her head seemed to be stuck between the rocks. We found a keeper who acted very quickly walking with my son and talking about his favourite animal on the park. She said the snake looked okay but would get someone from the reptile department to take a look. 5 minutes later she was back with another keeper! These animals are clearly well looked after.The Dino park is a great addition and is so well done and blew me away. Both my children were a little scared so showed you how realistic it was!They do have works being completed but this had no effect on our day out and no disruption. The work spaces are covered with the plans and this is a great way of communicating the change from the normal blank canvas.However not having prams in one of the eating facilities wasn’t great. It wouldn’t have been a problem if the pram park was next to or directly outside the eating facilities but it was not, or you had a spare pair of hands. I sat my children down and managed to make sure my pram was tucked in as much as possible. A staff member asked me to remove it however I said this was impractical as a parent on my own. She said say she could look after my children while I moved it, but this wasn't okay for me. In the end she did offer to take it out for me. I spoke to a women while waiting for the changing facilities and she said that’s why she won’t eat in there. Also I hope with the new big plans for this zoo they do invest in more changing facilities. I had to wait 15+ minutes to change my daughter. This is why I have had to take a star away.Lastly this zoo has amazing customer service, was second to none even with the pram saga. From the staff on the gates to the cafes and zoo keepers. We will definitely be back time and time again. Your staff are a credit to the zoo and I do hope you share this review with them!P.s please can you add the Capybara to the adoption list or on the junior zoo keeper ☺️Well done 👌🏻

Nisha Taylor — Google review

Fantastic Family Day Out at Hertfordshire Zoo!My family and I visited Hertfordshire Zoo on a sunny warm day and had an incredible experience from start to finish. Arriving around 11am, parking was a breeze with friendly staff guiding us to overflow when necessary. We were pleasantly surprised to find no long queues at the gates.The zoo itself is well-kept and maintained, offering something for everyone. With my 16-month-old daughter, 12-year-old son, my partner's 9-year-old daughter, and her parents, it truly catered to the entire family. Informational spots were plentiful, allowing us to learn while having fun.The highlight for our children was undoubtedly the Dinosaur park, which provided a magical and unique experience. The staff were not only friendly but incredibly informative. When my daughter inquired about the constant plant watering, a staff member took the time to explain its importance and even offered to involve her in the process.We made full use of the on-site facilities, from restaurants to little shacks, and especially enjoyed the well-maintained splash park. Overall, Hertfordshire Zoo provided us with a memorable day out filled with fun, learning, and friendly faces. Highly recommended for families looking for a fantastic day of adventure!

Nirmal Perera — Google review

Great day out with friends.Visited the park because of a wedding celebration which took place in the event marquee.Had a chance to explore the park and it was definitely worth it. Would come back here again.Great selection of different animals which all appear well looked after and treated well.On your feet for the entire time so wear comfortable shoes.

Chris Lowes — Google review

Visited with a lovely friend, 101 years of age, for a birthday treat with her daughter. What a fabulous day we had. She had a feed the big cats experience and fed a tiger. A lovely extremely kind and knowledgeable keeper guided her through the experience beautifully. I cannot rate this experience high enough. All the staff polite and friendly. We spent all day enjoying the animals and a nice lunch. The dinosaurs were amazing too. Definitely will be back.

Andi's Dog Training — Google review

Lovely wildlife park. We went during a dinner festival on a Friday evening the kids absolutely loved the music, dancing and the animals of course. It's very friendly and compact. My only criticism would be the quality of food available- not the best particularly for the prices you pay. Overall though, great fun!!

Rohit Alimchandani — Google review

The Zoo is divided into 2 sections. A dinosaur park and a more traditional zoo. The dinosaur park is good fun but more for small children while the Zoo is top class! Some great enclosures, with amazing views of the animals.

James Bowker — Google review

First time visit and very impressed. Scary dinosaur park was impressive, wonderful collection of stunning animals, kiddies enjoyed the play parks and splash area. Plenty of loo's. Easy to walk around and with a buggy. Foody places plentiful and two placed with views of the bears and tiger! Staff happy and helpful.

Colin Waring — Google review

We were fortunate enough to visit our of school holiday time -the local schools had gone back after Easter.My family (children 4 and 6) had a lovely time. The dinosaurs were excellent and are based on the Jurassic World ones which include some of the hybrids - which my son absolutely loved!It wasn't busy for us, but I imagine it can get quite busy as the place is rather compact. I wouldn't have enjoyed it had we had to queue up for everything. There is a lot of see and do and it's easy to get round in the day.There is a splash area so if warm, children can get into their swimwear and have fun splash time.The soft play is good too.Take snacks and drinks because there aren't that many places to get these things from.

Born of the Sea — Google review

This is one of the best Zoos around, simple as that!For young children it’s brilliant, so clean and well maintained - plenty of things to see and do, plus the soft play and multiple play areas help to keep them entertained. The park is laid out in a way it always feels like an adventure. You turn a corner and suddenly there’s a massive monkey enclosure, or a big bird display area.The dinosaur adventure is fantastic too, combined with the train ride entertained the little ones for ages.My only criticism is the lion enclosure feels a little small .. we had an amazing view of 3 beautiful white lions but perhaps their enclosure could be bigger.I didn’t try the food, there’s plenty of places for picnics and I always find it easier bringing our own stuff.Will definitely coming back when the beat enclosure opens

Beetyd — Google review

Second time visiting. It was such an amazing experience. Spent a whole day there. Visited the animals and managed to have quality time with my family playing golf as it was all private. Kids loved the play area, which had big slides, large trucks, swings, etc. Kids also loved the dinasour train journey. Was able to sit and enjoy eating in the cafe. I would definitely go again.

Shamima Begum — Google review

I’ve not been to Paradise Park for probably around 25 years and the memories I have from back then absolutely do not match up to what I experienced this weekend!There is tons for the family to do. We arrived around half 10 and didn’t see our first animal until nearly 1, but that’s not a bad thing. The kids were in love with all the splash pool, play areas, the World of Dinosaurs, mini golf, more play areas and more. When we finally made our way to the animals we again wasn’t disappointed. We’ve been to a number of wildlife parks now and outside of the big ones (like London/Chester Zoo) here was easily the best so far. The park isn’t absolutely sprawling so you’re walking for miles but every area has a really good amount of space. The animals that we did see all looked very happy and comfortable, but unfortunately for us a lot of them were a bit too shy to come out and play. There is absolutely tons of interactive elements to most of the animals enclosures so the kids were never short of something to do between animals.Food and drinks wasn’t too badly priced either.I guess you could argue that the Paradise Park of today is a bit like the ship of theseus… So much has changed, is it even the same place it once was? The literal only thing I could spot that hadn’t been changed or removed was the red Dennis firetruck in the play area.

David Norman — Google review

I’ve visited twice within the past few months. The first was a day visit at the end of summer/beginning of autumn whilst it was still warm. My toddler had the best time ;we all did) from seeing the animals from different levels to the indoor unlimited soft play to the outdoor splash park and other play areas. I can see why families buy the membership packages. We revisited more recently to see the dinosaurs at night. My toddler is obsessed with dinosaurs and this was a night to remember with the lighting, dinosaur shows and meet and greets and silent disco. Would definitely visit again.

Tanesha Bryson — Google review

Brilliant. I last went around 25 years ago so it's claimed a lot. The gift shop was brilliant, the food was surprisingly nice and the animals looked well looked after. The enclosures looked really good and spacious considering it's a smaller place and we ran out of time for my 2 year old to go on the slides etc but she would've loved it. There's so much space so even when it's busy, you're not having to push past people. We spoke to a zoo keeper in the car park who had just finished their shift and he had great things to say about the place. He also said the staff know so much and love it when visitors ask them questions although people usually don't ask them as they think they're too busy. He said "please ask us questions. We've always got time to answer questions about the animals". Highly recommended and we'll definitely be coming back in the warmer months and with more of the family!We visited on a Monday during half term in October for my daughter's 2nd birthday.

C Perrin — Google review

Had a great day out at Paradise Wildlife Park. It was much bigger than I thought it would be. The zoo was very clean and kept well and the layout and enclosures made animals easy to see while still giving them plenty of room. No giant animals but still so many animals to see and a few I've not seen in other zoos. We had lunch there which was reasonable and the burgers were really tasty. We played crazy golf which was fun and super cheap! We popped into the speedway museum which was fantastic as we both love motorbikes and the gentlemen gave us so much information we learnt loads. Great day out.

Becky James — Google review

We are longtime members of the zoo (back from when it was Paradise Wildlife Park) and it's hands down one of our favourite places to still go, even though our kids are tween/teenagers now.There is so much to do, for all ages, whatever the weather, and all for one price as the entry covers the zoo itself, all the animals talks, playground, paddling pool, car museum, indoor soft play & cafe, playgrounds and the amazing Dinosaur walk.The variety of animals feels just right and they are constantly making improvements and adding new or improved habitats/enclosures, all beautifully planned and finished. My personal favourites are the otters and the red pandas.There is a good restaurant on site plus plenty of covered picnic areas, plus snack/coffee kiosks and ice cream!Lots of events throughout the years plus late openings in the summer. A huge choice of animal encounters and experiences offer, plus so much great conservation and charity work both here and abroad.Ample free parking, plenty of toilets, baby change and extremely accessible for buggies, wheelchairs and mobility scooters as so much is ramped. This means everyone can get a great view of the animals.A great place that we will continue to visit and support 🙂

Rachel Ellen — Google review

Great Zoo for the smaller child, you can see the animals so close and my boy loved the world of dinosaurs so much.The food is also reasonably priced and great park and soft play facilities.Great day out for small children and no need for a pram as there’s little amount of walking between animals.

Joe Imberg — Google review

Took the children up to see Hertfordshire Zoo (the one from One Zoo Three!) and we had a wonderful time. We met Cameron and Aaron too!The animals were great, the staff were super friendly and it just felt like a really nice place to work and be a part of. We saw a few talks and also the bird display (excellent).The dinosaur park there was also AMAZING. Well worth doing. Use the timings on the leaflet you get on the way in to plan your day and you'll have a great time.So yeah, we're absolutely going to be coming back again soon:)

James Whatley — Google review

Oh how wonderful it was to finally visit this beautiful place 🥰 after watching it on telly for so long with the kids, we all had a wonderful day ❤️ so much to see and so much information provided about the animals! All the staff are happy to provide more information and happy to when asked questions by the children and you can tell they love their jobs 🥰 we were even more privileged when we met Cam and Taylor, who took the time with my children who spotted them and were very excited to met them. The children treated them like old friends and Taylor and Cam were wonderful, thank you so much 🥰

Sam C-L — Google review

Thoroughly enjoyed my time there with my children. I have been here when it was paradise wildlife park many moons ago however returning back now with five children all under 10 was brilliant. The children had an amazing time and the new Jurassic park feature was brilliant 2. Free face painting for adults and children was also a nice touch.

Shahnuaz Meah — Google review

We had a look at this place a few days ago and wanted to check this out for the new year and something to kick off the new 2024 year.Arrived there with no traffic getting in and a great go and stop signal system before you enter the carpark.Very quick service getting in and being the time of the year half the stalls were closed.The park area was wicked for my daughter she loved it.Seeing the animals as well was a wicked treat to see and what we paid as well. And we will definitely go back.The cafe was good priced and good food.

Josh Lloyd — Google review

Had a lovely day here, was very clean, they have just been doing up the Zoo and looks really nice.Took two of us around 2 hours 30 to walk around everything and watch abit of the bird show (due to the rain they couldn't show all the birds as some do not fly in the rain like owls)Was really short walks between all of the areas.Was a great day out.

Bradley Perkins — Google review

Really nice zoo ,went in half term and wasn't to busy,zoo was clean and tidy staff was very friendly and polite .We saw an array of animals from lions to snakes to the cute family of otters my daughter liked the baby otters the best .The dinosaur walk was good ,the dinosaurs move and roar (not all but most) which made it that much better as an experience for the kids .We did the zoo plus stop for lunch etc in a couple of hours,probably need 3-4 hours depending on your family ,but it's nice as it's not too big great for younger children, in my opinion, as younger children can tire easily and get bored .There are talks in the day at certain times about the animals if you want to listen watch .And in school holidays there are live shows on stage ie singing and dancing and you can meet rex the dinosaur 🦕.There a couple of play areas ,one outdoor ,one under a canopy type and another indoor soft play so plenty to keep children happy .There is food available but we took lunch as with all places can be expensiveOverall really nice day and we would definitely go again 😁

jojo x — Google review

All in all it is okay. Disagree with how small the enclosures are for majority of the animals. Im sure these cages can be made bigger given the prices they charge for entering and food/drink, it is really quite devastating to see animals in enclosures this size. I would recommend you going if you don’t care about the tiny enclosures these animals are in.

Carmen — Google review

Absolutely brilliant day, we met up with my son, daughter in law & 2 grandsons. They loved it, so much to do & see, they loved the dinosaurs. The weather was perfect too, what more could you ask for. Thank you for a fantastic day out, it's definitely worth a visit 😊 🦕🦖🦁🐒🐫

Sandra Joy — Google review

Lots to see and do, dinosaur really, train ride, kiddies play areas, animals etc. Good food and drink options or areas for picnics. Loved it so much we applied for annual passes at the end of the day and they deducted our entry fee we'd paid from the annual amount. All round fab time.

Shannon O'Hare — Google review


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White Stubbs Ln, Broxbourne, EN10 7QA, United Kingdom

+44 1992 470490


The British Museum

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (72)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (73)

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Art Museums

The British Museum, established in 1753 with collections from Sir Hans Sloane, houses over eight million items from around the world. It offers themed departments such as Ancient Egypt and Sudan, Greece and Rome, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. Despite its renowned antiquities like the Elgin Marbles, it's also toddler-friendly with a Families Desk in the Great Court for guidance and Museum Explorer Trails for kids.

Superb few hours here with our first visit. Allow loads of time as there is so much to see and explore. There is something for everyone and would recommend going to each level. Although it's free entry it's worth doing a donation as well. My grandchildren are also fascinated with the museum. Plenty of facilities to make the visit more enjoyable.

John Anglin — Google review

Excellent experience. Beautiful place outside and inside. Many interesting collections. Enough to do here for a whole day.. Download the app and you have your personal audio guide for all the exhibits throughout the museum. Food and drink is sold on site, and a nice gift shop to get yourself a memoir.

Yahya Vali — Google review

Some of the most precious objects in the world gathered in one place for the pleasure of the public. An incredible archive of human history, a life affirming glimpse into the past and an outstanding reminder of the depth of man's ingenuity.Don't miss it. If your time is limited, plan ahead. Identify the objects or exhibits you want to see. A week wouldn't be long enough, to take the time, to appreciate every incredible treasure there is to see.

Rigby S — Google review

Fantastic experience! The staff were very helpful and the displays and exhibits were marvellous. Everything was laid out logically and spaciously.The only negative point is there isn’t a lot of seating and it can be quite tiresome. More benches and seats are definitely needed.

Lee Harrison — Google review

A remarkable journey through the annals of world history and civilization. With its awe-inspiring architecture, grand statues, and captivating exhibits, it’s truly a sight to behold. From ancient mummies to priceless artifacts, there’s an abundance of treasures to discover within its walls.The cleanliness and maintenance of a place can significantly enhance the overall experience. The well-maintained toilet facilities further contribute to the positive impression, ensuring that guests can freshen up comfortably.

Dhibin Suresh — Google review

Amazing experience and all for free! The history of the museum and its additions is a story within itself. The Egyptian section really tapped into imagining what life was like for them. The original museum building being staged how it was originally designed to be used was an insight into society and their interpretation of other cultures at that time. Absolutely fantastic and a Covid safe place to visit. It's hard to describe all the magnificent collections, you'll need to visit yourself 🙂

milin patel — Google review

A wonderful experience on a very wet London day. We arrived mid morning and we were expecting to queue but we went in easily despite the security inspection. There is no cost so no awful queue like the Louvre. We were able to leave coats, bags and umbrellas at the cloakroom for a very reasonable price. This freed us up to enjoy the museum. It is huge! We got a free map then decided to buy the guidebook and study it before setting out. We went to the 3rd floor first and booked for lunch at the restaurant. We then did the 3rd floor which is vast before an EXCELLENT, late lunch. Then down to the ground floor galleries. Unfortunately, the Parthenon galleries were closed but there was so much to see that it really did not matter. Keep some energy: The gift shops and book shops were amazing but since we are travelling light, we had to resist.We made a donation because this fantastic museum is still free. Enjoy!

Alice Newton — Google review

As a big history buff, the British Museum certainly didn't disappoint me. I was at the museum with my family, and it was an experience I will never forget.Even though there were a lot of people and the museum seemed a bit cluttered, once you got to the areas where there weren't so many people, it was a dream come true for me. Beautiful and containing descriptions, I spent several hours in the museum. I liked the passage of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Japan the best. But the most interesting exhibit was undoubtedly Rosetta Stone. Although I understand that for someone who is not so interested in history, the museum may seem boring. For me, it was an experience ! won't soon forget and if l'm ever in London again, I'll definitely go again.

Кристофер — Google review

It’s a giant museum. There are many floors and many sessions. There are many samples from different continents and regions of the world (I wonder how they all ended up there?). You need almost a whole day to be able to see everything very calmly and absorb all the information. However it is a unique opportunity and you must do it, even more so that admission is free.

Jeferson Kozenieski Couto — Google review

What a fantastic experience!So much to see and learn!We visited The British Museum on a busy Monday, full of guided tours and school trips.It's free to enter and there are some paid expositions using a reserved space (free for members).Definitely worth the visit.

Eduardo Calsavara — Google review

I keep coming back here as it is such a wonderful museum. There is so much to see and you could spend an entire day exploring. It's an absolute labyrinth so a map is advisable. It was a hot day and the museum was quite warm so dress accordingly. There are some temperature controlled areas and seating throughout, should you need a rest or cool off

Robert Broglia — Google review

Our third museum visit on the same day. This was always our go to museum on past visits to London.There is so much to learn and rediscover here, and we love the Assyrian and Egyptian exhibits.Also, the huge covered roof creates such a wonderful place, with the two cafe dining areas bookending the souvenir store.The reading room upstairs is also a must visit.Entrance is free but you need to book your date and time online in advance.

steven lim — Google review

The British Museum houses an extensive and diverse collection of history, culture, and art around the world. The exhibits are well-organized and provide insightful context.We spent about 4h walking around and absorbing history. You can definitely spend more time because it's huge and requires a lot of walking.Entry to the museum is free!Would recommend doing homework on what you'd like to see the most and plan your route before your visit.We took a map and clearly indicated "must see" which made it easier to navigate.Overall, it's a must-visit destination.Highly recommended!

Mubashira Khan — Google review

Holy Moly! I've wanted to visit the museum for some time but living in Manchester I have struggled to justify the journey. I visited specifically to see the current Legion: Life in the Roman army exhibition and it was incredible. The amount of things to see and read was a bit overwhelming and I honestly think it would take a couple of days to see everything. The building is incredible and has every amenity anyone could need. Plenty of resting areas, toilets, cafes and gift shops, and although I didn't use it myself the disabled access seemed very good.My only recommendation would be to go in with a plan and an expectation that you won't see everything. Plan the eras or sections you want to see and then come back another time to complete the rest.It does get very busy and crowded due to large tours so patience is required but it is definitely worth a visit.The only negative thing I can say is that it was hard to navigate at times as the maps are hard to read in my opinion.

alex bailey — Google review

Absolutely divine place! Everyone must visit The British Museum at least ones in a lifetime. But to be honest one whole day will be not enough to explore all rooms and exhibitions. We will return!This is an outstanding experience with super comfortable amenities, delicious food, great rest zones, a lot of entertainment for kids. Can’t describe my love to The British Museum enough!

Hanna Vielkova — Google review

I've wanted to come here for quote sometime. Some fantastic artifacts on display here spanning different cultures and time periods. I really recommend but be prepared if go during school holiday a huge queue outside as you have to queue to have your bag checked before entering. So much to see you could spend absolutely hours here. I can't comment on the cafe as I didn't visit there but a stall outside a had an amazing late from.

Corinne Dyer — Google review

The British Museum houses a vast collection of historical and cultural artefacts from various ancient civilizations around the world. Notable highlights include the Egyptian collection featuring mummies and the renowned Rosetta Stone, as well as Greek and Roman sculptures, Asian art, and Islamic art. With complimentary admission, it presents an exceptional opportunity for enthusiasts of history and art to explore and appreciate these remarkable collections.Please note that it is advisable to purchase a ticket in advance and allocate sufficient time for your visit, with a recommended duration of at least half a day. Additionally, it is prudent to avoid visiting during holiday periods, as the museum experiences significant crowds during these times.

N. N — Google review

A vast amount of historical heritage in one place. Many civilizations, an immense museum. Be prepared to spend over 6 hours to visit the museum; it's commendable that there are places to buy food and drinks within the museum.Book your tickets before the visit to enter more quickly, and also, do not carry a backpack as it will expedite your entry; you won't have to go through a check.

Nesovic Vladimir — Google review

The British museum has the details and data about the historical data of various regions. There are 5 levels and each level has multiple regionsWill require 2 hours to complete. Entrance is free, but I will recommend buying a ticket in advance as the queue for ticketed entry is smaller

K R Mahalakshmi — Google review

Have been many times before but went to see the temporary “Legion, Life in the Roman Army” exhibit. Totally spaced it and didn’t preorder the free timed entry and had to kill some time at the Starbucks across the street. Once in I explored some of the favorites - Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Japan, and China.The Legion exhibit was interesting. There were some wonderful looking artifacts and the displays were well arranged. I liked the idea of following along in the foot steps of a single person. My one complaint is with the patrons, not the museum - when the place is full and there are others looking at the same display, don’t be thoughtless and constant in front of the thing like it’s your own little party. Be aware and be considerate.

Michael Blair — Google review

Fantastic museum and easily one of the world's best. You will not be able to see the whole museum in one go. There is an audio app for not much that provides details on many pieces. It's worth getting ahead of time. Still good to listen to after you leave the museum, too. One of my favorite pieces I only appreciated after the audio. Famous items will be hard to see due to all the people that want to take a selfie in front of it, instead of actually looking at it. There is a cloak room to put bags and coats so you don't have to lug everything around. Also, the west (left) wing has a quiet pizza place if you need to get away from the crowd.

Jim Chadwick — Google review


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Great Russell St, London, WC1B 3DG, United Kingdom

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I'll never travel to Conflans Sainte Honorine without this trip planner again

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The National Gallery

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Art museum


Art gallery

The National Gallery in London is a museum that features the works of some of historys most celebrated European painters, from the medieval period to the early 20th century.

I love the way the National Gallery have made visits easier by proposing three different routes - the A, B or C. This makes a visit there more manageable. In the past, I have been somewhat overwhelmed by the vastness of the collections.The artworks were beautifully displayed but noisy schoolchildren fooling around and amateur artists plonked right in front of some paintings blocking your frontal view tended to mar slightly the wonderful experience. On the whole, though, it was a wonderful experience.

Liz Biggs — Google review

It always takes my breath away. I love to go in and find my favourite paintings even if I have only got 45 minutes! The joy that this treasured building is free to enter makes it possible to do this - and makes me so proud. I used to go straight for the museums…. Till the first time I went in! I was stunned by the depth of Turner’s paintings and the sheer size of some….. and the way they glow. Pictures cannot do it justice. Always try and make time for the gift shop. Look up at the ceilings…. Look down at the floors. Magnificent.

Fran Bradley — Google review

So huge, and wonderfully designed. The most famous pieces are scattered around which I think works well for the museum, as in places like the Louvre there isn't much done to prevent bottlenecking, whilst here I was able to see well known paintings easily without overcrowding, so I was able to enjoy them too! The spaces are very light and open. The exhibition on St Francis was very interesting, too. Like many museums in the UK the admission is free, and it would certainly be worth a visit even if it wasn't!

Honor Doherty — Google review

One of the best galleries in London with loads and loads of art works. You can spend a whole day there because there is that much to see. Make sure to take a note of the must see ones before you visit so that you don't miss out on them.

Arun Joy — Google review

Wonderful museum. It was a school holiday, so there were lots of children there as well. Incredibly well presented. Room after room of beautiful masterpieces. We could have spent two full days there.

Bill Thane — Google review

I mean, you kind of know what you're getting into when it comes to London's great collection of art. You'll find art from each period over the last 500 years, names you'll recognize both big and small.Plan to spend at least an hour, and try to avoid a busy time if you can as it does get crowded. If you are going during a busy period, then definitely buy tickets in advance.

Jason Wieczorek — Google review

One of the best art museums located in the heart of London at the famous Trafalgar square.You have to book tickets in advance online, however, entry is totally free and in case of non rush hours they do not even check your tickets which mean you don't have to stand in queue as well.In addition to the portraits and the paintings the architecture of the gallery from the inside is really wonderful.Recommended for a long visit for art lovers but even if you are not an art lover - still recommended for a quick visit if you're in Trafalgar Square.

Abdul Samad — Google review

This art museum is beautiful, the building and the paintings are great. The gallery is free to visit! They could easily charge £1 or £2 per person entrance fee for maintaining this property and it’s collections. Anyway, thanks to the British government for being so generous! I would surly recommend this place for any art lovers.

Tabitha Munshi — Google review

The National Gallery in London is huge, has extraordinary priceless paintings, ample seating, lovely architecture and admission is free to everyone. Of course, it merits 5 stars.Bathrooms close around 20 minutes to closing, so time wisely.I had taken a bus to Leicester Square, but it is easier to go to Trafalgar Square to locate the museum.

Kelly Cambridgeport — Google review

Lovely experience for me and my teenage Son. Really nice setting and amazing paintings. Always wanted to see these legendary exhibitions.I would 100% recommend to pre book your place/tickets as the queues were insane!

Andy Keen — Google review

A vast collection of paintings by most renowned artists from Europe is on display here. Arts enthusiasts and professionals would enjoy going through these paintings. Please note, If you’re carrying a backpack, the security team would ask you to wear it on your front door.

Suresh G — Google review

It's a lovely location with many priceless works of art. The best part is that it's free. It is well worth your time to reserve a shift, or little more than four hours, so that you may take advantage of everything the National Gallery has to offer. Yes, the structure itself is a work of art; take your time and appreciate each picture, each tale, each room.

Bonifacio Roger — Google review

Incredible experience at national gallery!! Great paintings, really well maintained galleries, very clean and a lot of benches to rest and enjoy the paintings further. The gallery is vast and there's always so much to learn about the portraits themselves and even the little shop has a choice selection of good stuff often at decent prices.

Akshay Kotattil — Google review

A great place to visit especially for those who is into art.The national gallery is such a beautiful building and can be visited for free. It is completely accessible with lifts for anyone who needs it, including prams.Some exhibits can cost money to visit and you should check before you go in case you would like to pay to see something extra.

Abdulaziz — Google review

We were at the Gallery on a weekday (Monday). We couldn't buy a ticket in advance as there were no free slots. We stood in a queue, but it took no more than 10 minutes.The expositions in the gallery are divided into sectors, very convenient navigation. I recommend a visit.Also, I recommend visiting the room with the work of Leonardo Davinci. The hall opens after 11:00 as the painting is very sensitive to light. Photo attached)

Julia K. — Google review

i love it!one of the best displays i’ve ever seen.mainly because the description given are not just pure facts with painter name, but a clear outline of the paint work + storyline to explain the painting. it gives life to the work done.also, some of the paintings are quite thought provoking!

Yess Min — Google review

What's not to like? A superb collection of some of the finest paintings in the world. I used to wander to the gallery when I was younger and ga\e in awe at the incredible skill and artistry of the painters. I hadn't been back for so many years that I had forgotten just how great this gallery is. I cannot recommend it enough.

Joe Sidonio — Google review

Another iconic place to visit in London. There are two sections here, one is paid, tickets available online. The other area is open to all visitors for no entree fees. We get to see different form of art from across the world. It's beautiful , well preserved and a good source of learning and inspiration for all the art enthusiasts and others.

Amit Sinha — Google review

I had a great time exploring the National Gallery in London. The variety of artists and their works on display is truly impressive. Each artwork has its own story, and I found myself getting completely absorbed, feeling inspired by the creativity and history around me.I easily spent an hour just wandering, looking at the paintings, and reading about them. There's so much to see that I could have spent even longer there. Whether you're an art enthusiast or just looking for a culturally enriching experience, the National Gallery is definitely worth a visit.The atmosphere is great for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in art and get a glimpse of different eras and styles. Highly recommended for a fulfilling and inspiring visit!

Story & Motion — Google review

Super place for a family outing! The large number of exhibits combined with their diversity will provide hours of sightseeing. We spent more than 3h and had to move quickly. The opportunity to see the greatest works of painting up close makes this a must-see place while in London.

P K — Google review

If you are a connoisseur of art then this place is a must visit for you. They have a beautiful collection. Many great artists' works are on display here and it's completely free (expect some special displays which are tickted). I spent a wonderful day here and would recommend this place to anyone who has an eye for art.

nabamita roy — Google review

Free and worth your time. There are works of the masters you will recognize- Van Gogh , Monet, and Rembrandt. It’s also incredibly curated with incredibly kind staff that will answer any question. A London must do. (I didn’t have a ticket, there is a no ticket free line I only waited 10 minutes)

Laura W — Google review

I’m not a museum-goer, so this review is from the point of view of someone who got outvoted on what to do. Turns out, this place was actually pretty cool. Seeing some of these 10 million dollar-plus paintings in person was incredible.

Michael Dobbins — Google review

What a treat!! A wonderful collection.This was a great opportunity to see amazing works for free. I love this concept. We're students and often skip museums because of the cost. There was a reasonable amount of people and we didn't experience long lines.

Olivia Mercedez — Google review

My wife was taking part in a sketching class outside whilst I wandered around inside! Who's who of painters covering 500+ years from the incredible fine detail of Canaletto's paintings of Venice to the broad brush strokes of Van Gogh. Free entry, just took a few minutes to get through the bag check. Also a bit of a queue for a free special exhibition - The Last Caravaggio.

Melvyn Rook — Google review


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Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DN, United Kingdom

+44 20 7747 2885


London Underground Limited

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (97)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (98)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (99)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (100)

Department of Transportation


Mass Transportation Systems

Great service throughout the city.

Russell Holden — Google review

The building, first listed as Grade II in 1970, was upgraded to Grade I in 2011.In 2013, it was announced that 55 Broadway would be converted into luxury apartments, once London Underground moved operations from the building in 2015 to their new headquarters in theOlympic Park,Stratford, London.In May 2014, it was announced that the architects, TateHindle, would lead the redevelopment and, in June 2015, planning permission and listed building consent was granted: however, this was not implemented and the planning permission expired in June 2018.In September 2019, a long-term lease of the property was sold by Transport for London for £120 million toIntegrity International Group, founded by Tony Matharu.In May 2020, it was announced that Blue Orchid Hotels, a subsidiary of Integrity International, would convert the structure into a luxury hotel. (Wiki)Let's hope they don't change much of its beauty..

Eduardas Rybakas — Google review

At first I was worried I wouldn’t be able to follow the system or get myself lost. Which I did, end up going the wrong way. But it’s actually so easy to follow, it’s good to make a few errors as then you will be conscious of ensuring you’re on the right tube. London Underground is amazing and it is really easy to get around and see places. I would walk around central London. Use the underground when going further afield.The trains are very regular, you will find they can get very busy, packed. Don’t feel you need to squeeze in, just wait for the next train as it will add to your experience and enjoy it better.As you would anywhere just be vigilant of your surroundings. I felt very safe, as a solo traveler I was very surprised.

Neeta Jassal — Google review

As a visitor, you can’t ask for a better system to get about to major museums, etc. You get to ride with both the working class and executives alike.Iconic London !Takes a little getting used to, if you need to travel in the City, it’s the way to go.As a visitor, we purchased a Visitor Oyster Card online, it’s a fantastic deal.Recommended.

W Perry — Google review

This is a good way to get around London. The new trains and updated stations are good. It is easy to get a ticket and to get around. However, the ventilation is poor, horrible, hot, and sweaty. It makes for an unbearable and uncomfortable ride. However, some of the trains and train stations have proper ventilation and air but most do not. I only take one train with no transfers, which is all that I can bear, and walk just to be outside where I can breath easy. I caution you to only ride when necessary and recommend you walk outside if able.

Melissa Woodforlk-Whyte — Google review

Coming from Manchester we need this in the city....Yes its a bit dim, dark and dirty....But what a brilliant, cheap and quick way to get around....

Savage 88 — Google review

These shops are all closed for good. I could rattle on about the good old days, (people actually pay to hear about it) and a book would be better; it would take a book, pdf, file, whatever to explain how much it has changed. Point?Many but the main one is: Thanks to Bid Rigging the same people keep getting rich fulfilling contracts that do nothing but cosmetic change. I'd rather see the old retailers (driven out by sky high rent, business taxes, business rates that the the big corporate retailers. Btw/ if you come to London be prepared to lug your suitcase up and down many flights of stairs. Of course the bureaucracy will point to "no step access" (only lawsuits by disabled brought that in) and there are more lifts (elevators), yes this is better than nothing - - lucky find one lift 20 years ago. The old, dirty, extremely noisy rolling stock in Central London is the same. Recently you could still find "MetroCamell" 1973. John Lennon probably on one.Sure, they Spent £16 Billion over budget and late) on a new Elizabeth Line. It's a nice reflection on what we have - - tourists are in central London for the sights, not off to Abby Wood (the other one) and to have them riding the cl*ttering, clanking, clattering collection of caligenous junk - - (think Wizard of Oz to the Tin Man) is a disgrace.

Cliff TAYLOR — Google review

Cheap fast efficient travel for our sightseeing trips. Easy to use gates and pricing simple capped and taken from our banks.

helen chambers — Google review

Crowded, stuffy place, too many people in London, but its easy to use, it gets you to your destination on time

Shelaya Shawn — Google review


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London, SW1H 0SA, United Kingdom


lastminute.com London Eye

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40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (105)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (106)

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Ferris wheel

Sights & Landmarks

One of London's most popular tourist attractions, the London Eye offers panoramic views of the city from its 443-foot wheel. The Eye is busiest during holiday periods, but can be visited at any time of year and provides an excellent opportunity to see the capital from above.

Fantastic staff and attraction. Very convenient location and easy access. This is a very busy area, but it is well signed and easy to navigate. There are many services on site and you can enjoy the surroundings before and after the ride. The ride itself is fantastic and offers wonderful views of London - especially if you are a picture taker. The pricing is reasonable and you can also bundle with other attractions. We did find this a bit confusing, until we were helped by a friendly staff member. You do have to watch times as they gave us a tight connection to the next attraction - no worries though as there was a wait time there. Well worth the time and cost

ken smith — Google review

Another must do in London. Panoramic views from the sky. The booking and other arrangements can be done via the website and it's quite smooth overall. The views from up top are stunning! Thames river, London bridge, tower bridge and Many of the legendary buildings can be seen. The design of the eye itself is pretty cool :) I'd strongly recommend this :)

Ajit Bhaskar — Google review

I had an absolutely fantastic experience on the London Eye during my husband's birthday weekend! We decided to purchase tickets in advance using discount vouchers we found online, which turned out to be a great idea.Even though it was a busy day, our early arrival—30 minutes before our scheduled slot—ensured that we didn't face any waiting time. Staff was very friendly and cooperative. The entire family had an amazing time, and we got the chance to experience not just one, but two incredible performances, one was magic show and the other one was music show. The restroom was clean, though it's worth mentioning that there is a fee for using them. The weather was perfect, allowing us to spend a delightful 4 to 5 hours enjoying the stunning views and vibrant atmosphere. For those planning to visit with kids, I recommend bringing along some snacks and water to keep everyone energized. All in all, it was an unforgettable day.

Yusra Aijaz — Google review

The London Eye is an iconic modern marvel that offers a unique perspective of the city's skyline. Situated on the banks of the River Thames, this giant observation wheel is a must-visit attraction for anyone exploring London.The experience of riding the London Eye is nothing short of breathtaking. As you ascend slowly in one of the spacious glass capsules, you're treated to panoramic views of London's most famous landmarks, including Big Ben, the Shard, and St. Paul's Cathedral. The slow rotation ensures you have ample time to take in the sights, and the bird's-eye view of the bustling city below is both mesmerizing and tranquil.The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, providing interesting insights into the history and geography of London throughout the journey. Whether you visit during the day to enjoy the city bathed in sunlight or at night when it's illuminated by thousands of lights, the view is equally enchanting.While the ticket prices may seem a bit steep, the London Eye delivers an unforgettable experience that's well worth the cost. It's an excellent way to gain a new perspective on London and create lasting memories. Whether you're a tourist or a local, a ride on the London Eye is an essential part of your London adventure.

Shiva Chaitanya — Google review

Fantastic staff and attraction. Very convenient location and easy access. This is a very busy area, but it is well signed and easy to navigate. There are many services on site and you can enjoy the surroundings before and after the ride. The ride itself is fantastic and offers wonderful views of London - especially if you are a picture taker. The pricing is reasonable and you can also bundle with other attractions. We did find this a bit confusing, until we were helped by a friendly staff member. Well worth the time and cost. Amazing views of London especially the views from the top! Completely enjoyed the flight

Akshay Kotattil — Google review

It's London's must do tourist attraction. You can see for miles around and have a great view onto the Thames and houses of Parliament. It's always busy, so it always has a queue of tourists waiting to get on, but the queue is well managed and keeps moving all the time, as the eye doesn't actually stop turning, you are skillfully managed on and off the cabin as it moves slowly along the ground section. You can take bags on, which are checked by security, and take as many photos as you like. On a clear day, you can see as far as Scotland 😉.

Paul Garner — Google review

Repeat visit after ~6 years. This time we bought advance tickets using some discount vouchers. Experience this time was much better as I think the overall crowd was smaller (not sure why). It was still plenty busy but the staff were quite good at guiding the people and sticking to the promised time slots which made the queue go quicker.The ride itself was as wonderful as last time. Thankfully the little rain earlier had cleared off and it was pretty clear for the duration. Excellent views as expected.Overall I think its a bit steeply priced (for repeat visits) but using discount vouchers made it reasonable. Definitely a must-do for first visit and in decent weather conditions!

Kartik Pawar — Google review

Great tourist attraction. I'm pleased that pods are not overloaded with people. You have space to move about and take in the different 360-degree views of the capital. We've been lucky on the occasions we've ridden the eye and gad sunny and clear days. I think nighttime would also be an amazing experience.The mechanism is slow and smooth. You hardly feel the motion as this rotates, and the inside was clean and smelt fresh.It is surprising how high you feel when you reach the top, so if you struggle with heights, there's seating in the centre of the pod if needed.This attraction is permanently busy, and rightly so. A great attraction to visit and experience in London.

Sean Mayes — Google review

Super cool experience. Got to see so much of London from this height!Recommend going with a friend, especially if you have any fear of heights.The line was long but moved fast. And there's even a chance to get a photo of you via green screen during the wait.Highly recommend you get tickets prior. Just makes it easier.

Joshua Hopkins — Google review

A must do/see! London eye was such a cool experience! Book in advance and choose the flex pass for a few more pounds. We rode the London Eye at night and the view was amazing! I’m sure you can see more during the daytime , but the lit up London view was pretty magical! Heads up - you’re probably going to want to buy everything at the London Eye gift shop. But if you walk just across the way to the other gift shop (literally, right across) you will save some money and have more souvenir options.

Kristelle Cruz — Google review

The line's quite long but it's worth the wait. I really recommend to buy the tickets online.Amazing view. You can see the landmarks of London clearly inside the capsule and there's also seats inside if you ever get tired of standing.

Evita Cindy — Google review

Had an amazing experience at London eye, one of the Top most tourist attraction. The whole view from the top is just amazing and beautiful top view of the city London. Best to visit with family and friends not alone for sure. Tickets are quite expensive but affordable and worth a visit.

Imran MD — Google review

The London Eye is the Most amazing experience. It is accessible within walking distance of the Tube stations and the view is absolutely INCREDIBLE!I have had the privilege of doing this outing on the London Eye a few times and each time is more amazing than the next.Don't miss out on a few hours to enjoy. The tickets are available on line and make sure to book the fast track pass. Much quicker and easier than the queue.

Carolyn Botha — Google review

The view is nice, but the windows are not very clean and the reflection of the light limits the quality of the photos that can be taken. The tickets have an entry time, but the queue control is not the best and you could spend two hours in the line. If you want to queue less (20 minutes) you have to buy the ticket that costs 15 pounds more. The ride takes approximately 25 minutes.

Carlos Ramos — Google review

It was an amazing experience looking the whole London city on the top of Eye 🎡 👀. You can see Big Ben, House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, The Shard, Tower Bridge and many more.The only thing that was concerning, waiting queue was too long on the weekend especially during this summer time. I was tired standing for an hour and affected my experience to fully enjoy. Also, the position of sun 🌞 during that time ⏲️ , just between afternoon and evening facing towards me and sun rays blocking the other side to see freely. This is why I would recommend a time of early morning and the time during sunset 🌇 is even better (of course not during long summer days because of early closing time).In the end, I would love to see evening view hopefully during the next visit.

Sameer Gangat — Google review

Just look at these photos; it's worth the money you pay to ride the wheel. It's breathtaking. My advice is to buy the ticket in advance and opt for fast pass. We were there last Christmas, and it took us less than 5 minutes to get on. It costs a bit more, but it's worth every euro you spend. It's essential to go on it if you're in London.

Haridian Correa — Google review

Leisure walk by the riverbank. A great place for photos taking. Along the river walk there are many make shift stalls that sells food, snacks, desserts and souvenirs. The day we went were cloudy hence many photos taken does not turn out to our expectations. Very crowded too hence photos taking are a bit challenging. London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge are within walking from one another.

SN P — Google review

I can't describe how the view from the London eye appealed to me. Although it is quite an expensive experience, it is well worth it.Beautiful view and wonderful photos. Short waiting time and one round takes about 30 minutes. You can see the river Thames, the British Parliament and Big Ben. I recommend it!

Кристофер — Google review

Twas a very busy day but the queue moved quickly. Great experience, hardly felt like the wheel was moving hence I was relaxed the whole considering that I'm afraid of heights. Take note you have to be quick swift when getting on and off the ride as it doesn't stop, I saw very old people get on with fair amount of ease. We used our phones to take pictures but there's an option to take one before and as the ride ends and this is charged separately.

Charmaine Moyo — Google review

I think it is worth it, but just for one time. It takes around 30m. I can see outside with broad sight. It is a good space for taking a photo like Big Ben and city. I recommend you should try at night time.

이재훈 — Google review

Enjoy 360° panoramic views of London. Plan ahead and pay for the Fast Pass, it is 100% worth it to skip the long lines. Once inside, the ride around is about 30-40 minutes. There’s a bench in the middle to sit and enjoy or you can stand around to get a closer look. Fun experience for both adults and children.

Alan YDR — Google review

The queue moved fast. The breathtaking views made it worth the wait. Took the students on a school trip, and they were captivated by the expansive scenery, couldn't stop gazing at it.

Sandra Incendiario — Google review

The experience was incredible. Views amazing. The only reason I am giving the London eye 3 stars is the price and the booking For the London pass. There were plenty of times available; however, no more time slots for pass holders so we had to pay full price after already paying for the London pass. It’s incredibly frustrating when there are actually slots right at the time when you show up and you are told you still can’t use your pass and you have to book ahead. The price is way too much for this.

Laura W — Google review

The line was long but moved very quickly so it didn’t feel long at all. The eye moves at a slower pace so it is not scary getting on or off while it is moving. They do stop for people that need extra time to move. There is a small, very limited seating area in the middle of the pod, so if you are the last to enter you might not get a seat. The entire pod is clear so you can get a full clear view from every angle. There is a photo at the end and the side of the photo is labeled in the pod. It is a nice tourist experience.

P Reviews — Google review


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Riverside Building, County Hall, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom

+44 20 7967 8021


Tower of London

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (112)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (113)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (114)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (115)

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Sights & Landmarks

The Tower of London is a famous landmark in London that houses Crown Jewels and iconic Beefeaters. It is home to centuries of bloody history, including scenes of prisoners being hanged, drawn and quartered.

Certainly a must see if you are traveling to London! The history of the Tower is hard to comprehend when you consider that the place is older than the United States. Lots of history to take in from the jail cells, torture machines, to the tower, the ravens, and all of the armament, weapons and cannons to see. The Tower also has the Crown Jewels on display. I would plan to arrive early if you do not wish to stand in line for extended periods to see the Crown Jewels. They are worth seeing though…especially if you want to see diamonds, emeralds and sapphires the size of golf balls. Unfortunately, photos of the jewels are not allowed or I would post some.As others have mentioned, there are a lot of stairs, narrow spiraling staircases and some narrow corridors to walk through. That said, it was certainly one of the many highlights on our London trip. I’ve seen people give estimates of time for this visit. I would say 3-4 hours is probably a good estimate (not including a long waiting time in line for jewels). We read some of the signage on displays and then just passed by others. If you are the type who reads it all, maybe longer.

S. M. (Smacks) — Google review

Great day out, lots of history and beautiful views of the castle and Tower Bridge and a nice cafe inside. You can follow a guided tour or purchase an audio guide, though neither is particularly needed as there is plenty of information displayed in all parts of the castle. Not really suitable for buggies or wheelchairs as there is lots of stair climbing involved.

Melissa Mattingley — Google review

Admission was a little steep but totally worth it. We paid under £30 per person, but it varies by date and what website you purchase through. We bought tickets in person and not in advance.As soon as we walked in there was a beefeater starting a complimentary tour. He was very funny and informative, and explain the history of the castle and the surrounding areas with a lot of detail given to the history of executions here.There is also an audio tour available at an additional cost.We left his tour to go explore by ourselves and we saw the king's Chambers which were fascinating and included a marker in the chapel where King Henry VI was assassinated. Awesome. There were active guards marching around who still live inside the castle.Actors were doing a play in the courtyard by the White Tower. There were plenty of bathrooms and a couple of cool gift shops.You could easily spend three or more hours here.As with most attractions in the city, parking could be a problem but we did not have a car.

Oliver Warne — Google review

Amazing! The Beefeater was just brilliant. Everything about this place was perfect. Amazing day out with tons of history and stories. All ages will enjoy this place.I was on a company excursion, so I can’t tell you about waiting times etc.

Andy Holmes — Google review

It was a wonderful experience and a great place to visit. The history of the place is amazing. It is advisable to take the guided tour as the guide really knows his stuff and gives you some great insights into the history of the place and also gives good advice on what to visit next as the place is a really big place. You really need at least 4 to 5 hours to see the place properly and to learn about the history of the place and to take some lovely pictures. Well worth a visit.

Paul Evans — Google review

A great place to come and and explore some of the history of London. Came here on a flying visit so didn't get a lot of time for a detailed visit although I would highly recommend. There's lots of interesting facts as you work your way around the map given to you as well you order yours tickets at the office. The crown jewels is another area definitely worth a visit although no photos are allowed to be taken here. Will definitely come back again for a more detailed visit.

Andrea moulton — Google review

Fascinating history, guided tours are amazing and definitely worth while so you can learn more about what you are looking at. Lots of information around the tower though. Make sure you look at the map so you don't miss any sections as it can get quite confusing as to where you've been. The gift shop is full of lovely souvenirs.

Jessica Roberts — Google review

Absolutely worth a visit make sure you’ve got the legs for it there’s a lot of walking to do. We did the 45 minute tour guide well worth it. Saw the guards and importantly visited the white tower and the Crown Jewels. Unfortunately we got there later than expected and then found out the tower closed at 16:30. If you haven’t been go visit it is a must see my 9 year immensely enjoyed it.

Paul Kalsi — Google review

This excursion was fantastic! The Expedia tickets were effortlessly accessible on my mobile phone. The tour provided both entertainment and historical information. There's an abundance of sights to explore, making it worth spending a few hours. The queues moved swiftly, and the attractions were clearly signposted. Ample restrooms and stroller parking. It's an incredible activity and an absolute must-do.

Jen Taylor Scheetz — Google review

A very interesting place to visit. the place is steeped in history. We all read about it in textbooks and saw it in movies. Incredible feeling. The treasure chest is simply amazing. Crown of the Queen! Cool! Very cool staff. And these crows)))) I recommend without hesitation! Use the audio guide.

???????? ???????? — Google review

A must see for any London travelers interested in its rich history. Enjoy this amazing castle and all of its nooks of deep history. There are a lot of steps so keep this in mind. It's easy to get tickets and although there are a lot of people, it's easy to navigate throughout. Tons of amazing photo opportunities. Have fun!

Jason Woodland — Google review

This is a beautiful site to see. This is where the Crown Jewels are held and was a big fortress!! I mostly came here just to see the Crown Jewels, even though some of them were out due to the Coronation of Charles III, but this place was an amazing place to visit. But this use to be, and still is, a military fortress. A little fun fact, during WWI, the Tower of London did military training, even though it was still open to the public visiting the place. I just find that extremely interesting.The Tower of London is one staple of London history, British history, and Royal history. The The Royal Family has their Crowned Jewels here where you can see them on display. Dating back to 1066, but made famous by William I (William the Conqueror) when he moved here in 1078. Kings William I (William the Conqueror), King Henry III, and King Richard I were living here at one point all adding to the historical site. The Tower of London has been a fortress for the majority of its time, but I found interesting is that it was used as a prison until WWII, with soldiers training here with the prisoners on a different side of the site. You can go see the Crowned Jewels here, which were amazing to see (there's no photography while seeing the Crowned Jewels). I truly enjoy walking the grounds here and seeing some of the Crowned Jewels the British Royal Family has to offer.

Traveling Pierogi — Google review

One of the main tourist attractions. We were here on a weekday in September. Although it was quite busy, there were no queues and it didn’t feel crowded. Extensive collection of weapons and armor, and interesting history of the place. The animal statues made of wire are awesome!

Jan Verheyen — Google review

Amazing tourist attraction of this wonderful place,it is one of the most visited places nowadays since the Royal Jewels are guarded here. The Royal jewels are amazingly displayed, and the history of them is well explained all along the place. Big queue for the Crown Jewels once you got inside the Tower, but well worth the wait. I suggest everything try to come early in the morning around the 8:30 slot. It will not be crowded at that time. There are lots of things to see inside the tower. The Cafe inside is a great place to take relief. The exit is beside the Thames with awesome views of Tower Bridge.We thought it will take 2-3 hours but we spend almost 5 hrs. The fortress is maintained properly. The audio guide helps you a lot when you are in. The Ammunition department is amazing.I will definitely come back to visit them again whenever possible.

Rohit Patange — Google review

Fantastic history. Beef eaters were brilliant at informing us of the history of the place. He made it so entertaining. Made us laugh.There are many stairs to climb.Looking at the beautiful crowns and museums to walk around were educational.Worth visiting.

Maria Merrydew — Google review

A wonderful place to visit when you are in London. It covers a little bit of the history of the city, military, history, and a unique look at the growth of the monarchy throughout history, including viewings, and tours of the royal jewels. There is a lot of information about the architecture of the building, and the views are amazing. I would highly recommend it to people and families.

Sean Kinney — Google review

Breathtaking scenery, amazing architecture. Get there early on the weekend because it gets very busy, especially if the weather is favorable. We were very fortunate with the sun being out! Apparently you're not supposed to take pictures of the crown jewels, but they didn't make me delete them thankfully!!

Bob Melko — Google review

Amazing place to visit! We had recently come from Ireland and to hear the different pieces of British and Irish history intertwine was really neat! I highly recommend paying the extra bit for the audio tour once you get inside. It helps give you a little bit extra that you can’t get from just reading all the signs. I also recommend getting there before noon so you have enough time to see everything!

Joshua Carter — Google review

It is a very cool experience. You get to step back in time, seeing things from a long time ago. There is a lot of history and information to read and take in, so many cool things.I would recommend buying tickets in advance for 9am. I was dropped off at about 8:05 and was able to get some good pictures of the exterior of the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. There are a few coffee shops around, so you can grab some coffee before the line opens. I got in line at about 8:30 and was towards the front.I would recommend going to the Crown Jewels first as you will have a bit of space before the crowds decend on the attraction and there is a long wait. Even if you have a voucher for a guide book, I would get it after.If you have a voucher for a guide book, the place is on the right hand side of the building, the audio guides are on the left. So, if there is a huge line on the left, don't worry, you can slip in and get the book. The books are in several languages, and there is a option for the kids book.

Benjamin Flores — Google review

Hadn't been in around 20 years, was pleasantly surprised that there were many activities for both children and adults. The crown jewels exhibition is better than I remembered. Would recommend spending around 4h here in total.

Adam Daneshmend — Google review

If you visit London, you cannot say that you have been there if you have not visited the Tower of London. This is a wonderful fortress close of the Thames River, very well conserved, and has beautiful inner views. It is highly recommended to buy the tickets online because there are long lines of people waiting to buy tickets. I loved the place and highly recommend it.

Carlos Ledezma — Google review

A great day out. Its worth getting there for opening and going straight to see the Crown jewels. That way there will be minimal queues and you may get to spend longer in the crowns room than you would later on.The rest of the Tower is great and an amazing deep dive in the English history. You really should go at least once in your life.If you do everything it’s easily a whole day.

kenneth giles — Google review

The Beefeater was an amazing host and we learned so much about this site. The Crown Jewels were fascinating and the structures themselves were absolutely stunning. Get the tour. Completely worth the fee. The views of the city skyline from this site alone are worth the price of admission.

No longer using — Google review

Very enjoyable day out with lots of interesting facts and history about the people who lived - and died - there. Well worth the ticket price. Downside: no restaurant or cafe, only food and drink kiosks with outside seating

margaret trojan — Google review

I came for my second visit in a little under 50 years! I was in awe of the architecture of the building and at how deceivingly big it was inside. I came along with a local community group and we took a tour with Wayne, a resident Beefeater. He was incredibly knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour! After eating our packed lunch, we decided to take a look at the crown jewels. The queue was quite long but it moved pretty fast. As we were waiting, we were greeted with the amazing views around the tower grounds. It was a tad cold and windy but I'm sure it's beautiful in the summer.Going in to see the crown jewels, I was a little disappointed at the way it was displayed. It was quite dark and sparse inside. The crowns themselves were amazing, such beautiful jewels.I would have liked to take a bit more of a trip around the other areas but on a quieter day. That's the only thing I don't enjoy, too many people around.

Tracey-Anne — Google review

Very very busy and beefeater guide was excellent even though there were hundreds in his tour. Learned such a lot from him. Queue long to see Crown Jewels but moves fast. Worth a visit as they are spectacular. My grown up daughter is fascinated by the ravens and she was introduced to the keeper of the ravens who kindly allowed her onto the forbidden green and take a raven for a walk!!!!! Made her day . Its strange what makes a sensible grown up woman's day!!!!!! My American visitors were just in awe about the age of everything and they thoroughly enjoyed their day too.

Susan Wakefield — Google review

Really enjoyed visiting the Tower of London. I visited with my daughters year as a school trip, so unfortunately our look around was a lot more rushed than I would have liked, but loved what I saw.Seeing the armor for the kings & horses, the weaponry & where torturing happened was great. Walking around the site where Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Jane Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey & others were executed & seeing the Traitors Gate where people would have come into the grounds & the towers where they would have been kept was brilliant. Seeing the Crown Jewels was amazing. They were so beautiful. The craftsmanship of the clothing, armour, jewelry, flags & tapestries was breathtaking. Seeing the guards on patrol was awesome & there are lots of people around who you can talk to and ask about the Tower to get more of a historical experience. There's an interactive room where you can get involved with things in there which was great and the chapel was beautiful.There are some steep stairs and spiral staircases in places which some might find difficult, but all-in-all I really had a great time. Seeing as our visit was hugely restricted due to it being a school trip, I'd love to give back with my family for a whole day.

Donna Rider — Google review

Wow, the Tower of London was even more incredible than I imagined! From the moment I walked through the gates, I felt transported back in time. The Yeoman Warders were fantastic storytellers, bringing the castle's rich history to life with humor and enthusiasm.The Crown Jewels were, of course, a highlight – it's hard to believe they're real! But I also loved exploring the White Tower, wandering the medieval walls, and even spotting a few ravens (those cheeky birds!).Whether you're a history buff or just looking for a unique London experience, the Tower of London is a must-see. Just be prepared to be amazed!Tips for your visit:* Get your tickets online beforehand to skip the queues, especially during peak season.* Take advantage of the free Yeoman Warder tours – they're the best way to learn about the castle's secrets.* Allow plenty of time to explore – there's so much to see and do.* Wear comfortable shoes – you'll be doing a lot of walking.I hope this helps! Have a fantastic time at the Tower of London!

Fernando Magalhães — Google review

Enjoyed my visit to the Tower of London. We did not have a long wait to see the Crown Jewels. Even though I have limited mobility I still enjoyed walking around the grounds; seeing the Crown Jewels and walking around the ground floor of some of the towers and generally just absorbing the hundreds of years of history at the Tower.

Janet Poling — Google review


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Colchester Zoo

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (121)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (122)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (123)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (124)

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Outdoor Activities

Colchester Zoo is a large zoo, with 200 different species of animals and many interactive features. There are also special themed zones, such as the Orangutan Forest and Edge of Africa.

A fantastic day out for the whole family. This is a nice big zoo with a huge range of animals. You can easily spend all day here and not see everything. We have a zoo pass and go most weekends. There are loads of places for food and drink. The hot chocolate is amazing!The jungle tumble soft play is a really fun part for younger kids to enjoy. They run in 45 minute slots (you must book!), so a good chunk of time to wear the children out a little.They are constantly revamping areas, so it is cool to see the changes as they happen.Overall there is a wide range of interactive areas and activities. Near the eelphants they have an area where you can hold stick insects or African land snails, etc.The train takes you from the tigers to the lemurs and back again (return trip is up to you).I feel that I could waffle on for ages about this place, but I would definitely recommend it. If visiting from afar, definitely come along for a trip, or if local, I would strongly recommend getting a pass. I had one before having a child and loved the after work walks to the tigers and back!

Tarot Noble — Google review

What a brilliant day out for the whole family!We spent 7 hours here! There really is so much to do, so many animals to see.A few lovely little parks also.Plenty of toilets around.A few different places to stop for food or drinks.

Tracey Butcher — Google review

A great day, we all preferred the second half of the zoo where the bigger animals were kept as it was a lot more open, less cramped and less slopes. Overall there was a great selection of animals to see and things to do for all ages. Took us all day to soak it all up without really stopping to eat. Feeding the giraffes was definitely the highlight for me and the Komodo dragons talk was the highlight for my daughter

Lucy Dunne — Google review

Even though it's 3+ hours drive, it's a lovely zoo to visit.Few new things since we last visited.Great exhibits, and they're all built with the animals' welfare as first thought.Not good for people who are motility impaired due to the hilly nature, but most of it's still accessible.Definitely worth visiting.

Steve Waite — Google review

Went there on a Friday! Loved it so much, it was relaxing and very interesting!! Great zoo to go to with family and friends, the gift shop had a wide range of products and some items were unreasonably expensive but other prices were great! My favourite area was the one with the Koi fish, they were so gorgeous!!

Ivana Yanusheva — Google review

An absolutely wonderful zoo. We visited on a cold March day, yet the welcome was very warm. Lovely the way you wander round. The animals have plenty of privacy but you also get great views. The tiger enclosure seemed so natural. The edge of Africa was so well laid out. Highly recommended

Ian Mantel — Google review

An enormous zoo just 40 min outside of London! A great place to spend a day! It’s kid-friendly. Buy tickets in advance. We also tried one of the experiences available - feeding the elephants. It was definitely worth it. You should try one too! There are plenty of restaurants and cafes. The gift shop is big and full of interesting things to buy as a souvenir. The parking lot is enormous and it’s part of your ticket so no worry. There are also free tours available in different section throughout the day - look at the map at the beginning of your journey. Dive in the interactive activities that are free of charge!

Radi Galinova — Google review

My daughter bought me a Zookeeper for the Day experience. We came yesterday. Loved every minute of it. Keeper's are so friendly and knowledgeable and great to see how proud and caring they are for their animals.Would recommend this for anyone who loves animals, and wants to work with animals. Thank you all so much for a very memorable day.

Heather Searle — Google review

This zoo provides a great family fun day out! We all enjoyed our experience. There are various different types of animals and so much to see. You definitely need the whole day to explore. There are also lots of fun play areas for little ones which is fantastic! The zoo itself is huge and takes a while to get around. They also have a free train service incorporated within the zoo that allows anyone to get on and go on a short tour with the guide. The toilets are well maintained and clean. The feeding facilities for babies are also amazing. There are plenty of shops around and lots of sitting areas, perfect to bring your own food and enjoy too!

Sana M — Google review

Tickets for 2 adults and 1 child about £80 so if you can use your Tesco points. The big zoo , can see a lot of different animals. The place has cafes , a playing area, an activity area for kids or you can bring your own food, gift shops , ice- cream cafe, toilets). Better to start exploring from the left side ( less people so you can enjoy a nice walk+ not long to wait for the train, usually later there will be a long queue). Kids can feed goats -goat food costs £1 but it's really fun.Usually it takes all day to walk around the zoo so make sure you have comfy shoes.

Irina ... — Google review

I visited for the newly added Pygmy Hippo experience and this was a great experience. As well as being informative, I was able to get really close to Venus, feed her fruit and help prepare her enclosure. My keeper was great, deeply cared about all the animals on his section (Giraffe) and spoke about how Venus will be enriched by this new experience as she has recently lost her partner, Freddy.The zoo is fantastic, so much for adults and children to do. I went during the week, which was really quiet, but would I really loved is that all the animal talks proceeded even though I was the only one there. Each staff member waited at the meeting point and happily invited questions.Ate in the food outlets and prices were very reasonable. Breakfast roll was under £4 and cooked freshly for you. Great range of vegan treats and loads for the children to do. Will definitely be returning!

GJX W — Google review

Had a great day out at the zoo. Plenty to keep all ages entertained for hours. Special mention for Paul who was one of the guides on the train. How he can keep telling the guests about all the animals and telling jokes whilst having to hurd us off on and off the train and through the enclosure without having a melt down is amazing. Keep up the good work.Overall I can't fault anything about my visit. Highly recommend and I will be visiting with the kids again soon.

Paul Mills — Google review

Even with a wet and rainy day the Zoo was still very good. The staff are all nice and polite. A gold pass holder has a lot of good benefits. Kids love the soft play area which is free but need to book a place in advance as it gets fully booked quickly.

David Daniels — Google review

Lovely family day out. Plenty of toilet facilities. Zoo well maintained and staff friendly. Please note the Zoo has lots of steep inclines but is wheelchair friendly. I would recommend advanced booking a mobility scooter as it is worth the money to make your day as enjoyable as possible

Lauren Day — Google review

Fantastic day out, even my 16yo & 18 yo daughters enjoyed it. Booked tickets online which was easy . We also booked the giraffe 🦒 & elephant 🐘 feeding experiences, which was definitely money well spent. We went 19/04/22 . Spacious zoo, one of the best that I’ve ever visited. Arrived 9:45 stayed until 5pm . All the animals seemed happy in their environment which was kept clean. Download the App onto your phone as a map etc . Can’t fault this place, even the toilets 🚽 were clean. The staff were helpful that worked there

Gary Read — Google review

We had a lovely day out. We got there early and did need the full day (10:30-17:45) We had two children under four and a baby, the toddlers loved it! They are both good happy walkers, so if your child doesn't like walking too much you will need a push chair. Lots of hills, but lots of benches everywhere.All the animals were easy to see and all looked happy and healthy.The train ride was fantastic, a queue to get on however they had two trains running. Well worth it as you then walk through the lemur enclosure.Indoor play area was fantastic, they had timed slots, so book ahead. As it's at the start of the park, either do it first thing or last. If you go in the middle of the day you'll be going backwards and forwards.We didn't know the birds that you can feed stop being fed at 16:00. So make sure you do that before then. Also we found there weren't many toilets, there was a wait each time.All in all a very good day.

Sarah Lewin — Google review

Excellent zoo with lots to see, Not the cheapest and often deals on tickets via Groupon/Kids pass (saved over £5 with this one), etc. Includes some farm animals, goats, pigs.Worth checking the times for various talks/feeding times as well. We were lucky enough to see the Otter feeding.

Mark Freeman — Google review

We absolutely love, Colchester Zoo. Lots of talks and interaction.The parakeet feeding part, was new to us and we thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂.It is a shame though, as years ago, you could queue and feed the Giraffes and Elephants. But you now have to pay extra for that. But I appreciate that it can't be cheap to keep a zoo going, especially in this economy and they do a lot to help support wild animals, so it's all worth it 😊.

Nicola Shannon — Google review

A brilliant day out with the family on my return visit after quite a few years.Very busy bankholiday Monday, which added to the atmosphere.Plenty of parking with entry being managed very well and efficiently without queues.Place was very clean, well designed, and easy to get around.Plenty of cafes, food outlets and ice cream Stores to keep family happy.Most importantly the big 5 were out and not hiding🦁🐯🦒🐘🦏

Motin Khan — Google review

The best zoo I have been too. Lots of animals, lots of play parks scattered around the zoo, a train ride around some of the park into an up close visit into the ring-tailed lemur exhibit. Food seems a little pricey but that's no different to any other place.

James Day — Google review

We have the yearly pass great value for money.Great Zoo all animals look like they are kept very well.Had the chicken pieces and chips great value for money large portions and free sauces as much as you want.Land train is great fun close up and personal with the ring tailed lemas.A must visit well done to all involved.Great day out.

Martin Hall — Google review

We visited Colchester zoo today(15/01/24) for the extraordinary experience full day for my son’s Christmas present and it went far beyond expectation. From start to finish you are met with a wealth of knowledge of the animals and zoos history while having special encounters with the animals. You are well catered for the day during your experience making the day care free. Our host Amanda was so knowledgeable and went above and beyond to make the day amazing as was all the keepers we met through out the day. The care and passion the team have here for the animals is very evident. Experience was true value for money while the memories you keep from it especially for my son!

Harry King — Google review

The staff are always so happy and friendly.The Billy-Joe walk is very emotional. This is a zoo that truly loves their animals and you can feel the love for their animals - especially the ones they’ve had to say goodbye to. The enclosures are always clean, happy animals, very social! We love going here and will continue to support the zoo due to their caring nature. The orangutan was my favourite. She was swinging around, playing with cardboard, coming up and inspecting people.Thank you for always being fantastic and putting animals first!

Dino — Google review

This is a fantastic zoo. The animals and enclosure are really well kept. Safe are friendly and helpful. Talks are good although unless you are interested in animal knowledge then you should give them a miss. It is a big place and takes a good full day to get round everything properly. The play parks and great and plentiful and the food and drinks are actually reasonably priced but there is plenty indoor and outdoor picnic areas if you want to take your own. Really enjoyed the day out and for anyone with kids it's a must!

Hannah Wilco*ck — Google review

Wonderful zoo with an amazing collection of animals, some of which we've not seen anywhere else. Slightly convoluted layout so it is easy to miss exhibits if you're not following a map, but there are lots of friendly staff around to help. The train was an excellent idea too. Food and drinks are readily available, varied and reasonably priced and there were many great talks throughout the day too. All in all, a fab day out, and we will definitely be going back.

Kim Stafford — Google review

My wife and I visited here for the fourth time and our experiences have only got better. We were welcomed by the staff attending the entrance, and easily located maps of the park. We visited at half nine and therefore weren't surprised when we couldn't see a lot of the external animals. We had a nice stroll through the park looking at the animals we could see and we had intentions on going round the park again. We got some awesome photos and we were extremely lucky with some of them. We had an amazing day and loved seeing how far the park has come from the first time we visited it 7 years ago. While there were refurbishments currently in progress it only makes our next visit even more exciting. I would recommend everyone to see this place at least once and I would also recommend you book online, although you save some money I would also urge you to make a donation while in the park as well. Colchester Zoo always delivers!!!! (Haven't included all the photos but just a few favorites)

Luke Cossey — Google review

The best zoo in the UK, book your tickets now if your not sure, you'll not be disappointed. Loads of free parking, free soft play (45mins sessions) amazing range of animals in enormous enclosures, so nice to see happy animals

Rob Beacham — Google review

Absolutely brilliant, staff answer your question. Food to feed the goats, and birds (for one pound). Lovely animals there there's one (maybe two) train there but you have to wait an hour for it (well we did). And at the end of the zoo there are Lego dinosaurs! Will definitely be coming again.

JJ Cambridge — Google review

There are a lot of animals here and some really wonderful exhibits. I'd give it 5 stars but the layout of the zoo is a bit odd and we got turned around a few times. That being said, it is certainly worth a visit! Easy parking as well.

Lauren Schwartzbard — Google review

I liked this zoo when I came the 1st time ten years ago, it was even better this time round with my kids. The things we liked; The lion roaring at the visitors. Sleeping all day crocodile. The hungry otter sisters. Sensible soft play. Bargain new year tickets. Underwater Anaconda. All the little bush dogs by the train station. Plenty of play parks for a sit down.

Max Daley — Google review


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Hever Castle & Gardens

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (136)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (137)

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Hever Castle is a 13th century castle and childhood home of Anne Boleyn, located in Hever, Kent. The castle is an incredible place to get married with its lavish furnishings and stunning gardens. There are two rooms that can accommodate 64 guests each and the views from the castle grounds are breath-taking.

A great day out with a lot to offer. If you like Tudor history you can see plenty in the Castle, but for me, the gardens were the highlight. Huge and mature, the main gardens are impressive. The Italian Gardens were spectacular and worth the trip to me. Columns, water, statues, tulips. Dramatic and beautiful.We did not see everything and shall probably return to see more.

MBK Wildlife Photography — Google review

Honestly, nothing can do it justice. The castle is wonderful, especially at Christmas. The grounds are exquisite. The staff and volunteers are helpful and knowledgeable.The bed and breakfast is absolutely better than anything you can imagine. The rooms ate incredible, the service wonderful and the breakfast ( and dinner if you are able to dine there) excellent.Honestly, just cannot enthuse enough about this place. It has become our favourite.

Adele James — Google review

What a lovely day out. We'd been before twice, but not been for a good few years. The sun was out and the flowers in bloom. There was a little cold wind but we found a sheltered spot for our picnic. There was a little queue for the castle but definitely worth the wait. There is an audio tour while in the castle, very informative. Both the water and hedge mazes are great fun. The gardens are amazing and must take ages to tend. The lake was lovely but the cold wind blew in from there. There were plenty of food vans around and a couple of restaurants but we did not buy coffee in the pavilion as there was over a 30min wait to get coffee, they need to sort this out as that is not acceptable. Overall excellent day out that I would recommend

simon futcher — Google review

Lovely day out with plenty to do. Good parking within walking distance. Entry process smooth. Beautiful gardens, roses, lake. Historic tour of House recommended and the audio guide added to the experience. Food outlets are good. Small museum to the Kent soldiers. Children's play area. Boating Lake.Recommended as a lovely day out with something for everyone.

Valerie D — Google review

Probably has become my no 1 favourite castle to visit.Beautiful castle and surroundings, loved every minute of it. Highly recommend to do the lake walk, takes an hour but worth it!Fun day out here, so much to see and do, lots of ducks!

Kimberley A — Google review

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Hever Castle yesterday. The history of the house is very interesting. The gardens are really beautiful. There's a lot for kids to do. The water maze,in particular, was a big hit with the youngsters.Well worth a visit, go there if you can.

Mark Griffin — Google review

A beautiful place , gardens are lovely with something new to see round every corner. The water maze was fun , and happily we solved the yew maze too! The moat cafe had enough food options including vegan ones to satisfy all of us. Close to Halloween when we were there and we chatted to a vampire, spotted a ghost and saw lots of crashed witches. Well worth a visit for adults and children alike.

suzanne shaw — Google review

Beautiful castle with great exhibitions and lots of great informative staff. It also has lovely gardens and a very nice walk around the lake on the grounds. Definitely worth multiple visits for the many different events held throughout the year

Glenn McCain — Google review

Wonderful family-friendly experience.The gardens are absolutely amazing, regardless of the time of the year you go, there's something special going on.The playground is insane, a real add-on to the visit ! Beautiful walk around the lake to finish, lovely food selection and plants/gifts to buy.

Marie Anselot — Google review

Beautiful place. We stayed in the castle B&B and was able to wander around the garden before it was open to the public. Great place to spend the day with kids. The kids audio guide in the castle is great fun. It kept us entertained for nearly 2 hours.

maria gonzalez — Google review

Visited a couple of weeks ago, so worth the visit of the garden and castle. Well kept and interesting audio guide, plus kiddies playground was superb. Archery was fun, payable separately in cash. A couple of places to eat and have coffee. Shop was well stock too. Seen a wedding held there and bride photos taken in front of the castle

Diana Manasieva — Google review

Such a beautiful place. Visiting the castle felt like time travel, but we loved the huge park even more. The rose garden is amazing. Everything is looked after so well and there is so much to discover :)) Perfect destination for a wonderful day trip

Claire J. — Google review

Great day out. Been here before but not during the jousting competitions. Great experience and they involve the kids so it's fairly family friendly. Would recommend a walk around the gardens and the castle (even though the castle itself is quite small). A lot more food options than last time I went, and the gift shop is pretty decent. Very tidy overall and very helpful staff.

Craig Higginson — Google review

Great place!!! Castle is amazing. It is not big, which is good and when you walk through all the rooms you are not feeling tired. You enjoy everything. The gardens and the lake (especially Italian gardens) blow your mind. Thoroughly recommended!!!

Natalia Pronina — Google review

A friend had toured the castle and grounds and mentioned that there was a B and B. We were only in the UK 6 nights and only had one night to spend here--and I'm glad that we did.The Falstaff and Bremly rooms were wonderful and the staff was even better. We took their recommendations for places to eat and all were top notch.And then there is the castle--what a treat.

Brian Hamilton — Google review

An absolute gem of a place. Beautifully maintained with plenty to see and do. We got to see plenty of the castle interior and I’m sure it will be even better following the offing renovations. An amazing slice of British history. The cafe was also good with decent coffee and cake.

Drew B — Google review

I stayed at Hever Castle for the night, hoping to get my head down to study. This didn't happen because there is far too much to see and it is absolutely beautiful! Friendly helpful staff. Lovely room with everything you need. Stunning surroundings. You can wonder the grounds after all the visitors leave, and you're also given entry into the castle. I would highly recommend

Corene Hughes — Google review

What an amazing day we had!! Steeped in local history! We got the family ticket which allowed us in to the gardens and around the castle which a has an excellent audio tour to accompany it! Parking is free! You can take a picnic or buy from the many food stalls available! Dogs are allowed on leads and there is a huge adventure playground for the kids! We drove from West London which took around 60 mins on a bank holiday. I would highly recommend!

Nils Fearons — Google review

We had no idea how much time we would need to see and experience all. Which means, we have to come back for sure.This place is amazing. And so many activities going on. We did only book the gardens, but with watching the jousting, the weaponry demonstration, the battle of the knights and visiting the Italian garden and lake, time was running away from us.Great day out. Most people bring there own picnic as there is ample space to rest on the various lawns throughout the park.Definitely a place for a family. Kids will be entertained, as there is so much going on for kids of all ages.We loved it. Next time we will be visiting, we will come much earlier and leave time for a visit of the castle as well.There is lots of parking space available for free and wheelchair accessible as well.

Sabine Eifert — Google review

We loved it. What a wonderful place to visit. The history of the Boleyn family and its relationship with Henry VIII is prominent on display.The grounds are spectacular and the craftsmanship in the castle is amazing.The staff were extremely helpful and friendly.I would definitely recommend the trip.

Shane Giddings — Google review

Really great park to visit! Especially for kids, but we went as a family and a dog! Dogs are allowed around the garden but not inside the castle.There are loads of activities for everyone, interesting architecture.We went on the boats which was about 19£ for 30 minutes and definitely worth it!There are people dressed up in costumes and interesting stands to see from back in the old times.For families I would recommend, even for a walk as a couple. There are entrance fees but no fees of parking.

STASKA S — Google review

Lovely place buzzing of joy and wondercolours of autumn as we visited on an October Sunday. Everything for everyone- military museum at entrance, history castle with lots of information, great Halloween decor, fair selection of snack and cold or warm drinks to buy, nice souvenir and gardening shop, amazing gardens and maze. Highly recommended either for family, friends, romantic or just for a day out !!! Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

S. Alexandra — Google review

A great place to visit if you enjoy both history and gardens. If you like to know more about the Tudor era, you must visit Hever castle. It's a beautiful house, and it has great gardens filled with pretty flowers and different types of maze. It's a pleasant place to visit with family and friends.

Fatemeh Ghaedi — Google review

The tiniest castle I have ever seen! So interesting history and the most versatile cool garden with fun mazes. I enjoyed the walk so much despite the weather wasn’t the best.Why 4*? I found it a bit cheeky to charge full price when most of the rooms in the castle were under refurb. Also, the cafe girls have no manners or customer service skills. There was chaos and dirty tables in the cafeteria. Dog friendly castle and garden was a plus 🐕

Nusynasy S — Google review

Excellent day out. Lovely gardens, interesting house. Almost too much for a single day trip. Can be a longish walk back to the car park. Very helpful staff. Water maze on a hot day good for kids. Food a tad expensive but to be expected.

Neil green — Google review

Great castle to visit. Packed with stuff and interesting stories of the history. It set in massive grounds with gardens and a lovely lake. Very picturesque. Look out for the animal topiary. The snowdrops are lovely at the moment in February with some daffodils as well. The tour for £3 is very worthwhile with extra stories and more rooms to visit.

Denis Parker — Google review

Beautiful garden and palace! A bit pricey but well worth it. Ticket with palace entrance include audio guide for all—-kids version as well and very entertaining! Lovely garden and amazing shop, don’t forget to visit the miniature Tudor models tucked at the back of the shop! A gem!

Estef Vargas — Google review

A lovely visit to Hever Castle.I went with my 85 year old Father and he loved it too We had been many years ago,so we were overdue a return visit.Highly recommend it for a relaxing day out and the history of the castle itself if fascinating. The Maypole dancing was really fun to watch and the Sheriff of Nottingham and his crew were brilliant too.

Penny Atkinson — Google review

A really enjoyable day out. Huge gardens and lots of walks to see, lakes, waterfalls, colourful and aromatic plants. The Castle is beautiful, crammed full of history, ranging from hundreds of years ago to (fairly) recent. Staff are very friendly and welcome. Our guide, Susan, was very interesting on the behind the scenes tour which was well worth the £3 each. Would go again and at different times of the year to get full experience of the gardens.

Samantha Hale — Google review

Fabulous castle with fascinating history. We had a behind the scenes tour with an excellent guide who was so knowledgeable and kept our small group very interested. We visited in the spring and saw lots of daffodils and other spring flowers. The gardens are immaculate and absolutely amazing. Would love to visit in the summer to see the summer flowers. Definitely worth a visit. Highly recommend.

Melanie King — Google review

It is time to breath history here. The gardens are amazing. I recommend you to dish out the additional fee to enter the building. We even paid an extra to have the behind the scenes on the unfinished section of the internal renovation, the lady guide was very informative and we had a lovely tour

Yalcin Trana — Google review

The most special place with gorgeous gardens. No end of people spend so much time here making it pristine and beautiful, all I can say is thank you and hats off to your talent! Fabulous acer trees to be admired here amongst other things!

H J/X — Google review

The castle is filled with some very interesting history which is relayed through a free audio guide. Unfortunately a number of the rooms are currently closed to the public.There are ample grounds to explore, a maze to get trapped in and well manicured gardens.

NSLondon — Google review

A delightful.plsce to visit for a wander amongst beautiful gardens, lake & explore the history of the castle. Clean and well maintained. We look a picnic as food/drink.prices are typically high in such places & they were here too. A nice day out.

Jane Spray — Google review


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Hever Rd, Hever, Edenbridge TN8 7NG, United Kingdom

+44 1732 865224


Adventure Island

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (143)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (144)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (145)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (146)

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Theme park

Water & Amusem*nt Parks

Amusem*nt park

Adventure Island is a free-admission fun park with more than 40 rides and attractions from rollercoasters to ghost trains. It’s centrally located in the Southend experience for families and adults who are young at heart, with 32 rides in all. Blue rides include Big Adventure rides, Junior Rides are green rides and Mini Ride are red rides.

We had such a brilliant day here today. So much fun we ended up upgrading to an annual pass! Kids loved it. Such a great variety of rides for all ages, sizes and fears! The staff were all really energetic and helpful and the park was spotlessly clean. Can't wait to come back.

Kerry Santucci — Google review

I came twice. First I bought the tickets and it is one per ride any ride so no complications. Second I got a band as it means all twice completely paid for. The staff were enthusiastic the whole time and had good banter for the day and kept the joy of the day going with not one going to a phone each keeping engaged with what's going on.Would recommend for the day as it is a mix of big rides and children's thst adults can still go on so great for a family

Ali R — Google review

We had a great day out at Adventure Island. Entry is free. However, it is recommended to buy the day wristband if possible online as it's much cheaper (yesterday it was 28 in the ticket office but 20 online). Single ticket rides are £3.5. Lots of rides to go on, kids get measured in the entrance and if they are over 120cm they can ride on their own. Under 120cm they will need an adult but the adult will go in the rides for free. Lots of food places inside too.

Isabel Escano — Google review

Kids loved it every moment, they had an incredible time at Adventure Island! From thrilling rides to delicious food, it exceeded my expectations. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the park was clean and well-maintained, with no more than 10 minutes waiting time for the rides.I can't wait to visit again! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mehul Maru — Google review

Had a wonderful time with our little one there. we went there over the weekend so the place was a bit crowded, however that was to be expected when the weather was nice and sunny. Some rides had a bit of a queue ( around 10-20 minutes wait), but it was worth it for our little one.Plenty of food to grab and i would say more than ok seating areas to sit and relax over a cup of coffee/tea.No parking available there, so you would need to find either road parking or look for pay and display parking spots around.It was great to see that they also have an indoor play area (soft play) and some arcade games in case the weather is not playing nice.Overall great day out and we had loads of fun.

Roxana P — Google review

Great fun for all the family. Lots of rides for big and little kids. Big wheel, roller coaster etc. Lots of staff/security around too if you need them. Plenty of food options. A good place to visit even on a grey day.

Louise — Google review

I took my young baby there to the soft play play stack area and she loved it. She enjoyed going through the obstacles, the slides and really loved the ball pit that she didn't want to leave!!!There's a cafe, arcade stuff for the adults which all the adults enjoyed doing whilst i was inside with my baby.Definitely a must for any parentsWe went at new years so there was lots of Christmas decorations which were all beautiful and my baby enjoyed looking at them!!

Aisha Ahmed — Google review

Was a great day out that we all loved and would love to do again. Atmosphere was great and lots of different rides for adults and kids, even some calmer rides for smaller kids. Some nice places to get food & drink also. Not too long waiting in queues apart from a couple of popular rides.A thoroughly great day

Mike S — Google review

It's nice to enter and walk around without having to pay an entry fee. We walked around on a Thursday and it wasn't too busy but got there too late to purchase tickets to get our money's worth. However on the Friday , a public holiday, we decided we will do the half price from 5pm and we had til 10 pm closing time. The park was very busy throughout the day with queues. By the time we got our tickets, the rides were getting less busy which was great. We got to ride each roller coaster at least twice. Rage is the most adult one and though I don't like a full drop, I went on it twice, cause why not. The queues were short. By 9pm we were cold and had enough. But it was time well spent and so much fun.

L Jo — Google review

Not necessarily a place for adults, but children go crazy when here. I took my students on a school trip to Adventure Island, and they had a blast. They ran, they rode, they sang, and they enjoyed every second of the trip.The place has some fast-food options to eat and many sweets available.A big shout out to the call centre team that made the booking system very easy, and they supported me all the way. Thank you!I think AI is a great place for any school trip.

cristi cristian — Google review

Great small park that appeals to both older thrill seekers and younger families. Could definitely do with a few more thrilling attractions. I would love to see a new rollercoaster but it's great as it is.Be aware some rides advertised on the website are removed or not open (including their biggest ride time machine), plus it's unclear on how to buy tickets online.

TCE — Google review

Wish I could give six stars to bring their rating up. Let's start with the good the park is well set out with loads to do for the kids and grown ups alike. Paid for wristbands in advance to save a few quid but even at the gate price they are fantastic value. All the food outlets we tried were great well priced and well staffed. The park was clean and tidy. Now let's move onto the bad.... There was non just even better I have always said the right staff can make a good place great and the excellent staff here make this already great place absolutely fantastic. Every member of staff where working a stall, food outlet, ride or even just walking around all had a smile on their faces on both of our visits. Interacting with the kids when on rides often dancing at the side honestly if you have any bad staff they were hidden on both these days. My at the end of the 1st visit my son came to me and said "we are definitely going here again the staff are lovely" now on our 2nd visit my mam has just said "the staff on this site are unbelievable so happy and helpful". Keep doing what you are doing.

M B — Google review

Superb way to spend a whole day with a little one. Plenty of rides and stuff to do throughout the park for an entire day out. Plenty of places to buy food from and somewhat ok seating areas. The place does get quite crowded during busy times and some ride queues have waits of upwards of 10-20 minutes for only like 3 minutes rides. Superb atmosphere and i like that the place also has an "indoor" area where there's soft play and some arcade games in case the weather is not suitable. Parking is a different story as they don't have dedicated parking places so you will have to either find a car park or street parking. Nearby theres loads of them but during busy times it gets quite crowded.

Adrian Stefan Iancu — Google review

1. Good value for children and families2. Can spend the whole day3. Indoor ride is good for younger children and have soft play4. Annual pass is a must

Tracy But — Google review

Oooh Wow it was a beautiful experience, an amusem*nt park with lots of amazing rides, scary and mild ones, we had so much fun and a lot to eat to, and just by sea, you can have picnics at the sea shore, as at evening the tide had gone down and the water at the banks had gone back to the sea, we could even walk on the sea beds and pick shells. I will sure visit again in the future, it was fun with the children and adults alike.

Egy Daniels — Google review

We weren't too sure what to expect from here (picture thoughts of typical seaside amusem*nt parks) but we were pleasantly surprised.The entry was quite expensive (£22.50) but the super saver wrist band worked out good value if you try enough of the rides. Take your child's Blue Peter badge if they have one for 2-4-1 entry.Unlike normal theme parks, it's very easy to come and go as you please so easy to pop out for food (plenty of options within 2 minute's walk). The facilities inside the park didn't get great reviews.We visited on Halloween weekend and the staff were really getting into the spirit!Plenty of places to park nearby, but the Royal's shopping centre seemed particularly good value.Rides are good for all ages. Lots of amusem*nts, facilities and also a mini golf course (though this costs extra).All in all, a good fun day out.

Adam Sewell — Google review

I have really enjoyed my time over there . It's a small heaven for kids .. all the fun games and rides seem really enjoyable..I had a fun time just watching all those kids enjoying themselves. It felt like it was reducing my by with their joyfulness. And the nearby Pier gave me a peaceful walking experience. I will definitely go there in Summer In sha Allah .

abul basher — Google review

Great local fun park. A few good teen/young adult rides. More aimed at primary school age. I observed that security and other staff were friendly & professional. Lots of fun to be had, especially with a day wristband pass. The bonus was the good weather. 22°C.I'd advise taking a packed lunch. Hour long queue for food. The queue was chaos. It started out as three single orderly lines to each order point but slowly became a morrass of bodies pushing in, that melded into a formless crowd clamouring for overpriced hotdogs, burgers (3 mm thick), chicken nuggets or vegetable wedges. The servers were working so hard but the quality of what they're working with is IMHO substandard. The price doesn't bear any relation to what you receive. I had two bites of the hotdog with onion, mild mustard & ketchup but could eat no more. I reminded me of the 1970s. The kids were disappointed too. They're not snobs but can detect a rip off very well. If you have a severe food allergy, have coeliac disease or are a vegan, be very cautious. Call them up when planning to visit.Having said all that, I still recommend the park for a few hours. Queues for rides varied between a few minutes to a ½ an hour, so not too bad.The park is split in two by the pier. A passage takes you under the pier, past an amusem*nt arcade and into the part with the more adventurous rides.Have fun!

The Williams — Google review

Great place to take the kids. Adults go on free with any kids under 110cm which meant it was a cheap day out with a wristbandKids had a particularly great time as we timed our visit to a superhero day and the staff engaged our children with genuine enthusiasm.Only let down was the food situation, tasteless but at a reasonable price compared to many places along the seafront.Buy tickets in advance (save £8 per daily wristband if bought online in advance... )

Jonathon Lawrence — Google review

Went on public holiday, the wrist band is worth it as you can go on all the rides and depending on how busy it gets you can go on some rides more then once. You can purchase online and save or you can purchase wrist band on the day. If the adventure land is open until 10:30 you can get the wrist band half price after 5pm. You can purchase individual tickets which works out £3.50 for a ride if you know your little on or your self is just going on one or two rides. It’s a great idea to measure your little one hight so you know exactly how much rides they can go on.They have wheelchair friendly rides.Staff are amazing and full of energy which is always a great bonus.They have drinks and snack which you can purchase.Toilet are available, you may need to wait in a queue depending on how busy it gets.They have arcade play, you do need to pay separate for that.Car parking available near the resort how ever it can get really busy, after 6pm parking is free.This is over all a good place for family and children to enjoy.In holidays it can get busy but I think they manage it well. The wait time for rides wasn’t bad at all, the longest I had to wait for a ride was 20 min. Which is reasonable considering it was packed.

Nazma Patel — Google review

Variety of rides available with comparatively low waiting period. Totally worth it with full day pass. Park staff is also nice, they interact with kids on ride and keep them engaged.

Yogesh Pardeshi — Google review

Wonderful fun for all ages and weather. A day pass is £28 (or £14 after 5pm), but if you book online it's only £20! 😃 A year's pass is great value at £56 if you'll visit more than twice. Lots of fun rides to keep the kids amused, plenty of places to sit, eat and drink, and toilets around the area

Sarah Littleboy — Google review

If you’re going for the whole day, get tickets online. It’s cheaper. However if going after 5 get on the till. Entry is free. But u need either wrist bands or individual ride tickets to go in the rides. The opening and closing hours are updated daily so make sure to check the website. The website is quite informative and easy to navigate. We had a lot of fun in all the rides and there are some good spots to eat in and around the adventure island.

Izza — Google review

This place offers fantastic fun for both kids and adults. Normally, I tend to avoid such places due to long queues, but when we arrived around 11:30 on a Sunday morning, there were no queues at all. The staff is exceptionally helpful and friendly, and there's a wide variety of enjoyable rides to keep you entertained all day.What's even more impressive is that it's very budget-friendly.

Ahsan Jalil — Google review

Good selection of rides and activities, lots of fun for all the family.

Sol Nawaz — Google review

Extremely good place suitable for any age and for rainy weather there is an Indoor place with a play area a swinging boat and more you can get an annual pass for 60 pounds and all you have to do is show them and you go in for free there are a lot of places to get food and drink And a day pass is 20 pounds hope this helps

Layla Atherton — Google review


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Western Esplanade, Southend-on-Sea, SS1 1EE, United Kingdom

+44 1702 443400


Clacton Pier

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (149)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (150)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (151)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (152)

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Water & Amusem*nt Parks

Amusem*nt center

Clacton Pier is a restored Victorian pier that offers a wide range of attractions and entertainment options. It features a funfair, amusem*nt arcade, eateries, aquarium, and tenpin bowling center. The 350-meter pier also boasts a 50-meter Helter Skelter tower with views of the Offshore Wind Farm. Visitors can enjoy arcade games, rollercoasters, fairground rides, and special Circus Fantasia shows during the summer.

Amazing venue. So clean and well run, lovely to see it evolve over the years. Never fails to disappoint. It's the perfect family day out. All you can want under one roof, well and outside :) live music gives a great vibe too.

Steve Cable — Google review

A really good family day out. Just the rollercoaster last only a few seconds. Also my fish wasn't cooked properly, but my husband 's burger and the children meals were good and the portions were big. Almost forgot, they have a small aquarium very interesting.

Ana ?Le?n? — Google review

Nice beach area near the pier, shops near by as well as children's amusem*nts parking near by the pier if you are lucky enough to find a spot or be prepared for bit of a walk, parking is free from 6pm so only pay up untill and not for the full day as can be costly. Like most beaches does not have running water to clean your self down and the public toilets were quite dirty. Otherwise the beach area is fine.

vikram kumar — Google review

A lot has changed on the pier since last time.New Pier cards, as shops and rides do not take cash, so you put money on a Clacton Pier FUN CARD, and use this to pay for rides, food, and 2p's.The more you put on, the more additional free credits you get BUT NOTD NO REFUNDS, the crefits do not expire, you you dont have to use all at once.Tonight (31 March 24) the Easter Bunny was here and Fireworks at night too.Car parking is PAY even with a Blue badge, Enforcement patrols are in force so pay or face a fine.

Michael webb — Google review

There was definitely a lot to do and the family were kept occupied but it's not the most picturesque pier and I prefer the more traditional looking piers and not the arcades as being the entrance. We definitely had fun though. A selection of rides, golf, arcades, places to eat. Really a bit of everything.

Lucy Dunne — Google review

Surrounded by beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, this traditional seaside town is full of character. Beautiful displays of flowers on the upper area with rose gardens, garden of remembrance and Mediterranean gardens. Its ideal for a long stroll, healthy jog or gently cycle.The pier is just going from strength to strength year on year, with updated rides and amusem*nts. Renovations have upgraded nearly every space with new attractions with games, dinosaurs and lots lots more. Free fireworks displays during the summer, live music and even a little train that will bring you to the far end of the beach. There's a water sports hire area also. Its all aimed at a family fun with Essex charm. When the sun is out there is no better place.

Den Cogan — Google review

Amazing how much this pier has changed since 2016. A whole lot better now than it was and it's constantly improving. Awesome arcade, perfect coffee shops, bars and amusem*nts.

Damon Gould — Google review

I love piers and this is as good as they get. Low season so not many people around. Still feel the magic they bring to people. Especially the little people. Felt like a kid myself with all the lights flashing. Have to return to feel the magic in summer.

Glen Kent — Google review

Lovely pier, plenty of entertainment for all of the family. Definitely a few hours worth anyway. We didn't go on the rides but you can purchase saver tickets, golf and go karts are inside too. Busy when we visited in the summer but wasn't unbearable. Definitely a nice little day out.

Lizzie Prout — Google review

Really nice day out. Rides are great. Arcades are great. Beach was beautiful and very clean. Parking just up the road was easy (we got there before 11am) and not too expensive. Highly recommend old school English seaside town

robert hodson — Google review

Lots to do on the pier. We plated both mini golf and both were fun and reasonably priced. The pier amusem*nts and restaurant was spotlessly clean which was great considering how many families about. We went in the 4d dinosaur experience which was fun and nit very expensive £5. Lots to eat around the pier and nice gardens.

Becky James — Google review

I've been here a few times on holiday now, and this pier is packed with stuff to do. The mini golf course is large over two floors, and the arcade is huge. The wristband deal is good, and we love the bumper cars and go karts. The water rings are good fun, especially spraying the water guns and people watching. Will definitely be back again soon.

Daniel Jupp — Google review

Good pier. Needs finishing but lots to do on a rainy day. Worth a walk to the end of the pier. Really wanted a go on the cars but closed due to the weather. Enjoyed the walk and the golf course and stuff all looked good. Has had a grant to do it up and it will be great when completed.

M S (Sunders ont road) — Google review

The pier is quite wide with a large arcade building and some outside fairground attractions. Beyond the fairground, you can see the old disused lifeboat station (there is a modern replacement along the coast), and at the far end, there is a fishing area.It also appears to be open throughout the year and not just during the summer season.

Karen B — Google review

Not so sandy but still it's a bit better than most beaches. They power and the beach - not as busy as Southend on sea. Been there for the first time and loved it. The pier is good for a walk or to indulge in done arcade games. Worth a visit!

Jay B. — Google review

Really great. I think the height restrictions are a tad strict. Toddler missed all the baby rides by half a cm but really like the ride cards. Great you can spend in soft play and sweet shop too.

Róisín Fountain — Google review


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No.1, North Sea, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 1QX, United Kingdom

+44 1255 421115


Leeds Castle

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (155)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (156)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (157)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (158)

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Sights & Landmarks

Leeds Castle is a beautiful Norman stronghold situated on an island in the River Len. It has been home to six medieval queens and features influences from Medieval and Tudor times, as well as an exhibition of original artefacts, illustrations and film. The grounds include multiple things to do, including golfing and zip slides.

We visited Leeds castle during the week, in February, Wednesday to Friday and stayed at the Stable Courtyard Bed& Breakfast. Perfect time as there weren't many people around and we could explore everywhere - the gardens, the castle, the Falconry, The Dog Collar collection.There are plenty places to have a meal around as well - coffee shop near the mini golf course, the Castle view restaurant, bar/coffee shop next to it and a lunch place that is also next to the restaurant.There are two playgrounds for small and older kids and a mini golf.I recommend to visit the Falconry - the guys there are amazing and they can tell you all about the birds of prey. They take some of them out around 11ish so you can have a closer look 🦅🦉The castle itself was very nice to explore too. Part of it was under renovation that should be finished by April 2022. So we could not see the library. It is a beautiful place with a rich history and it is amazing that some of the rooms are used even today.I recommend to everyone to visit. We are def going back Spring/Summer time when it is greener ❤️☀️🏰

Miroslava Todorova — Google review

The grounds are stunning, loved walking around the gardens and ponds. Don't take the train up or you'll miss it! The castle itself is a sight to behold. It's probably one of the better castles to visit in England. The property is huge, plan to spend a few hours. There's the grounds, the gardens, the lakes, the castle, the courtyard, the maze, the boat ride ... Etc. Should definitely be on your bucket list.

Miki Nyckel — Google review

Leeds Castle is a captivating destination that offers a perfect day out for families. As annual pass holders, we have come to adore this picturesque gem, where each visit feels like a new adventure. Here's why Leeds Castle has become our go-to place for an unforgettable experience.The grounds are stunning, providing a breathtaking backdrop for picnics. The presence of ducks, geese, and swans adds to the charm. The playground is a paradise for kids, with a variety of engaging activities. The mini-golf course offers friendly competition for all skill levels.The falconry displays are awe-inspiring, showcasing the incredible skills of these magnificent birds. The maze adds adventure and excitement to the visit, while the castle itself is a splendid example of historic architecture.Leeds Castle also prioritizes accessibility, with pathways and facilities designed to accommodate varying mobility needs. The staff is friendly and attentive, providing assistance when needed.Food options are delightful, including a wide variety of ice cream flavors. Additional attractions such as the ferry and land train add a touch of whimsy.With numerous events throughout the year, Leeds Castle ensures there's always something exciting happening. Whether it's a jousting tournament or other special occasions, visitors are in for a treat.Leeds Castle offers an exceptional day out for families, with its beautiful grounds, engaging activities, accessibility, and exciting events. It's a place where memories are made, and annual passes are truly worth it.

Emily Stawell — Google review

Well worth the ticket cost. The house tour is surprisingly interactive with seats, games and displays. Grounds full of flowers and things to see. Easy to spend a whole day there, and standard tickets allow for free re-entry for the year.

Shan Song — Google review

We visited for the Christmas lights festival. We usually go to Bedgebury, but this was closer to us and more convenient.We all felt it was easily on par with the latter, and we had a great time walking around the grounds exploring all the sites.Movement throughout the grounds was smooth and painless. Staff worked well to ensure this was successful. Parking was also very easy and quick.We'd definitely visit again next year.

Sean Mayes — Google review

Leeds Castle offers an exceptional day out for families and history enthusiasts alike. With its rich historical significance, it provides a captivating educational experience for visitors of all ages. The expansive grounds offer a plethora of activities for kids, including a fantastic play area and a mesmerizing maze that guarantees hours of fun.The castle itself, set against the backdrop of the serene lake, is a picturesque sight, evoking a sense of wonder and awe. You'll find numerous coffee and snack bars scattered throughout the estate, ensuring that you stay energized during your exploration.One of the most notable aspects is the incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Their enthusiasm and knowledge enhance the overall experience, making you feel welcome and valued.And let's not overlook the captivating birds of prey demonstrations. These majestic creatures add a unique touch to your visit, leaving you with lasting memories.In summary, Leeds Castle is a treasure trove of history, adventure, and natural beauty. It's the perfect destination for a family outing, offering a harmonious blend of education and recreation in a breathtaking setting.

Alexander Hatzidakis — Google review

Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking castle. Entrance tickets are expensive, but this place is worth every penny. The castle, gardens, the lake , the maze, and a massive playground for kids. Most of the views are scenic. There is a wonderful restaurant with a big terrace. The view of the castle is stunning.

Joanna Lackorzynska — Google review

Lovely day at Leeds Castle today it is beautiful. Went arround the Castle and outside, watched a bird of prey display. The grounds are vast with beautiful lakes there is crazy golf a large play area for children and a large maze.Didn't get to go in the maze as time ran out so much to do for the whole family. Will definitely visit again and again as now I paid entry the ticket last for a yr. Well worth the ticket price.A lovely start to the new year

Carol Larner — Google review

I've been here many times. Every time I went the castle looks different.Handicap services are excellent. A bus will bring you up to the castle if you're not able to walk long distances. Unfortunately my mum couldn't get to the top floor in the castle due to her handicap. They offer a video about the castle as an alternative. My mum was very pleased with that.There are so many things to do. Well worth the money.Make sure you register you're ticket when you buy it. It will give you a chance to come back for free for a whole year.

Anneke Adema — Google review

Superb castle & beautiful gardens situated in a majestic location- surrounded by a scenic moat. But...Outrageous entry fee (£35) at times of economic crises ! Visitors showed their approval...with their feet- not many there- in July- peak times ! TIP: if you travel by train- look online for '2for1' entry. Sooo glad we did...& didn't get our pockets burned...

David Lally — Google review

Beautiful castle to visit! Get your walking shoes on because it’s quite a walk from the parking area to the castle. It’s a lovely walk though through the gardens. Just beautiful. They do have a mobility bus for those that need it. There is a well laid out, self guided tour. Enjoy!

Jason T — Google review

What a lovely picturesque castle. Great stories from the past and staff are very friendly. The massive garden is amazing and you can explore for a whole day. It’s great if you have kids as they will run endlessly in the garden.We were told that it’s not a dog friendly and only guild dog allowed as we were thinking of bringing our dog. But when you get inside the grounds you will see a lot of people have their dogs in. Don’t understand.

Emmanuel Siojo — Google review

Fabulous! Very well thought through and kids friendly. In fact kids centred. Dog bone hunt in the castle. Amazing play area. Oh, and the castle and grounds are beautiful, chocolate box ++. Definitely worth the entry fee.

Gareth — Google review

A wonderful attraction for all ages. There are acres of wonderfully manicured lawns. Get the children, or adults, to feed the ducks on the way to the castle. It has interactive exhibits & free audio tours. Then, walk to see the Falconry area, play on the artificial beach. Loose yourself in the maze, then grab a bite to eat.Your ticket gives you year-long access, so you can go again to see the bits you couldn't see the first time! Good value.

Andrew Booth — Google review

OK, firstly I thought the tickets were expensive at £35 for an adult. However, if you buy them online, it's £31.50 AND it's an annual ticket ( go as often as you like!)Staff are friendly and helpful.LOTS of parking (free of charge)Not just a castle, there's tons for all ages. Playgrounds, mini golf, segways, boat on lake, little train rides, sand "beach" play area, beautiful gardens, a maze, birds of prey, falconry show (2pm today, it was brilliant!), there was children's entertainment and an Easter trail today, and of course the castle.Get the audio guide (multiple language options) it's free.Cafe, restaurant, ice cream parlour... or bring a picnic to have next to the lake (it did cost £4 for a box of fries, although they were delicious and a decent size portion!)Lots of seating. Multiple toilets that were really clean.Quite a lot of walking, so wear comfy shoes!Wheelchair accessible.Would highly recommend.

Rebecca Lee — Google review

Absolutely beautiful grounds with lots of birds and water to see. The castle is magnificent and a must see. Your ticket, once purchased, is valid for a year. You can return as often as you like within that year.

Steven Walker — Google review

One of my favourite places to visit. Great that one ticket gets you a year round visit.Stunning views and great weather we had. Love the gardens and the views fr afar of the castle. Pick a sunny day and you won't be disappointed.Great to see that the castle has switched it up a little and is moving with the times. They have a wonderful feature of all the women that have reigned at the castle and it was fantastic to see and read about it all.If you're looking for something to do for firework night too. I would highly recommend here as it's spectacular and this would be our 5th visit for fireworks. It doesn't get old.

L MM — Google review

Really nice place to visit and such a variety of things to do and see. The reason I dropped it stars is we live a fair distance away and whilst if you can visit a few times in a year it offers value for money £95 for two adults and a child is a bit much. Loved the house/castle, maze and birds of prey displays. Well worth a visit if you can make it there a few times in a year.

Nick Gaunt — Google review

Beautiful and well-preserved castle. Stunning interior. Alarms everywhere. It's definitely worth a visit. The premises are gorgeous too. Beautiful and well maintained gardens. After closing hours, when staying at the courtyard, you're allowed to wander around. Great. No people cluttering your photos. The best spot for sunset pictures is the golf court. But golfers will not be pleased if you wander there.

Jorita Schosswald — Google review

We came by coach and were looking forward to coffee and cake but they had run out of milk and cakes. Had a lovely day looking at Narnia Christmas in the castle. We thought we would look at the maze and have a game of crazy golf, unfortunately these finished at 2.30 and 3pm so we were told to go back and had to stand in the cold till the light trail started at 4.30. Although we had a lovely day, the castle could do with better time and supplies management. Perhaps a cafe at the entrance where you could wait in the warm and dry.

Karen Pattrick — Google review

Visited the house for the Narnia experience. Castle and grounds stunning. Lots of water fowl and landscaped gardens. Castle was great - if a bit crowded due to the kids holidays. We stayed at the castle for our Wedding anniversary and got entry free - but a great venue.

Jeremy “Jem” Gilbert — Google review

I’ve been to Leeds Castle a few times, incredible history behind this castle!Fireworks is fantastic event, however it’s usually sells out fast.Christmas lights event is lovely, especially on a dry evening. The walk around the grounds is pleasant, well kept and maintained.Hopeful to stay in the castle itself one day, as heard this is a great experience.

Daniel Richards — Google review

Beautiful 12th century castle and gardens. Lots of history and places to visit for the kids. It deserves a 5 star rating for the wow factor but sadly it’s let down by the prices, lack of attention to detail for customer service and general poor quality food and refreshments plus the almost negligent attitude towards making the venue accessible and inclusive for people with limited mobility or disabilities. A visit is recommended but I wouldn’t rush back as the venue is very expensive (£100 entry for a family of 4), poor signage, no discounts for senior citizens and no help for people who have limited mobility.

Matt Wallace — Google review

Amazing day out, would thoroughly recommend to anyone, especially families. The gardens are beautiful, you can feed the ducks, the audio as you're going round the castle is engaging even for kids, good restaurant, ferry, land train, maze and grotto, fantastic adventure playground, falconry, giant sandpit, kids' obstacle course, adventure golf... we all had an absolutely brilliant time! I wish we lived nearer so we could return sooner! I'd recommend going for 4-5 hours, for all ages.

Lucy Oliver — Google review

Good value. Now that the tickets are valid for a whole year. The grounds are vast and gardens are pretty. The maze is challenging and the audio tour for the castle is also interesting.

Malcolm YM Lau — Google review

Leeds Castle stands as a testament to history, beauty, and tranquility, offering visitors a truly remarkable experience. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, this enchanting castle exudes charm from every corner. The meticulously landscaped gardens, adorned with vibrant flowers and lush greenery, provide a perfect backdrop for leisurely strolls or peaceful picnics. The shimmering lake adds to the picturesque setting, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the serenity of nature.Stepping inside the castle is like stepping back in time. Each room tells a story, showcasing centuries of history through exquisite furnishings, intricate decor, and fascinating artifacts. From the opulent state rooms to the cozy chambers, every corner of the castle exudes elegance and grandeur.But Leeds Castle is more than just a historic monument—it's a place of exploration and discovery. Visitors can delve into the castle's past through engaging exhibits and informative displays, learning about its royal inhabitants and illustrious history. Additionally, the castle hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year, from outdoor concerts to themed exhibitions, ensuring there's always something new to experience.Whether you're a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Leeds Castle offers something for everyone. With its captivating beauty, rich history, and tranquil ambiance, it's no wonder that Leeds Castle continues to enchant visitors from around the world.

Ivaylo Kolev — Google review

Had an overnight stay with dinner & breakfast for my birthday treat. Fell in love with the place and it trumps my previous favourite Royal retreat Hampton Court. We uograded to stay in the Maiden's Tower and were given the bridal suite. The room and views were gorgeous!! Dinner was great as was breakfast the next morning. The staff were warm and welcoming and made us feel really special during our stay. Will definitely be going back (fancy staying at one of the lodges overlooking one of the lakes) and would highly recommend staying here for a memorable experience!

Karen Knight — Google review

A must visit Castle, perfect for the whole family! When we went, it was overcast and windy, and it had rained the night before, so some outdoor areas were muddy in parts, but despite this, we had such fun. The only thing that was hugely disappointing was the food in the Castle Restaurant, terrible food at expensive prices, avoid and bring your own packed lunch. So much to see and do, castle grounds are beautiful, a really fun hedge maze with a very cool grotto in the centre, historic castle, playgrounds, boat trip, little train ride, a mini beach, birds of prey, Easter trail activity and mini golf. In the summer it would be perfect and as our tickets last a year, we will definitely be back.

Moushumi Banerjee — Google review

Leeds Castle is a great place to visit. Especially for families. It has something for everyone. History and education for the adults and a phenomenal playground and activities for the kids. Just a beautiful place all around. The restaurant is really good as well.

Melinda Freeze — Google review

Leeds Castle is a stunning historical landmark with picturesque gardens and a rich history. Visitors often praise its well-preserved architecture, beautiful grounds, and engaging exhibitions. Whether you're interested in history, architecture, or simply enjoying a peaceful day out, Leeds Castle offers something for everyone.

Annu Singh — Google review

I love visiting Leeds Castle and its stunning grounds. A beautiful Old English Castle and the tress are truly epic.Buying one ticket and having access all year is also a huge bonus, with the groundskeepers always up for a laugh.Would recommend to anyone who enjoys nature and the outdoors.

Tim Betts (spirittraveladventures) — Google review

We went on an overcast Wednesday, it was lovely to have a good walk around with not too many people around. The castle is well set out. We had fun trying to find the centre of the maze.We then went to look at the various owls, eagles and hawks, which are all named after cars.Then off for a quick game of mini golf at £3.50 per adult, it was very reasonable and fun.All In all an excellent day.

Tracey Littlefield — Google review


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Broomfield, Maidstone, ME17 1PL, United Kingdom

+44 1622 765400


The Beachy Head

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Beachy Head is a stunning natural attraction located in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England. It is known for being the tallest chalk sea cliff in the United Kingdom and offers breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding countryside. Visitors can explore hiking trails, visit the Countryside Centre to learn more about the area's history, or enjoy a drink at the Victorian-style Beachy Head Pub. The site also features a quaint lighthouse with an interesting past.

The Beachy Head, West of Eastbourne, is a pub or restaurant very close to the coast and a Memorial on World War 2. It has a very nice atmosphere to have a drink or a meal inside or outside. Oppositie of the road, you can start walking along the coast all the way to National Trust's 'The seven sisters' . On dry weather, moreover with some sunshine, it is a great walk with marvellous views on the clean, The coaster area and the country side.

ruud van uffelen — Google review

It’s a good place to rest after walking / hiking across the coast, it has a nice vibe to it. I enjoyed the interior, provided nice escape from the sun in the summer. I would recommend to get a drinks only as they are reasonably priced, but food is not great. I’ve had fish & chips and it was one of the worst I’ve had. My partner’s vege burger was bang average as well.

Mateusz Pola?ski — Google review

Very warm welcome, amazing staff, great tasting food and to top it off.. dog friendly!. Location and views are amazing.. don't put off visiting, you won't be disappointed... Thankyou and see you again soon !

Kelly Curtis — Google review

Popped in for a swift drink& crisps. Fantastic views. Very comfortable atmosphere. Great place to sit and relax after having a walk along the cliffs.

Victor Herbert — Google review

We came all the way from London to check out the magnificent Seven Sisters Cliffs on a Sunday afternoon & were “welcomed” with a “Hey! You won’t get any food today”. The waiter(?) further said that he has many booking and 16 more people to come.I personally understand, that the time past covid is tricky for everyone, but being polite isn’t. He could have literally said something down the line like “we are fully booked for this evening, but I can ask the kitchen staff if they have more capacity right now and get right back to you”. The outcome (no food) would have been the same, but our experience would have been so much better.Location & the view (see picture) is amazing, can’t tell you about the food as we didn’t get any & the personal made us feel not welcome and a burden.

Liv Hema — Google review

Such a great place to eat.We did a hike from Seaford to Eastbourne and found this pub when we got super hungry. We ordered food and drinks and everything for really good.The location of this pub is great. You could go down for a small walk overlooking the sea. We saw many small aircraft’s practising around this area. It was a nice view.

Nivedita Narayan — Google review

Beautiful views, very cozy and comfortable inside, truly special place! And, when all of this accompanied with great looking and tasting food, five stars won’t be enough to justify! Impressive!

Oleksii Kainara — Google review

Came here on Friday for my Birthday lunch seems to be traditional coming here 5th birthday lunch here in my 30s. Lovely location and can never beat the surrounding views. Food amazing as always and well presented. Always a warm and friendly environment as a family we have found ourselves here more often over last year. Also a fantastic place just to grab a drink and enjoy the sunset 🌇

Clive Griffiths — Google review

Had a wonderful late lunch/early dinner. The weather was horrid and the view was nonexistent but as soon as we walked in they had a fire going and the staff were welcoming and we had the loveliest meal. Definitely will come back next time, hopefully with the view as a cherry on top.

Kathryn Yule Sollesta — Google review

Such a great restaurant/pub , the views across the downs and Beachy head are breath taking, the staff are very friendly and good food and drinks menu.Beware it is often very windy up there!I highly recommend 👌🏼🍾

Steve Wallace — Google review

The place is super cozy and a great way to escape the wind coming from the cliffs. The staff was attentive and the food delicious (especially the pudding). I'd highly recommend it.

Sara Volani — Google review

This place is super cosy and beautiful. Great location with very nice view. Staff is really lovely, we were served by Lilly and one other lady who helped me with my allergies 😊 unfortunately we don’t know her name, food is amazing. We had Sunday roast absolutely loved the pork belly 😋 worth to visit.

Veronika Sucha — Google review

Holidaying on the south coast it was a treat to find the 'The Beachy Head!'Glorious views across the downs and 7 sisters. It's huge but manages to be cozy. We liked the place, the beer and food enough, to come back the next day! Food was on the whole great 👍 and the bonoffee pie is a treat!Pizza, Burger and chips and a beer and Cider and pudding to share about 45.The staff are helpful and friendly, down to earth with good local knowledge.A chain pub this big can do better beer prices. £6 is taking the ....

Gegs Thomas — Google review

I always come to this place no doubt (this is my fourth time is one of the best. Is in such a good location where you can see the views out of the window. Is also such a lovely cosy homely place and the food is absolutely delicious!! Service is always good but particularly Jan was such a lovely woman and she provided us with such a good service.

Manuela norena — Google review

The Beachy, head restaurant and hotel was a prime location within the south coast a good looking establishment with good parking, and decent reviews as seemed.However, when we arrived, we had to wait 5 minutes till we were serve it seemed like they were understaffed hence the wait. with a glance over the menu options, there was a decent selection of pub Classics and other unique dishes.The chicken buttermilk burger and arrangements of sides and small plates were ordered. A very well-made and delicate plates were very good crispiness for the chicken. There was great flavour and I highly enjoyed the Chipotle Chili jam with the burger.One thing I would say was the glasses were very dirty and had dishwasher and limescale stains. It definitely seemed like someone did not polish the glasses well enough.

Kieron Tang — Google review

We were up for a coffee and cake both were great 👍👍👍👍👍. The views are amazing. Really nice staff and the food has always been good.

Nick Appleby — Google review

Lovely welcoming staff 🙂But clearly the place is under staffed as the wait time on a Monday around 2pm was 40 minutes for food, this is after a 15 minute wait for the order to be taken.Drinks also took around 10-15 minutes to arrive (not great when your second drink comes after you've already eaten your dinner)The food is standard, I would avoid the grilled chicken as it was like cardboard! Just so so dry I had this in my curry and my partner had it in a burger.It's a lovely pub and great that dogs are welcome!

laura hawkes — Google review

What a lovely lunch we’ve had at Beachy Head today! Food was excellent, garlic bread was particularly impressive! Service was very efficient. A special thank you to Jan for making our lunch extra special

Marina GJ — Google review

What a stop! Wow. The service was amazing, Due to a rush the kitchen had shut for an hour. We asked to wait and a table was given while we waited. Had a drink and relaxed and the the food cam out! Wow what a beautiful meal with a view that was stunning. The staff where great and so polite. The manager was a great guy and actually seemed to treat the staff well, calm atmosphere, food amazing, we enjoyed the meal and will be back again to eat and relax. Amazing views over the road as well! Thank you all for a beautiful time.

John W — Google review

Called into The Beachy Head last Monday for some lunch. Straight off Dan made us feel so welcome, offering us a nice table with a lovely view. He waa attentive and kind, and nothing was too much trouble. We had a relaxing drink while we chose from the menu.The menu choice was excellent, our food arrived in good time and it was delicious. Our daughter is vegetarian, and loved the burger. The atmosphere really was so welcoming, and while all the staff were very pleasant, attentive and courteous, I must mention Dan who was excellent throughout. We'll definitely visit again when we're down on the East Sussex coast.

Seamus Lennon — Google review

I'll never travel to Conflans Sainte Honorine without this trip planner again

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Canterbury Cathedral

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Sights & Landmarks

One of the oldest and most important churches in England, Canterbury Cathedral is visited by millions of people each year. With rich history dating back more than 1,400 years, the cathedral contains some beautiful historical collections and is home to the Church of England. The main attraction is the crypt which was about to hold a wedding when it was visited.

Amazing experience. So much history and experienced guides who delight in imparting this history. We took a break after an hour or so and went for refreshments. Came back and spent another couple of hours there, a good way to see the Cathedral if you have time. Ticket allows you to return again during the year of issue, excellent value.

Florence Wise — Google review

Sadly on this visit could not go inside the main cathedral because of a private event we could only go to the crypt and the gardens but for a mere £5 it was worth it. You still get to see the stunning architecture of the cathedral from the outside and the crypt has lots of great things to see with such a stunning herb garden. I would recommend that you always check for events before you have you heart set on seeing the cathedral just in case but this was still a lovely option!

D A — Google review

Canterbury Cathedral is an absolute marvel of architecture and history, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. From the moment you set foot on the grounds, you are transported to another time and place, surrounded by stunning Gothic architecture and steeped in the rich cultural and religious history of England.Every detail of the cathedral is breathtaking, from the intricate carvings and stained glass windows to the soaring vaulted ceilings and meticulously maintained gardens. The sense of peace and serenity that permeates the cathedral is truly awe-inspiring, and I found myself completely absorbed in the beauty and history of the place.The knowledgeable and friendly staff are a testament to the cathedral's commitment to hospitality, and their willingness to share their expertise and passion for the cathedral's history and significance only adds to the overall experience. Whether you are a history buff, a religious pilgrim, or simply a lover of architecture and beauty, Canterbury Cathedral is an absolute must-see destination. I cannot imagine a more perfect way to spend a day than exploring this magnificent cathedral and all that it has to offer.

Piotr Czajka — Google review

Beautiful and ancient cathedral. Stunning stained glass windows.. the cathedral is easily accessible from London and a high speed train takes you to Canterbury in about an hour. The cathedral is easy walking distance from the train station and an easy day trip to cover most of the town. Right now there is a quaint little Christmas market in the city Centre that’s fun to visit.

divya tiwari — Google review

We were a bit unsure about buying tickets to enter, but trust me, it's totally worth it! 😊 It's not just the church you get to see; it's the entire surrounding area, including beautiful gardens. Inside, you'll find unique pieces of history displayed in the crypt and picturesque ruins of the former monastery. It took us about an hour and a half to explore everything fully. Plus, it's a UNESCO World Heritage site! 🌟🏛️

María De Abreu — Google review

Lucky to have visited during a concert rehearsal and viewed the Cathedral with an epic orchestra & choir backing. Such a treat! Absolutely massive Cathedral full of history even for a non religious person as myself the architecture & stained glass are particular highlights. Tickets with gift aid donations are valid for a year of return visits.

James Ponter — Google review

Enjoyed the day roaming around Canterbury city center and Canterbury Cathedral. Although we had visited before, this time we went for our 1st boat trip around the canals. Really enjoyed the canal trip. Also enjoyed walking through the Free Libary and Art Gallery in the Oldest building. Enjoyed the Pubs and had a fab meal. Most people & staff were very friendly.

Malcolm Chinoy — Google review

I beautiful old cathedral built in the Romanesque style. It is 1000 years old and absolutely amazing. The acoustics are incredible. A choir was singing and we could hear the songs even in the crypt. The don’t build them like this any more.The cathedral has great history (even a grisly murder) and famous people buried within.You approach the castle through the town of Canterbury, which has lots of shopping and food options. The town and cathedral draw a lot of traffic, so be prepared to wait in the weekends. We rented a car and made the drive ourselves and it wasn’t bad but if the thought of driving on the wrong side of the road isn’t appealing, there are many tour groups who go to Canterbury.The trip was fun and I would recommend a visit.

Shane Giddings — Google review

A very grand cathedral and easy access for anyone, dog friendly and you pay once and can go free for an entire year. You can buy tickets on entry. Under 18s are free to enter. There's grounds around the cathedral which are nice to have a walk around with it usually being fairly quiet. The streets around the cathedral are slightly busier but filled with cute shops and independent restaurants.

Olivia Hibbert — Google review

Canterbury Cathedral is an awe-inspiring historic masterpiece that truly takes your breath away with its remarkable architecture and profound sense of history. Stepping inside its ancient walls is an experience that transcends time, leaving you with an overwhelming sense of wonder.The cathedral's architecture is nothing short of amazing. Its soaring spires, intricate stained glass windows, and meticulously carved stone details are a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the builders who created this sacred marvel. Every corner of the cathedral holds a piece of history, and the Gothic and Romanesque elements blend seamlessly to create a visually stunning masterpiece.Walking through the cathedral's hallowed halls and cloisters is an experience that words can hardly describe. The weight of centuries of history presses down on you, and you can't help but be moved by the sense of reverence and spirituality that permeates the air. It's a place where time seems to stand still, and you can't help but feel a profound connection to the past.I wholeheartedly recommend visiting Canterbury Cathedral to anyone who has the opportunity. It's not just a place of worship; it's a living testament to human achievement and spiritual devotion. Whether you're a history enthusiast, an architecture lover, or simply seeking a moment of reflection, Canterbury Cathedral is an absolute must-see. The feeling you experience when you walk through its old walls is truly unbelievable, and it's an experience that will stay with you long after you've left.

Ivan Bilic — Google review

An absolutely beautiful cathedral riddled in such significant history! The staffers at the visitor center are so helpful and kind. Purchase a ticket there (you have to top up £5 for an audio guide) before you head in to the cathedral.The cathedral itself has plentiful stain glass windows and a direct link to how the England church was born.Do note that while strollers/buggies are allowed inside, there are still quite a number of stairs around which require you to carry your stroller/buggy up/down.The crypt was closed in the morning so we went for lunch nearby and came back just in time for it to be open. Photography isn’t allowed in the crypt.

Beverly - — Google review

Visited Canterbury Cathedral on a sunny day, January 16, 2024. Paid £17 for an adult ticket, opted for the full experience. Noticed ongoing restoration work, a testament to preservation efforts. The cathedral boasts extensive history; dedicated a few hours to explore, amidst the grey surroundings. The sound of someone playing the organs added a sublime touch, enhancing the overall experience.

aleksander linkowski — Google review

Beautiful cathedral. It’s undergoing a lot of renovation work currently and there are some interesting updates on this around the building. It’s not a very serene space as there are lots of tourists around and about but it is still a vast and impressive space. Be warned lots of steps, it’s quite cold even in the summer and it is very expensive to get in

Jo Simpson — Google review

It was chilly but sunny weather. Beautiful cathedral, incredibly built and decorated. We had a great historical time and enjoyed. If you do gift aid when you buy the ticket, you can have 1year anytime visiting ticket. Inside out side it took around 2hours for us. It’s worth to pay and visit. Great 👍

J ANNA — Google review

Entry fee is £14 for an adult. Absolutely stunning Cathedral. You can almost feel the history! You can have a guided tour or an audio/ media tour. The guides really know their stuff! Or you can just wander on your own. Thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon here. Would highly recommend a visit.

Emma Chase — Google review

Beautiful Cathedral! I was here for a ceremony so didn't get a chance to explore the building but the main sanctuary is beautiful. Quick note, there are no toilets in the Cathedral but they have a very clean washroom in separate building just 3 minutes from the entrance.

Lucy Todd — Google review

Such a stunning Cathedral. We spent around 3 hours inside, there is so much to see and admire. In the Crypt no photos or videos are allowed, and it's a silent prayerful space. One can take photos in the rest of the massive cathedral.There is only a small kiosk for coffee and tea on the property, but so many restaurants and Coffee shops are very close.The Cathedral is undergoing constant restoration and maintenance, parts of it outside were covered by scaffolding. There are some beautifully restored, clean walls where the workmen have already done their magic. The cathedral requires £18,000 per DAY to run, so donations are welcome.

Liesel Teversham — Google review

The cathedral is nice looking and the grounds are well maintained. Inside the cathedral the guides are not proactive and don't share information on the site unless prompted (a lot). The day of our visit we saw students graduating, surrounded by their very proud parents. The atmosphere was a little chaotic and but I am sure that this is not usually the case. Whilst viewing an exhibit, there was a fire alarm, I asked the guide if we should leave and where the muster point was. She didn't have an answer. I made the call to evacuate. The fire alarm stopped sounding, so we went back to touring the cathedral. About five minutes later, the alarm sounded again. At this point another of the cathedral's guides came running in and shouting "get out, get out!". The tourists began running. My children were very scared. We CALMLY walked out and when we (again) asked where the muster point was, was told to follow the crowd (!) Unbelievable. We waited until the alarm went off and then when the crowds started piling back in, we asked a guide if we could return. She looked around and said: "I guess so". Upon entering the cathedral, we saw the guide who incited the panic and reminded him that panic causes more accidents. He informed us that the way he behaved this was company protocol!The rest of the visit was spent viewing the cathedral and using Google as my guide. Definitely not worth the money. Particularly, as the staff are not trained in what to do and how to behave in emergencies.

Carissa Tolmie — Google review

Canterbury is a place where history and modern life coexist harmoniously. It’s a journey through time and a delightful destination for anyone seeking a taste of old-world charm in the UK.Beyond the cathedral, the city’s cobbled streets and medieval buildings create an enchanting atmosphere. The Canterbury Tales attraction brings Chaucer’s tales to life, and you can explore the medieval architecture of Westgate Towers.Finally, Canterbury’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere makes it an ideal destination for travelers seeking both history and contemporary experiences. Whether you’re wandering its ancient streets or enjoying a meal in one of its charming restaurants, Canterbury invites you to savor the best of the past and present.Punting tours in Canterbury often take you past several iconic landmarks, including the stunning Canterbury Cathedral, historic buildings, and beautiful gardens.Highly recommended place to visit!

Pooja Prasad — Google review

Unmissable experience for first time visitors, it's no coincidence that this has been a site of pilgrimage for over a millennium.The cathedral with it's iconic mixture of centuries of building styles is worth the price of admission on its own, and the daily services, performances and special events make return trips well worth it.Note that an admission ticket is good for a full year.

Martin Hansen — Google review

Amazing Cathedral; spare minimum 2 hours to enjoy . It’s the second time We visited; both times We were accompanied by our dog. Yes; this is a Dog Friendly attraction just for that 5 Stars . We wanted to take the tours they have available but unfortunately they don’t allow dogs on the guided tours . We payed for the audio tour and it was really good and easy to navigate ; they have it available in few languages ( No Spanish ) .All in all very happy with the service and be able to visit an architectural wonder; while visiting Canterbury.

HL JV — Google review

So much to see!The precincts and gardens should not be missed either.So much history to catch up with around the cathedral.Pride of place the story of Thomas Beckett. Also a must see is the Anthony Gormley in the crypt.

Melvyn Ede — Google review

Really nice day out in Canterbury. The cathedral is not the most beautiful in the UK but very impressive with its Romanesque architecture. Plenty to see - took 1.5 hours without audio guide. £17 to get in and that’s an annual ticket which is good value. Kitch will worth a visit too for something for eat.

Carl Argent — Google review

Amazing Cathedral; spare minimum 2 hours to enjoy and see the entire cathedralEngland’s first Cathedral and one of the most visited historic sites.Paid £17 for an adult ticket. Beautiful and ancient cathedralYou must see when you coming in Canterbury

Catalinka — Google review

Our visit to Canterbury Cathedral was nothing short of glorious; every step within its hallowed halls felt like a blessing. As we marveled at the intricate craftsmanship of its Gothic architecture and the ethereal glow of its stained glass windows, we couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of reverence for the centuries of history and faith that permeated the space. It was a pilgrimage of the soul, filled with moments of quiet contemplation and overwhelming gratitude for the opportunity to witness such magnificence.From the tranquil cloisters to the resplendent choir, every corner of Canterbury Cathedral seemed to radiate with a divine presence, enveloping us in a sense of peace and joy that lingered long after our visit had ended. It was truly one of the best experiences of our lives, leaving us feeling both humbled and uplifted by the sheer majesty of this sacred place. Canterbury Cathedral is indeed a must-visit destination—a glorious testament to the enduring power of faith and the beauty of human creativity.As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Canterbury Cathedral’s significance transcends national boundaries, embodying universal values of cultural and historical importance.Canterbury Cathedral holds a special place in the cultural heritage of England. It has inspired countless works of literature, including Geoffrey Chaucer’s iconic Canterbury Tales, which immortalizes the journey of pilgrims to this sacred site. Today, visitors from around the world flock to Canterbury Cathedral to marvel at its architectural splendor, explore its rich history, and experience a sense of awe and wonder in its hallowed halls. A visit to this monumental landmark is not just an encounter with the past but a journey into the very heart of England’s spiritual and cultural identity.

Nibu George Thomas — Google review

Canterbury Cathedral is not just a building; it's a living testament to over 1,400 years of history, faith, and artistry. Stepping through its grand entrance is akin to stepping into a time machine, transporting you from the modern world to a realm steeped in medieval grandeur and spiritual significance.The sheer scale and intricate details of the cathedral are awe-inspiring. From the soaring Gothic arches and stained glass windows that shimmer with vibrant colors to the Romanesque crypt with its echoing silence, every corner whispers stories of the past. Wandering through the cloisters, with their tranquil gardens and peaceful atmosphere, provides a moment of respite and reflection.Canterbury Cathedral is a must-visit for anyone interested in history, architecture, or simply seeking a unique and uplifting experience. It's a place that resonates with the soul, leaving you with a sense of awe and wonder long after you leave its hallowed halls.

Kwok Lau — Google review

Canterbury Cathedral is a magnificent example of medieval architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors are consistently impressed by its grandeur, intricate details, and spiritual ambiance. The cathedral's historical significance as the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury and its connection to the Canterbury Tales add depth to the visitor experience. Whether you're interested in religious history, architecture, or simply appreciating awe-inspiring beauty, Canterbury Cathedral is a must-visit destination.

Annu Singh — Google review

Historical cathedral with some good activities inside. Once you get inside you can see the herb garden, dark room, tombs of ancient people and so on. You also have a prayer room inside. You can spend some time peacefully.

Ajay Aravindakshan — Google review

An amazing piece of history and well worth a visit. It costs £17 to get in but this is valid for a whole year. I paid £5 to go on a guided tour which was 1.5 hours. Worth every penny. Our guide was Kirsten, a very knowledgeable and good humoured lady. I felt very engaged and learned a great deal.The cathedral is enormous and I could easily of spent the whole day there as there is so much to see.Thomas Becket,The Black Prince and the influence of William of Normandy and many others give this cathedral a long and very rich history.It is a working cathedral and its open for various services and also for private reflection and prayers.

W W Howe — Google review

Fabulous historic cathedral (see Thomas Becket) plus plenty of interesting memorials to curious people. Monument to Becket is striking. Stained glass and cloisters beautiful. Tea shop was closed by 4pm (so no comment and no comment-err? Such a British tradition to close doors to cafés when visitors are in greatest need) but the visitors’ shop was open and had good stuff.

Catherine Rudd — Google review

I think the entrance fee can be off-putting to a few people. However, you can go back as many times as you like for a year, so it evens out. We live near Canterbury, so now have the year's pass.How many times do you want to visit the same place? I thought that, but each time we go, you see something different. Also, there are a number of very knowledgeable guides there. One of these, Michael, gave us a real insight of a specific time/part of the Cathedral. Very interesting.

Michael J “Bulldog” Ranger — Google review


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Cathedral House, 11 The Precincts, Canterbury CT1 2EH, United Kingdom

+44 1227 762862


Hastings Old Town

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Nestled between two cliffs and accessible via funicular railways, Hastings Old Town is a delightful blend of traditional seaside charm and Tudor architecture. Visitors can explore the vibrant arts scene, browse quaint shops on George Street, and enjoy lively pubs on High Street. A shingle beach dotted with wooden fishermen's huts offers a picturesque backdrop for tourists who come to admire the Bluereef Aquarium or take in the sights at the Hastings Fishermen's Museum.


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Hastings, TN34 3AR, UK


Turner Contemporary

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (191)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (192)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (193)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (194)

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Art gallery


The Turner Contemporary is an impressive art gallery in Kent that showcases works by renowned artists such as JMW Turner and contemporary creators. Its modern architecture provides a versatile backdrop for weddings, with breathtaking views of the sea adding to its appeal. The venue features two rooms, the Foyle Rooms and Clore Studio, which can be customized to suit individual tastes and styles for a dream wedding in Margate, Kent.

I'm not a very big gallery visitor but would highly recommend this one! A lot of the gallery explores race very uniquely and accessibly, also includes a history of video games with the chance to play all consoles, a great shop full of great souvenirs and also a contemporary section too. Free entry also!

Sagar Haria — Google review

The building itself is great; the exhibition's can be mixed. Seems to be focusing on social engineering at the moment: when an artist spends more time explaining his art than on making it got have got to worry.

James Stephen Medes — Google review

Fantastic gallery in a marvellous location looking over Margate beach. Great exhibition on when we visited. Nice shop too with postcards and art books👍No need to book as FREE entry😀

Pandora Martin — Google review

Beautifully designed contemporary art gallery. There is permanent collection, which we’d seen before but is worth a second visit.The shop is interesting and eclectic. The cafe is good quality, although a little pricey.The real star here though is the beautiful building overlooking the harbour. Even though it’s very different to the Georgian town it fits beautifully. We’ll worth a visit.

Peter Hall — Google review

It’s a nice place to visit in Margate and it’s a really interesting building. I wasn’t too impressed by what was in there though - the building itself is huge but the exhibitions are quite small. They had a selection of works by local artists which I enjoyed even though you have to search for online information/ a booklet to find any information (even the artists name)

Ella Hillyard — Google review

Unfortunately the gallery was between exhibitions so we didn't see much art but the staff were friendly and though the attached shop was small it was open plan and easy to access even in my wheelchair. Outside there is easy access with a ramp to the big entrance doors. There is an outside installation by Anthony gormley called another time but if the tide is in be aware its submerged.

Joy Gartside — Google review

Fantastic art gallery for all age group. One of Michael Craig Martin's work is installed in the shop. Tracy Emin's print is available to buy. Definitely worth visiting.

PA Jos — Google review

The place to go to for art lovers, last chance to see Beatriz Milhazes exhibition which ends on the 10 of September 2023. It is a squeaky clean venue, well organised, cheerful and cultural. Make sure to have a word with the available staff, they have a wealth of information on everything arty. Only reason for the 4 not 5 stars is the limited amount of exhibits. Suggestion, give a permanent space for local artists, you won’t regret it.

Khalid Abdalla — Google review

Wonderful space! The exhibit changes every season, and the one I got to see was of 50 women artists through the last 60 decades. Some of the abstract pieces were remarkable.Personally abstract art isn't for me, so this was a miss, but if you love sculptures, installations and abstract art - this is a definite must see!Lovely cafe right at the entrance. Turner Contemporary does not have a permanent exhibit so check their website to see what's on!

Mash Mala — Google review

A fantastic art gallery and wonderful resource for the town. It's free to enter, which makes it very accessible and allows for long or short visits, as you feel. The exhibitions are innovative and provocative. Although the exhibition space isn't as big as the galleries in London (for instance), it punches well above its weight. A must visit if you're in Margate.

Shadow Cast — Google review

It's a beautiful building and the cafe and shop are both fab but I'll admit I was pretty underwhelmed by the collection. I'm not sure if we visited on a bad day but the whole gallery seem to be given over to one exhibit (Brazilian contemporary artist Beatriz Milhazes). Whilst this was a good exhibition, I was left a bit disappointed there was no permanent collection of local art 😕

Lizzie Chapman — Google review

I've been to the Turner Contemporary many times, often with my daughter. It's always been a wonderful artistic experience. The penultimate visit included a crazy animated silver alien that seemed to track you as you walked around the room with its neck and eyes.This time a brilliant show of the work of Beatriz Milhazes, a Brazilian artist. The works take over five galleries, and given space, they shine.I'm never disappointed when I visit. Free, but worth donating, or buying from the shop. Great rebooted cafe as well.

Patrick McDougall — Google review

Interesting pieces of art! Love that the gallery faces the ocean as well—upper floor is great for taking pictures. Best of all is that it’s free.

Leung — Google review

While the gallery is not huge, it has a well presented and accessible exhibition. I found it quite pleasant to wander around and take in the art. The internal 1st floor balcony offers a nice view onto the sea.Parking is available right next to it.

Mark P — Google review

As a local wedding photographer and videographer team we know that the Turner Contemporary is absolutely the BEST wedding venue in Margate.We love shooting here and we can't wait to be back!

This Modern Revelry — Google review

On the positive it's a lovely location as the photos show, right in the heart of Margate's harbour area. There are now loads of bars and restaurants around the area and places to sit. Entry is free but you can make donations, the staff were clearly interested and friendly. It's a bright, clean and welcoming building so very pleased we visited. I'll be honest I didn't understand the art in the slightest, neither the artist blurbs or pieces but it was open, welcoming and with the visit. Others visiting were clearly engaged with the art so it must be good if you understand it.

wobbly woz — Google review

The current exhibition features an enormous breadth of work by history’s best female abstract artists. Complementing last year’s joyous Beatriz Milhazes exhibition.The galleries are spacious, the staff super friendly and it’s free. Ignore the negative reviews and immerse yourself.

Alison Medd — Google review

Lovely gallery and my 6 year old loved the sensory bags which each room has, kept her really engaged!

Helen Mesher — Google review

Excellent free gallery with interesting exhibitions, a pleasant cafe with view of the sea, and shop selling cards and gift items. I visit regularly.

Will Wooderson — Google review


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Rendezvous, Margate, CT9 1HG, United Kingdom

+44 1843 233000


Port Lympne Safari Park

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (200)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (201)

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Wildlife and safari park

Outdoor Activities

The Port Lympne Reserve in Lympne near Hythe is a wildlife park home to some fantastic animals from tigers and elephants to gorillas and big cats. You can stay overnight in one of the safari-themed hotel suites, cabins or treehouses on site. The reserve is also linked to Howletts Wildlife Park through the Aspinall Foundation and offers 20% online ticket discount.

Absolutely brilliant day out. No queues anywhere, lots of well kept animals, really lovely setting and a great safari ride. The walking route was quite long which was fab. We were there for 5 1/2 hours and still didn’t quite make it around everything. Highly recommend.

Alexandra Julian — Google review

We weren’t sure what to expect before arriving there as it was our first time. But we had a great time there. The one hour truck ride was fun and different as no other places that we’ve been to do this. We managed to see many animals on the tour. We also walked around the park to see the animals up close and we weren’t disappointed as you can see from the photos. The park is very well kept and clean too. Staff are friendly. Highly recommended for families with young or old children or even adults.

Weemee Liew — Google review

We have just got home from a day at a safari. Park and grounds are beautiful and well kept. Animals seem happy and well looked after.We booked the Safari and have been on a few safari type experiences in the UK. This by far, was the most boring. We barely see any animals and when we did most were at a great distance except for the giraffes. It was a glorified taxi service around the grounds.If you are a wheelchair user or buggy user then forget it! It’s all uphill and lots of stairs to climb. I can imagine children getting very tired.The food and drinks were ok and overpriced.All in all, we had a good day. But there are far more interactive experiences with animals around the UK at a similar price. I feel even some zoo’s you get a closer look at the animals. We won’t be returning.

Ky88 — Google review

Though it has wheelchair access and parking, not all of the areas are wheelchair friendly. We had to ask for the mini bus to pick us up and take us to places. There are buggies, but they were fully booked. It was a hot day, so some animals were keeping inside to stay cool.There are a few places to eat and get ice cream or drinks. It also has a play area for children.

Sandra Lawrence — Google review

Spent a day here and had a private party with a safari and afternoon tea for a friends 60th birthday. What a fabulous day we all had. We were greeted with tea and shortbread in our private function room which was beautifully decorated. Then we moved on to our safari and we had Charlie as our ranger, who I must say was superb. His knowledge about that animals was amazing and very interesting. Our whole journey was presented with passion for the animals. Charlie made the experience wonderful. Then we went back to our private room and had a very delicious afternoon tea. The service was also fantastic for this part of our experience. Would highly recommend this place and would return in a heartbeat.

Joanne — Google review

Stayed in the Pinewood pods for a night. Facilities were great, immaculately clean, and well heated. Food is not cheap, but very nice.A great zoo if you enjoy looking at big cats and gorillas. Only downfall was that some of the zoo is off-limits to pedestrians, and some enclosures can only be seen on the safari. Additionally, we could not view the leopard enclosure as it was gated off for leopard creek guests and animal encounter guests only, which was slightly disappointing.However, the zoo is clearly well maintained, and the animals well looked after. I’d definitely stay here again.

Chloe Bassett — Google review

Stayed at Lion Lodge overnight and wow, what an experience.....The lodge was pure luxury and being able to sit next to the lions was amazing.All the staff were so helpful and friendly and made this a truly memorable time.Also booked a AAA Safari - this is highly recommended. Will, our ranger, was so knowledgeable, funny and friendly. The real highlight for me was hand feeding the black rhino and stroking the white rhino.A most enjoyable 2.5 hours roaming the reserve.

Karl Davies — Google review

The Safari was such an enjoyable experience for all of us, suitable for all age. Some of the animals have a spacious natural ground to explore around, I suppose similar to their natural habitat. So don’t think of this park like an ordinary zoo please.The restaurant’s interior was most fond by me, 30-40 for two adult plus a child which is acceptable. Applause for the chefs here, the beef burger and lamb kofta were absolutely amazing!Great (free) parking space, though the extended grass parking could be very muddy and splashy around the wheels after the rain.The staff were lovely and polite, attentive and happy to offer info to new visitors. A good selection of souvenirs.

Louis S — Google review

We didn't stay here as we live fairly near by. We had the most incredible day. The dinosaur forest is incredible and the best thing ever for any Dino loving life ones. The safari is great, bumpy but, very informative and it's lovely to hear about the reintroduction of animals into the wild. If you do go on the safari, try to sit on the left!

Maxine Morgan — Google review

Amazing wildlife park, so professional and well kept, animals have vast well thought out enclosures. They breed and return animals to the wild to their natural habitat to repopulate endangered animal communities. Recommend paying extra for the close encounters. We fed the gorillas and it was magical. The park is set in beautiful countryside, with views to the sea

Josh L — Google review

Wow!!! Port Lympne Safari Park is amazing!! We had the best day here. So much to see and the safari is so good. We got very close to the giraffes and our guide was very knowledgeable. What I will say is the safari park is built on a hill so make sure you wear comfy footwear. The grounds are beautiful. With the gardens and the orangery you will have plenty of photo ops. The accommodation looks amazing and we are absolutely going back to stay!

Becky Price — Google review

Wonderful day out with my fiancé here! The AAA safari was incredible with our guide Casey bringing the whole tour to life with his extensive knowledge of all things animal related.We were able to feed the Rhinos and Giraffe and could not have been happier with the overall experience. Before hand, we were able to walk the ground a little ourselves and see some of the animals who all looked in great condition and well fed! This place truly loves their animals and keeps them in great health and perfect living conditions.Can't wait to go back.

Jakeus 25 — Google review

Had a stay at Port Lympne for my husbands birthday and they have been nothing but exceptional the whole time. They allowed me to drop my husbands present down a week early with some decorations and a cake to decorated our wigwam helped advice us on the best animal experience and time to take the safari and alway on hand to answer questions on the animals. Food in the garden restaurant was amazing! Big shout out to Amy down at the gorilla for spending 30minuets with us answering questions and telling us about all the girls in the cage! Thank you to Candy for the best experience with the white rhinos! The team from start to finish went above and beyond! Will recommend to anyone who will listen! Will definitely be back!

Katiejane Quinn — Google review

Had an absolutely fab weekend away to celebrate some birthdays. The service is fantastic, the staff was so friendly and made us feel so welcome and special each step of the way. The accomodation is great value, we stayed at the Bear Lodge and it was lovely. The safaris were so educational and you get one for each night of your stay so we made the most out of it! I could honestly have spent a whole week here exploring and trying out the different activities! We'll definitely be back and I've recommended it to everyone!

Catarina Fattori — Google review

This is a review of the Reserve . No one likes to see animals in captivity but at least here you know that the philosophy behind the Reserve is all good . The Aspinall Foundation does great work in conservation and getting animals back in the wild . This it was doing long before it was trendy to care about wildlife .It's great to know that the admission fee helps support the good works of the Foundation.As a destination it's a lovely place for a day out . Set in a great location with wonderful views .The ' big house ' and gardens would be a nice destination even without the associated animal reserve.There seems to be plenty of facilities to eat and drink , or picnic if you bring your own food .All in all a great day out .

Michael Dillon — Google review

We stayed here overnight in a small hut 🛖 in the pinewood area. The hut had two normal beds and a fold out futon, adequate lighting and a few sockets one of which powered a small oil filled heater. We really loved our accommodation.Some people commented that they couldn't sleep because of the loins roaring, but when the door is shut you can't really hear them.The park itself is fantastic. All of the animals came out to see us, so there was no lack of things to see. We also did a safari trip on one of the troop carriers they have and that was brilliant too.The whole site is built onto the side of a hill, so if you go around and see everything, be prepared to do a lot of climbing to get back to the top.There are two restaurants on site which you will have to book early for but the food is lovely (if not rather expensive).Overall we really enjoyed our visit and would definitely go back here again!

Matthew Chard — Google review

Just back from a lovely day out . The car park was smaller than we thought and the staff explained that in the winter months no one parks on the grass , but in the summer months many more spaces are available. This place was amazing, right at the start was greeting by a friendly boy in the gift shop who helped as with all of our questions.We had booked the safari which was very interesting and great as you got up close to most of the animals. Well worth the £6 per person for the hour on safari. So much to see and do in this reserve , will definitely be coming back again .

Julie craker — Google review

Fantastic day at Port Lympne. I was amazed how knowledgeable the lady that took us on the safari was.I would 100 per cent recommend. The safari took about an hour. Driving round at about 5mph. Information on all animals and the zoo. The ride was very comfortable and the animals are clearly seen. Some animals standing around in front the truck very funny.

Rosanna — Google review

More than expected. From the start the staff were friendly and helpful. The park was muddy and a lot of walking was involved, but we don't have mobility issues so this was fine.1st class service. Beautiful park with well cared for animals. Good project to support. It was the little details that made it perfect. Would recommend to anyone that can walk well.

Anita Beukes — Google review

Absolutely enjoyed my time here. It was a lovely experience to see the animals, especially the tour which they provide taking you closer to the giraffes. someone from our group touched the giraffe which made one of a staff a bit sentimental. she kept bringing the topic out during rest of the safari to make her point.Driving the gold cart was fun. the restaurant near the entrance was absolutely fantastic. overall, if you love animals than i would definitely recommend to go there. Best to take your kids and not at summer time. there were no air cons at the outdoor cabin which can make kids a bit hot tempered.i will visit again under pleasant circ*mstances.

Delta Young — Google review

My grandsons, 7 n 13 , me n my friend , had an amazing day at the port Lympne safari Park today! Saw lots of animals close up on the safari.such wonderful, friendly, informative staff ...relaxing atmosphere . We all said great value for money.well worth a visit. Highly recommend doing the safari , Mel was brill ! Well done staff ....perfect day out !

Jayne Brookssherman — Google review

Myself and my partner went here for a day out and had the most amazing time. The safari is a must, for no extra cost, it was great to see so many different animals in such a massive amount of space. It lasted around an hour and we got to get some nice close ups of some of the animals. The zoo itself is very big and there's lots to see although it was tiring with all the hills. The gardens were also very beautiful and great to have picnics or to take a break.Sometimes it was a little confusing knowing where we could walk, as you would have the buggy only pathways and the map didn't have the full list of animals on there, which would have been nice. The location was not very tourist friendly if you're not driving in, we are from Birmingham so found it hard to get there by bus from our hotel and did have to walk quite a distance to get to the park.Overall, the zoo is definitely one to go and see and we had a wonderful day.

Kristal Ramdeen — Google review

Stayed for 2 nights at the Tiger Lodge all the family were super excited to see the Tiger.We stayed here as part of a special holiday after a bereavement of a parentPort lymph contacted us the day before we left to inform us that the safari experience that we had booked would be cancelled on the Thursday due to bad weather conditions and made arrangements to move the experience to half an hour after we checked in on the day of arrival this was all super efficient and a great experienceHowever what they failed to say was that the tiger would be locked away due to the bad weather for our whole visit apart from the last 4 hours before we left!!!The staff on reception were very informative and helpful but nothing seemed to follow through with bookings we had madeThere was just a lack of ‘finishing touches’ which would have made the holidayI don’t think I would recommend

higgy — Google review

My son and I have returned from a night and two days at Port Lympne. We stayed in Leopard Creek in one of the huts (most beautiful hut I have ever seen!). We have had a fantastic time. The animals are fascinating and have so much space and care - they seem so happy and content - and the devotion to the animals from all the team is clear. And that’s what put shine on the trip - every single person working at the Park was so kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Had an amazing time.

Chloe Bradley — Google review

Very cold wet and windy day to be visiting. Lunch at the Garden Room was one of the best roasts we have had. Highly recommend the beef followed by apple crumble. Well priced and a lovely setting. Service was good, a little slow at times but a busy Sunday lunch so to be expected. Kindly accommodated us earlier than scheduled. Thank you, will be back to explore in the warmer months. Great day out for both couples and families. The guide on our safari was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Hannah Smith — Google review

I visited here for as was staying nearby for my birthday and loved it. Great zoo, we did the safari truck tour and the two staff members were great so glad we did it as saw more animals. The reserve itself is massive and loads options if you wanted to stay! Great for walking lovers. Reasonably priced and could have stayed even longer. Recommend to all visiting. Thank you.

Amber Wrentmore — Google review

We didn't stay at port lympne, we went on a day trip as we were staying in Rye and it's only half an hour away. It was a fantastic day, we took my 2 year old son he absolutely loved it, the enclosures are very large and the variety of animals on show is great. I'd definitely recommend doing the safari tour as well, it's a little extra when buying the ticket, it's well worth it, we had a lovely and informative host this took in total about an hour. I would say food even though it was very nice in the park, is very expensive. Also if you have a young child bring a buggy due to the sheer size of the park, if you have any mobility issues walking the park could be a problem, but you can rent a buggy for the day which id recommend. Overall a great day and for me the best zoo/safari park in the UK and we've been to many of them.

Matt D — Google review

We had an absolute memory of a lifetime experience staying in lion Lodge. it was absolutely incredible the Lions were right up to our window face to face Close, remarkable. the actual Lodge accommodation was truly five star and we were treated in such an amazing way as if we were really special it's a memory that will stay with me for a lifetime. the actual Safari Park is really good it's large and the work they're doing is excellent we did the safari on the trucks sadly it was raining but we still saw lots and lots of animals. the only thing I would say is we had pizza delivered to the room which was extraordinarily expensive but that would be my only gripe. I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance to stay at Lion Lodge it really really is worth the investment.

sandra philip — Google review

i treated my husband for his birthday to the safari ride and also the gorilla encounter, both were good , the gorilla encounter was phenomenal to be as close as we could be , the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. the park itself is very good all the staff you meet very friendly, this park is definitely worth a visit lots of walking which is very steep in some places , we visited in the week which was quiet but nice as you got to see all the animals really enjoyable experience 😀

Paula Drew — Google review

Absolutely fantastic day out from start to finish. We went on Safari with our Ranger (Will) who was brilliant and we saw some incredible animals, we were very lucky as there was only 2 other people in the vehicle so it really felt like a personal experience. Will's knowledge of all the animals and their personalities was second to none he gave an excellent experience and was an absolute star not to mention had a great sense of humour too. Every member of staff was extremely helpful and friendly, all the places to eat were great and the food was extremely tasty and restaurants were kept very clean and tidy even though is was very busy. Would definitely recommend! 5*

Rob — Google review

Truly amazing experience, Just out of this world. If I could live here I would.Staff are great, polite, friendly and happy to help,Full of information.Accommodation is breath taking along with the views of the park. All combined just makes for a beautiful trip away. This was our second time there, first in the tree tops and this one in the lion room and hope to return again. It's great for not just the children but adults as well. Thank you for bringing us the magical adventure

Chris — Google review

We had an enjoyable 2 night stay here to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We stayed in a shepherds hut which was very comfortable and cosy. We had the opportunity of a log burner inside or an outdoor chimnea, neither of which we took advantage of (but a lovely added touch).Our cabin was a fair distance from the restaurants and other places but the addition of a golf cart made it an even more enjoyable stay. The golf cart was big enough to carry all our luggage and the 2 of us (they also had larger ones for larger parties).The safari was OK but personally I enjoyed the ranger tour a lot more. The Safari allowed us to see many animals but felt very much like they had to be back in time to do the next trip. The Ranger tour was a lot more relaxed with the opportunity to ask questions and take many more photos. (It probably helped that there were only 4 of us on this tour).All in all a very enjoyable stay with the added bonus of knowing the animals, both on site and in their natural environment, are being cared for and protected for future generations.

diana roach — Google review

Spent a lovely day here at the Reserve. We started with a safari drive around an off limits part of this 600 acre park. After a sandwich and coffee at Base Camp we continued on the walking part of the park taking in a Gorilla scatter feed and talk. An excellent day out but beware there is a LOT of walking with some steep inclines.

Robin Sparks — Google review

Amazing. My partner and I had a great day out. The glory of the park has no comparison. Zoos don't come close to this for animal welfare, habitat and experience. Can't recommend highly enough.

Jack Collins — Google review

Port Lympne is amazing with beautiful grounds. The stay is great however very expensive for what you get included. You are unable to get into your accommodation until 3 then have to leave by 11 which seems so little time in the accommodation as you are exploring the park and eating dinner.You do get a golf buggy but it is not allowed around the whole park which is a shame and there is a few animals that you are unable to see unless you stay in that part of the park totally unfair for all paying guests.It's so expensive and doesn't include breakfast which is £18 per person and small portions.Overall great place however over priced for what you get.

Jessica Kinsalla — Google review

If you book a safari and are late by two minutes you miss your jeep. We had arrived about ten minutes before our slot but the queue to get in took too long. Total disappointment. Drove all the way from London. They send hundreds of marketing emails but nothing to highlight you need to be early for the safari. Waste of time and money. won't be back. The walk about part is really nothing special. Other places do that much better. Walked around in about an hour and a half. No real wow moments. No giraffes on foot trail.

Stephen Leonard — Google review

Had such an amazing experience.Our 3 year old loved seeing the animals, experiencing the camp fire, and hearing the lions roar through the night.The pool table in the common area does need to be updated as not many people carry money anymore, but apart from that great!

Kelly Medlicott — Google review


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Aldington Rd, Lympne, Hythe CT21 4LR, United Kingdom

+44 1303 264647


Dover Castle

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (206)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (207)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (208)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (209)

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Sights & Landmarks

Dover Castle is one of Englands oldest and most imposing castles, located on a hilltop above the shortest seacrossing between Britain and Europe. It has served as the countrys first line of defence for centuries, while also housing secret wartime tunnels and an underground hospital. The Battlements Walk offers views of the castle from atop its walls, while the Roman Lighthouse is one of only a few extant lighthouses in England.

As a member of English Heritage, entrance here was free. There is ample car parking space as well. Staff here were all really lovely and kind, also very knowledgeable. My four kids, aged between 6 and 12, had a really good time, so much to see including a wonderful tour of the underground tunnel system. Lots of amazing history, great views and the main tower was very well kept. If you are a member of English Heritage, I would definitely recommend this place. My youngest was also studying about castle life at school and it really helped him understand castle life and he enjoyed telling his class about his trip. Big thumbs up to all the staff for being so helpful and kind.

Asim Khawaja — Google review

An amazing place to visit and one of England's top castles for sure. The castle complex is huge with the keep offering impressive views of the whole town of Dover and to the French coastline. Easily 3+ hours of things to see. One of the most impressive I found were the Roman lighthouse and medieval church which underline the significance of the site. Also has very interesting WW2 history with a fascinating tour of the tunnels in which the Dunkirk evacuation was planned.

Henry Gayfer (Harry) — Google review

You can easily spend a whole day here - the castle grounds are massive and there’s a lot to see. The tower can be done quite quickly as there’s actually not much to see inside and the interior is very dated but worth it to climb to the top and see the great views.Definitely recommend doing the war tunnel tour - very interesting and very well put together.

Chantal Johnson — Google review

Great place for kids. Castle itself is not wheelchair or pushchair friendly and there are lots of steps in the castle to get to rooms and top of the castle. They have got handrails. The rest of the grounds have paths. The tunnels are pushchair and wheelcahir friendly as long as your prepared to push them back up the hills. Had great story telling show for the kids in the castle. Stunning views from the tip of the castle. Staff super friendly.

Gillian Selby — Google review

A beautiful historic location with plenty to do and see for a whole day out. Suitable for families. Plenty of parking. Good visitor centre with information. A good restaurant with good choices of hot and cold food and drink. Very picturesque. Staff very friendly and informative. Wet particularly enjoyed the mini show with the king and his son in the main throne room.

Tom Dupplaw — Google review

Really must visit this! So much to see and we only had two hours. Enthusiastic and super-friendly staff, impressive and well-kept collection. And apart from all that: the views over the harbour and the sea are absolutely stunning!

Bob Lefevere — Google review

Dive into history and the gorgeous sites here in Dover. There is ample parking and walkways that are nice if you are pushing a pram. My "big kid" really enjoyed the tunnel tour while my 9 & 16yr old enjoyed exploring the medieval castle and grounds. We spent easily 2.5hrs but could have spent longer here. If you are an English Heritage member, there is also a cottage on the castle grounds that you can rent. Prices are on the website.

Elizabeth NVelazquez — Google review

This is simple one of the best Castle I've visited, vastly huge and impressive a full day is required. The war tunnels are a must the Dunkirk exhibition is truly emotional. The views from the top of the tower are spectacular. Car parking on site, has a couple of cafes / shops. The role this castle has played in our history is amazing

Steven Moseley — Google review

One of best castle to visit in England - wonderful kept and fully of history. The tunnels are great - but I recommend making them the first things you do as the queues can get rather long. Defiantly allow yourself a whole day there to see everything - we arrived when it opened and lefts just before closing and I'm still not sure if we saw everything. Loads of parking and great for kids.

Stephanie williams — Google review

I love Dover Castle, it is beyond fantasticSo many pivotal pieces of history happened here. You can spend an entire day exploring the premises, walking around and learning. Incredibly views, wonderful staff. A great day out for all ages. The price is quite steep but given the vastness, can't really complain! I believe you can get 10% off if you buy the day before online, so would recommend doing this!

Natasha G — Google review

Beautiful place perfect for a family dayout. The view from top is just spectacular. The castle, up and downhill walk around the garden is fun will keep everyone active all day.The staff are very kind and helpful. They will help you plan the route if you're not sure where to start or if it your first time. Overall, the visit was great. Children had fun all the time. The Castle is a must visit place.

J Grg — Google review

I recently visited Dover Castle, managed by the National Trust in England, and it was an incredible experience. The highlight for me was the immersive journey into history at the war rooms, where you could almost feel the past come to life.The breathtaking views from the castle are simply awe-inspiring. The white cliffs of Dover, the English Channel, and the serene landscape create a picture-perfect setting that's not to be missed.However, I must mention that the parking situation was a bit inconvenient. Despite parking being available, we were directed to park outside the castle, which required at least a 20-minute walk, and this was quite challenging with young kids and a buggy. The gravelly and hilly path added to the difficulty.On the positive side, the history within the castle walls is incredibly rich, and the maintenance of the site is top-notch. The tickets were reasonably priced for the value you receive, making it accessible to a wide range of visitors.Be prepared for a lot of walking as exploring the castle and its surroundings can easily take 4 to 6 hours. I would highly recommend carrying water and snacks to keep energy levels up as you delve into this historic gem. Despite the parking hiccup, Dover Castle is a must-visit for history enthusiasts and those seeking stunning views of the English coastline.

Ajay — Google review

Absolutely loved my day at Dover Castle! The tower was my favourite with some amazing views at the top. The underground hospital tour was surprisingly entertaining, really well done, I felt I went back in time. I only regret the medieval Tunnels were closed to the public.

klaudyna kawecka — Google review

A must visit. Massive place with lots of different periods of history. Medieval tunnels are shut until summer 2024. We really enjoyed the great tower and looking through all the rooms. Great views of Dover. The church was nice too. Great place for people of all ages. Can be very windy.

Isabel — Google review

A massive place, so allow I’d say half a day of not all of it to visit. Tunnels are fab and views from the top of the tower are great. Cafe serves half decent food but overpriced as always at these places. Picnic is probably a better option if there a few of you.Negative points for me is the bad signage and the lack of information boards to tell you what things are. Also the amount of distance you have to walk just to get to a toilet! Also the rudeness of some of the staff here is a disgrace! The woman in the shop next to the war tunnels has a bad attitude and would not show my daughter where the magnets were when asked! I wasn’t allowed in the shop due to not having my mask and she couldn’t even be polite about that! Also, if you’re going to enforce mask wearing then at least tell your staff to put their masks right over their face instead of just under their noses. One rule for all not just for us!! I’m not an anti masker, I forgot it.Other then the negatives, I would visit again and allow myself more time to explore.

Caroline B — Google review

I was expecting just a castle but it actually has quite a bit more which surprised me. I found the tunnels in the cliffs more interesting than the castle as it's a bit different . We spent about three and a half hours there and missed a few things to see. The kids seemed to really enjoy it.

Stuart Wright — Google review

Amazing day. Kids loved it, loads to see. Would advise anyone who wants to go in the tunnels to get there early and do it straight away as wait times can build up. Summer holidays they have things for the kids to do on the green in front of the castle. Get the map in the ticket office it will help to make sure you see everything. There is a cafe and tea room but also plenty of picnic benches and grass if you take a packed lunch.

olly — Google review

Gorgeous view and super friendly staff! Little to do on Dover itself, but would definitely recommend a day trip just in the castle. With nice weather, you can even have a picnic on the castle grounds.

Fátin — Google review

What a fascinating place! I used my mobility walker and it was a bit of a challenge in some areas, but there is a courtesy disabled electric bus going constantly around the site which will pick you up and drop you off where you want to go. The staff are so friendly and helpful and very knowledgeable about the castle. The views over the Port of Dover are amazing. The Naafi Restaurant was nice although a bit pricey for a family to dine there. A meal of a small portion of macaroni cheese and a portion of garlic bread was priced about £9. I had a little bottle of juice and a bottle of spring water and it cost £5.75. I subsequently found that complimentary tap water is available. The staff were very helpful and friendly and there was an excellent disabled toilet with an adult hoist. Complimentary Mobility Scooters are also available on a first come first serve basis. If you need assistance to visit the castle, you can get a complimentary ticket with your adult ticket for your carer. We had a fantastic experience visiting and there is so much to see and do that to do it justice it would take another visit!

Rachel Camm — Google review

One word Stunning! I know if you heard it but never came along here you will feel the same even if you’re British or not. From the very beginning with a tiny bridge it starts your special journey. Castle, chapel, view or war tunnels it’s truly stunning. Be careful about to spare enough time because it’s big enough and tunnel tours are not self made tour. If you’re an English heritage member it’s free entrance. If you’re not become one.PS. I would expect a better museum admission because of that many things would be more original or similar as it is not look like a toy specially inside the castle if it’s not main purpose of the design.In tunnels you don’t even see the video specially at the second part.

I IGK (Daydreamer) — Google review

Stunning experience! Staying in Premier Best Western Hotel on the seafront. Staff were so lovely. 5 min drive to Dover Castle. Fantastic 2 nights away!

Jane Ross — Google review

I was a bit taken aback by the £30 entrance fee! But there is bundles to see and do here. Spent nearly 2 hrs walking around, up the Tower and along the battlements. Fantastic views of the Channel and the port. Nice cafe onside too, if expensive. Would advise again ordering the pizza, we didn't have it but everyone that we saw order it, sent it back.

Emma Hunter — Google review

Very easy, enjoyable day out. The Great Hall was the highlight, whilst the underground tours of the tunnels provided a fascinating glimpse at the second World War. We went on a Friday so it was relatively quiet but with a few school trip groups.

Tamara Marshall — Google review

I have been to this castle many times with my children. Everytime they love it and find something else to be excited about. The war tunnel are amazing , the castle is spectacular! On a sunny day you can see France from the castle. Spectacular views and steeped in history. I have been many times as a teacher and as a parent and highly recommend due to the facilities, the history and the knowledgeable staff!

Val Ross — Google review

A nice place to visit with scenic views all around and a peek into the history of the castle! You can also see the artillery and anti-aircraft guns used in WW 2. Be ready to walk a lot, though! Mind that the queues to the WW 2 tunnels might be longer!

Kaushal Vyas — Google review

Unforgettable experience!!!! Many place to visit (we spend 4 hours there) and the view are BEAUTIFUL me and my partner walk there from the city centre. Make sure u choose the sunny day and don’t forget to enjoy the view!!!

Pinn Sat. — Google review

Visiting Dover Castle was an enriching experience! Delving into the history of England's first frontier was fascinating. The castle's historical significance is palpable, and the views are breathtaking. A must-visit for history enthusiasts and anyone curious about England's rich heritage.

Omar Bhatti — Google review

Huge site, with lots to see. As a dog owner, dogs have very limited access on the site. I'm fine with this, but it's not clear why English Heritage policy varies so much. We have visited similar sites as members and have been able to access much more. Biggest issue wasn't able to get any drinks because dogs not allowed in cafes and no outdoor vendor at all. It would be a benefit to consider a kiosk type arrangement somewhere.Lots of kids activities laid on for Easter, queues for the tunnels and hospital, but well managed and didn't wait long (dogs also not allowed into these).Would benefit from Audio guides. Lots of history but not that well explained, so some areas information overload and some with no information at all. Some new displays evident which were much better.

Gail Davies-Walsh — Google review

Very large grounds with lots to explore. The castle itself has been kept in a way that represents how it would of been many years ago. The 2000 year old lighthouse is a fantastic piece of architecture that has really stood the test of time. Lots of modern fitments still in place including gun posts when it was protected in WW1/2. Great views from the top looking down across Dover. Plenty of parking, restaurant and lots of toilets to use, staff are very friendly and helpful. A great day out for everyone.

Karl Venus — Google review

Excellent and very well preserved example of castle building. Make sure to save plenty ty of time to experience the WWII tunnels and stories. Make sure to join English Heritage prior to going and sign up for entrance to the site and centers. If short on time, visit the tunnels first, then the castle grounds.

James Vickery — Google review

Beautiful large castle with lots of grounds to walk around, a really interesting walk around the interior with halls to visit and a route up to the roof as well as fascinating wartime tunnels with a really fantastic tour and videos. A couple of gift shops too with the usual stuff and a lovely cafe with proper cooked food too (although obviously quite expensive). Overall an excellent day out and you could easily spend a full day here so make sure you have plenty of time!

T Gage — Google review

I'll never travel to Conflans Sainte Honorine without this trip planner again

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I will never travel to Conflans Sainte Honorine without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Nausicaa Centre National De La Mer

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (222)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (223)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (224)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (225)

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Nature & Parks

The Centre national de la Mer in Boulogne-sur-Mer houses a large aquarium with sharks, sea lions and penguins, as well as a tropical lagoon full of colorful coral. This is a great attraction for children who can see some of the more exotic fish species at the aquarium. The historic sites and port of Boulogne-sur-Mer are also worth a visit while in Boulogne.

A truly wonderful day out. During our 6 hour visit we saw everything there was too sea 😉 and enjoyed every minute of it. We have many highlights to share with our family and friends. The auditorium is like the biggest and best TV you will ever see - truly stunning. Could have spent all day there alone, just watching.My wife is slightly disabled, and being able (for free) to have use of a wheelchair (secured with your ID) made the day possible. And with at least 97% accessible with a wheelchair we missed nothing (other 3% you could still see, just not quite as close). Lifts (with notifications giving priority to wheelchair users) are plentiful and like everything else clean, and to a very high standard - and even some nice surprise.Food, maybe is the only negative, we had a crepe for lunch and a coffee (no problems with that), as we planned a restaurant meal that evening, but the other offerings did seem excessively expensive and not that good.In conclusion for a day out of memories, under €30 entry it is well worth a visit.

Ian Steel — Google review

It's a nice aquarium but a but expensive for what it was. We where done in 2 hours. Drove especially from Luxembourg for it which didn't seem to be worth it. Only nice if you are already in the area. Tickets should be maybe only 15 euro per person not 24.

Anusha Mian — Google review

This is a really big aquarium, with a huge central "pool" and then smaller aquariums all around. Lots of floors all having different topics about marine life. Very educational and fun, great family outing. Was quite crowded, but rightfully so. If you so fancy, the sand beach is right outside to build sand castles after (or swim in the sea).

Simon Willems — Google review

Fantastic experience. My view on jellyfish completely changed :) So beautiful... So much to see. Beautiful aquarium. Take it slow and pay lots of attention to what you can find in the aquarium. There is so much going on. Every fish sort had its own behavior. Unique. Never saw something like this before wrt aquariums.

Joost Maltha — Google review

Summary - a pretty damn good aquarium with lots to see and do for kids and adults. It makes The Deep (an aquarium in Hull) seem tiny!We only went here as it was raining but we were certainly glad we did. The first point to note is that the ‘official’ car park has a height restriction so is no good for camper vans.The place itself has two main exhibitions plus a penguin exhibition. The first one has a huge tank with sharks, sting rays and lots of lots of fish. This also has a tunnel through it was is good. There are lots and lots of smaller tanks and exhibits.The second one is based on the coast and, again, has loads of small tanks and exhibitions. However the main attraction are the seals and you can only see these through a wall in their tank. This means that you can see them swim under water.The third area is the penguins and these are in a relatively small area. However we were tired by this point so didn’t stay long.There is the obligatory cafe (warning - expensive) and gift shop (reasonably priced).In all we spent 4 hours there which ain’t bad for the €70 or so it cost. Well worth it.

James C — Google review

Lots of fish, as we walked the fish tanks never stopped! Recommend the large main tank with the manta ray, very cool and curious! The seals were very cool also!Good crepes and hot chocolates

Zinc Rich — Google review

Nausicaa is truly an experience to take your kids once, to prepare them for the future and climate change. Even though the tariff is high, and yes some reviews do feel it is a glorified sea tank. However given the context we live in this project is remarkable and opens your eyes to the synergies between man and sea in a setting so interactive for kids and adult. Special packages can be introduced to make this accessible to all.

Ruchita Sharma — Google review

I have always wanted to go since I was a kid and we finally managed to get there. Absolutely amazing place, if you love an aquarium trip then you will love this place! Only advice I can offer is give yourself plenty of time to get around it as it's huge!

Stevie Bates — Google review

A great experience, lovely staff and an overall value for money visit. The variety is great too. They have penguins, seals and a large number of sealife including sharks and stingrays. I went with a school trip that I helped organise and can only say that I will be doing this in future! Visit if you can, you won't be disappointed.

Shabazz Siddiq — Google review

It’s very big and beautiful, their seal 🦭 show was pretty nice and the visiting steps are super interesting, they’ve got many fish i’ve never heard of, and a great sea experience!!!

joseph kettaneh — Google review

Great family day out. We spent 5 hours there with 3 kids and they were all entertained. The first part of the exhibition is very digital and tech heavy and there didn't seem to be many fish, but it greatly improved as we moved on to a different exhibition. Food options seemed limited, but the crepes were fresh and tasty.

Laura — Google review

We made a special visit to go as birthday present for our son. You can buy an additional day ticket for only €5 which is excellent value. We spent the second day seeing things we were too tired to appreciate the first day!This is the best aquarium I’ve ever been to and highly recommend it. The welfare of the animals is paramount and it is obvious how well cared for they are.The cafe is mediocre and quite expensive but functional and has the best view over the beach.Best part is the huge deep water tank based on a site off Columbia in Pacific. The giant manta ray is particularly impressive.Only downside was trying to buy an ice cream at the end and the staff member laughed with her colleagues at my poor French. I left customer feedback for that to raise training need but it meant that I left on a down note after 2 brilliant visits.Please visit and enjoy but I can’t recommend the ice creams!

Rosemary Bolton — Google review

Lovely day out for all the family. Went for a day trip from the UK. Used the eurotunnel to get from Folkestone to Calais. From there, it's a straight forward 30 minute drive to Nausicaa. Spent a good 5-6 hours there and then drove back. The aquarium itself is fantastic and the staff helpful and friendly. Would definitely do this again.

Stephanie John-Baptiste — Google review

Very friendly personnel and also very helpful. The aquarium itself is quite big and split up in 2 main parts. It took us 4 hours and 30 to get through it all, at a slow though, which is not bad I think. The place is very clean and modern and there was not a lot of people so it was very comfortable, being a Saturday this was a little bit surprising. The big tank is amazing and is definitely a show stopper. Be sure to check out the giant manta, it's amazing. Parking is located on either side of the facility and is a Qparking. Be mindful however that the beach side parking 'la plage' didn't have Maestro working, so you were only able to pay there with cash, Visa, or Mastercard.

crazedentity — Google review

I didn't really think that this place lived up to the expectations. I would visit if I lived in the town, but wouldn't say its worth a long trip to see. The large centre aquarium is quite amazing but there were a lot of areas that just have screens and tv's. Personally, if I go to an aquarium I don't want to see screens... I want to see the real thing! Knocked off some stars for this reason, otherwise there's a wide variety of fish and cool things to see!

E M — Google review

It was an ok experience. I expected more than just one big fish tank and tiny sea lion and penguin areas. I feel bad about the animals, though, because they look very crammed. The penguins and sea lions enclosures, especially, looked so tiny! Loads of space for people to walk but not enough for the animals.There were restaurants and a smoking area. I'd advise against using the loo if you can hold it because there are some shocking things to see, apparently. My husband went and came back traumatised 🤣

Yuliya Mulvaney — Google review

We spent around 2 hours here, one Sunday. It is an incredible place to visit. Definitely take your time to read all the interesting material that is on offer. The Aquarium is huge and very impressive, with a large array of fish & rare creatures. I would recommend this for all visitors in the area!

Terry Caton — Google review

Such a great experience to visit this aquarium! you can see different kinds of animals there in very close distance, I was so impressive. Highly recommend people to visit !

T Leung — Google review

Really cool and big aquarium with lots of animals to see. We spent 2h here and that was perfect! We visited on a very sunny and warm Sunday 2.5h before the closing so the aquarium was very empty and that made the experience even better! The sea lions show was stunning! And my favourite thing was the biggest aquarium. That one just leaves you speechless.The only downside is that the ticket prices are quite expensive and I definitely wouldn’t want to visit on a rainy day as there are most likely be too many screaming children around. Additionally, there isn’t much interesting information about the animals.

Eva Meglič — Google review

Absolutely impressive. Huge aquarium/sea life center. I have visited many sea life centres in the world but this one definitely stands out. It has 3 distinct exhibitions: mankind & shores, journey on the high seas and in the eye of the climate. It’s a real deep dive into the ocean world, the aquaria are all super nice, the information is complete and the tone of the exhibition is informational, encouraging and positive. Instead of feeling depressed about the current state of the planet (which can be the case after visiting earth-related exhibitions) you walk out of this place with an informed, positive and motivated mindset, all thanks to the ‘both sides of the story’ perspective of the exhibition.Due to its recency (it was completed in 2018) it feels very up to date.The giant aquarium is super impressive (holding a 4m span manta ray), it has a great restaurant, and never felt extremely busy although we went on a holiday and there were many people inside. Throughout all 3 exhibitions nice and calm music helps set the tone, it’s very nice. We visited with 2 kids aged 10 and 12, and they absolutely loved it. Walked in at 11am, finished the tours at 4.30pm with a 1 hour lunch break. Very good value for money, highly recommended!!

Ilya Chardome — Google review

A great family day out while staying in the area. The huge tank where the bulk of the sea-life live can be seen from several places, including from above. We spent around 3 hours there. Parking in the nearby Q-Park Nausicaa is discounted if you're visiting the aquarium.

Ben Clarkson — Google review

An excellent attraction with a huge array of marine life.There are lockers that accept one euro or one pound coins. But they get used up quickly so try to arrive early.The giant mantaray is the highlight but there are various outstanding examples of marine life from sharks to seals, jellyfish, and much more.Be warned, there are two main sections, so you might want to arrive early and do one side before lunch at the excellent onsite restaurant. Overall, it takes around 3 - 4hrs to get round unless you want to rush through!The aquarium is also an educational resource, and has a lot on conservation and the changing world.

gavin white — Google review

Aquarium Nausicaa offers a large collection of marine life, making it a worthwhile visit for nature enthusiasts. The exhibits are well-presented (French and English) and provide educational insights into the ocean's ecosystems and the importance of conservation efforts. However, it's worth noting that the admission fee is relatively high. Parking options are available in nearby garages, but on weekends, the area can get quite crowded, which is to be expected.Overall, Aquarium Nausicaa provides an immersive journey into the underwater world, despite some considerations regarding pricing and weekend crowds.

Nikita — Google review

Incredible aquarium. Easily the best one I've been to in France, and even rivals some I've been to in the US. The large tank which houses the stingrays and sharks and whatnot was definitely the highlight of the aquarium, I could have stayed there for hours just watching. Overall the aquarium was a great experience, lots to see and would definitely go back. Went on a Monday and there was hardly anybody there, with no wait line to get in.

Levi Merrill — Google review

Lovely place for a visit, you need around 4 to 5 hours to see everything, the exhibits are wonderful and well spaced out, the large tank is amazing and we spent nearly an hour just watching all of the fish there.

Kevin Jeffrey — Google review

Loved it . We bought tickets in advance online and no issues to get in. Nice place, very well looked after. A lot of interesting information and visual presentation.

msmula19 — Google review

The most amazing aquarium I have ever seen. The centre care about their animals !! The place is massive and such great exhibits from different areas of the world.

Chris Hodges — Google review

One of the best aquarium I have done. Kids were mesmerised and it was uged. We spend at least 3h in there. Lots of fun.

Elodie Goldsmith — Google review


(37704)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (226)


(5214)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (227)

Bd Sainte-Beuve, 62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

+33 3 21 30 99 99


Le Touquet

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (228)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (229)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (230)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (231)

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Outdoor Activities

Le Touquet, located on the Opal Coast, is a chic and glamorous town known for its historic motocross race and vibrant villas. The area is lined with grand Norman-style houses and pine-shaded avenues leading to the exclusive beach-resort of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. The expansive beach boasts soft, clear sand and plenty of space to roam and bask in the sun. Visitors can also explore quaint restaurants, cafes, shops, and a market offering various goods.

Lovely place to spend time. Lovely drive and cool water. The sunset looked great and mesmerizing. Recommend to visit this beach. There is setup for kids to play around. City is super close as well.

Bhawana Motiwala — Google review

Great city... beautiful , high security level, and you can be totaly change your mind and be relax after few days stay.Beach is wonderful, you can walk for hours, sximming, or get a drink and watch beautiful sunset...So lovely...

Chakameh Bozorgmehr — Google review

Fantastic place to visit ,Went there a few years ago ,Terrific bars and restaurants ,Great beaches ,Gets busy on bank Holidays the it seems half of Paris turns up

Steven Johnson — Google review

Where Parisians have second homes and has it's own airport.. Lovely place to spend a few days.

Ed — Google review

Unique premise and atmosphere here. Very grand buildings on outskirts and in surrounding forests, becoming more modern towards the seafront. Beautifully manicured areas outside of impressive hotels and apartment blocks. Rue Saint Jean is main pedestrian thoroughfare to the beach area with designer shops inland, giving way to bars and boutiques towards the seafront. Different every time we come, but always fantastic. The beach is very large and clean, with sunbeds and parasols available in season, with an adventure complex and various eateries and bars.

Lee Vincent — Google review

Nice city, great beach, but very touristy.

Kim steentofte — Google review

The loveliest beach ever, huge so not crowded, not a place you have to worry about setting your bag down, my family absolutely loved it

Courtney Richards — Google review

Cool place.Went for the first time during Easter this year and will undoubtedly visit again.Only an hour’s drive from Calais too.

Robert Atherton — Google review

Beautiful seaside resort amazing beaches and loads of great restaurants in town. Very busy in peak periods

Alan Forder — Google review

Beautiful beach! Especially the side with the dunes and the park/ forest. Town center is very cute. The only downside is finding a table in a restaurant. Make sure you make a reservation before heading to town. They have very specific times for the kitchen.

ioana iacob — Google review

Beautiful soft and deep sand that went on for miles and miles. Very spacious. We were there early morning and basically had the beach to ourselves. We found some free parking on the residential streets a few roads down from the pay and display streets and only walked about 10 mins from car to beach. Lovely quaint restaurant/cafes and shops. And also a market selling clothes, crystals bags and food etc. Was a lovely day trip. Would recommend.

Melissa — Google review

Lovely town, lots of good places to eat and drink. Some lovely buildings let down a little by the abandoned water park on the seafront. Still good for a sunset though ☀️

Paul O'Brien — Google review

Lovely beach, nice super fine sand, lots of sunbeds and volleyball space

Amelia Boyd — Google review


(5645)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (233)


(1867)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (234)



Funicular Tréport (Top)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (235)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (236)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (237)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (238)

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The use of the Funicular is free. Parking on top and bottom payable during 2 seasons. Check the notice. There is a city train that goes round the city at the city level of the Funicular. It starts as 11.30

Karen Pace — Google review

Nice place and free cable car ride means the kids loved it to.

Paul Blake — Google review

Very cold up there this morning. Great views, and the little tram cars are free😄. Perfect for a morning walk.

Dermot — Google review

Easy way to get from the beach and port to the lovely viewpoint at the top. And it's FREE! What's not to like..

Pete Downing — Google review

For me, Treport's funicular is a way of transport that you must to test at less one time in your life. Day and night funicular give you an incredible panorama of Treport's beach and town. You can take funicular for free and cross cliff easily. It’s good way to avoid the big hill to join cliff’s high if you want walk on the cliff. If you come in car, it’s preferable to park you in high of cliff and after go down. If you have time go behind high funicular because you have sort of point of view with binoculars.

Léa Selingue — Google review

The perfect way to see the town as views are breathtaking (and makes getting up hill far easier than walking!). Trip is quick and runs all day into the evening, best if all it's free!

Jon Dobell — Google review

Beautiful views! You can't go wrong taking a trip to the top.

Roly Rodriguez — Google review

Clean . Efficient and free .Lovely views . Brilliant.

Kim Taylor-day — Google review

Fun way to get down from high cliffs to the beach area. Today (middle of May) the car park and the funicular rides were free, but there are charges in high season.

Elizabeth Jones — Google review

Lovely view from the top. Camper van parking area with lots of spaces but popular and difficult to get a space in the height of summer so have alternative. The lift takes you down to the town. Allow plenty of time as can be very busy with queues.

Mark Taylor — Google review


(1993)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (239)


(2126)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (240)

Rue du Télécabine, 76470 Le Tréport, France


Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (241)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (242)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (243)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (244)

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Catholic cathedral

Sights & Landmarks

The cathedral of Notre Dame d'Amiens is a 13th-century Gothic edifice famous for its lavish decoration and carvings, with two unequal towers. It is considered one of the best examples of Gothic art, and is one of the largest medieval cathedrals in the world. With a surface area of 7,700 square meters, it could easily fit a football pitch.

One of the most beautiful cathedrals I have seen in my life due to the fact that it is quite old, with preserved orginal patterns and not very well-known! It has an amazing exterior and also an interior that you can enter for free! 😌

Karolina Palussek — Google review

I went there after Christmas and goodness was it beautiful.. I was literally in awe with the spectacular light show on the cathedral.. Amazing Christmas decoration. Just beautiful!

Anna B — Google review

Beautiful cathedral. Very good place to take photos. On some days there are guided tours for the choir stalls.

stanzebla — Google review

At last: a tourist destination that is profound. The reconstruction is ongoing, but the effect is still amazing.

Stephen Mitchell — Google review

Must see is the Chroma light and sound show telling the history around which this Gothic Beauty of a Cathedral has withstood... Simply just AWESOME.P.S remember to walk around the left side of the Cathedral after the show there are after show light shows on all the buildings in the Cathedral Gardens.P.P.S and it's on the way to the cafés, pubs and clubs by L'Petit Hommes in the river

Nikolaj Kielland — Google review

OK, I like visiting historic churches and cathedrals, so unless I find it hideously expensive or in a very poor state when it is advertised as something wonderful I'm going to give it a good review.But as Cathedrals go, it was particularly impressive. A UNESCO world heritage site it is one of the largest 'classic' Gothic churches of the 13th century.

Jo G — Google review

One of the most beautiful carhedrals in France, and the biggest although not the highest. Well preserved. A step back in history. Organ is being restored.

Sonia Thomas — Google review

Wow!!! What a beautiful place to visit and feel humbled and amazed. Go and see it and the area of Amiens is beautiful full of history and the train ride for 10 Euros around the city is great even if your English as the tour is in Frence you still see some cool places 😎

Sarah Morris — Google review

If you are in town for a simple visit, this place is a must.It's astonishing how immense the cathedral is. Tons of histories of the city are displayed inside. It clearly retrace all events that occurred from centuries.Unfortunately the organ was in renovation.

Yui Yoshiko — Google review

It’s a magnificent catherderal and we’ll worth a visit at any time however, if you are lucky enough to see the light show in the summer months, it is spectacular. A quality production and a real asset to the city.

Tom Sharp — Google review

I didn’t know that this Notre Dame Cathedral is actually twice as big as the one in Paris. It's also a magnificent example of Gothic architecture. Inside, you can see plenty of natural lights, which is a part of its brilliant design. I really liked it!

Nayeem — Google review

Such a special place. The people of Amiens are so kind. Take your time to savour the space. I'll definitely come back soon!

Jenica Jamee — Google review

Definitely one of the better churches I have seen. Sadly I went close to closing time and it was really dark inside. Even so, still very impressive

T Ryan — Google review

Visited on Easter Sunday, 2023, so the Easter service was underway. I was still able to walk around this impressive cathedral both on the outside and inside. It's also free, so if you like architecture, beautiful stained glass windows and reliefs and plaques which you much see and read, you leave humbled by the amount of work and skill that went into this cathedral

Luke Kenyon — Google review

There was a note saying every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 3 PM, there will be a free guided tour which takes about 45 minutes.

공과장 (Manager Kong) — Google review

Very impressive cathedral - well worth a visit. Look out for the Weeping Angel and the medieval carved friezes.

Kerry Chapman — Google review

Amazing Roman Catholic cathedral in almost perfect condition! Very interesting interior.. I saw the portrait of Jesus in very different styles, there’s a labyrinth in the center of the ground. Baroque sculptures.The area was completely destroyed during WWI, but the church was kept untouched thanks to the peoples protection.

Haynes Cheung — Google review


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30 Place Notre Dame, 80000 Amiens, France

+33 3 22 80 03 41


Fondation Monet in Giverny

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (249)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (250)

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (251)40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (252)

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Sights & Landmarks

The Fondation Claude Monet in Giverny is a captivating destination that showcases the house, gardens, and studio of renowned artist Claude Monet. This artistic haven offers visitors a romantic and unexpected journey through its ornate gardens, Japanese prints, and the artist's studio-sitting room. In addition to this iconic site, Giverny also houses the Musee des Impressionnismes Giverny, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019.

There can be no doubt that this is a most beautiful place to visit, but I'd definitely recommend-*Book tickets in advance*Go outside of school/public holidays*Plan your visit for when the water lilies are in bloom!We went on Easter Sunday and it was VERY busy (fortunately I'd bought tickets in advance) and sadly the lake was bare- BUT it did not detract from the wonderful time we had.The village of Giverny is well worth a stroll around too if you can take in so much beauty in one day!

Kirsty Keetch — Google review

A very special place to visit to see the work of this great painter. The garden is well laid out and signposted. Lots of photo opportunities as well as time to reflect on the beauty of the planting. The house is a bonus to see how Monet lived, his work, the amazing views of the garden from the house. Timed tickets. Spend about 3 hours. The gift shop is good value and there is something for everyone in terms of price options. Places to eat and drink in the village. Parking is well organised. Couldn’t give 5 stars as staff made us wait an hour in the sun due to staffing issues with no regard to the bill elderly members of the group.

Caroline Blair — Google review

This was my second time to Giverny. (The first was 30 years ago.) No surprise, the gardens were beautiful, the pond was beautiful, the flowers up close were beautiful BUT - and this is a big BUT - the crowds were too much, in both the house and the gardens. It was honestly stressful to try to walk along the paths because there were so many people crammed onto the grounds. I’m used to going to gardens to be reflective and to enjoy the experience. The crowds made it unpleasant (And this was a Monday. Imagine what it would be like on the weekend!) That’s why I gave the Monet house three stars instead of five.I have no desire to go back, no matter how pretty my pictures turned out. I actually felt anxiety amidst the crowds.I’d like to make a recommendation to the Foundation, if that doesn’t seem to pompous: please only allow a certain number of people on the grounds every day. Charge a little more to make up for what you might lose in ticket sales. But please reduce the number of people – and regulate (stagger) the times so that the there are not thousands of people, trying to navigate a place that is supposed to be tranquil and contemplative. (In my photos, I waited for people to pass – so you can’t see the crowds - but trust me, they were there!)

Martha Wilson — Google review

Beautiful, one of a kind place. It makes one wonder if Monet was more of a gardener than a painter. Once on site, it was easy to see where he got his inspiration. Beware, get there early as it gets overwhelmingly crowded.

Philippe Bouvier — Google review

We drove easily from Paris to Giverny and parked on the free Verger’s parking lot. 13:30 was perfect for us to visit the house and the gardens.Worth the drive and the wait (line) to discover beautiful paintings of him especially when you can get up close !

Mei Siraj-Dine — Google review

The house and the gardens were absolutely a delight to watch. I went in June and I believe it's the perfect time to visit, because it was already spring and just the start of summer, hence it was full of blossomed flowers and not very crowded.

Hunaina K — Google review

The house and garden where Monet spent his final years and painted some of his most famous pieces such as the water lilies or the bridge. An interesting visit and a good source of inspiration for artists. The village of Giverny itself is also quite cute despite the "tourist effect"

Mathieu Cocheteux — Google review

VERY NEAT FOR A MONET FAN. This was a great detour on our way to Normandy. Parking is challenging though if you wait king enough someone leaves. When we came there was also a market (Sunday morning) so that made parking even more difficult. We did not have advance tickets and only waited in line for 5 mins to purchase. The gardens and ponds are amazing. The flowers are incredible. The house is really neat as It has his first studio with replica paintings. The feel of the gardens shows how one of the great impressionists could be motivated to paint. It was beautiful.

Tim — Google review

Highlight of my recent Paris trip! Quite straightforward reaching this place (by train and then shuttle bus; signs are very clear once you reach Vernon). My recommendation is plan the trip yourself but buy entry tickets in advance. Spent about 3 hours here. Loved browsing the shop too. Even though it was crowded - I came in summer, there are little pockets of quiet where you can sit around and just soak in the atmosphere of this beauty of a place.

Twentyone Purplehorses — Google review

Possible the most beautiful garden in the world! I dreamt of this place for years before visiting. After finding a book about Monet’s garden several years earlier this place had been in my bucket list until I finally had the time to visit during a trip to Paris in 2023. I travelled from Paris as part of a coach tour and spent the entire day in Giverny. It was a rainy day, but did not take away from the magic of the experience. 8 full time staff tend the garden and the tulip beds are certainly a highlight. Although the water lilies were not in bloom during my visit, the lily pond was still amazing to behold. The Japanese bridges hold so much history and are iconic scenes. I brought my watercolours to paint while attending.Would definitely recommend taking a day to visit by train or tour coach.

Susan Lengyel — Google review

Beautiful place. A must on your list. An hour outside of Paris. It is less expensive to Uber if you have 6+ people.

May G — Google review

Wonderful and moving experience. The home is charming and loaded with art (not Monet's but special nevertheless), photos, and furnishings to recreate how Monet lived in a key mature part of his artistic life and after achieving rare "success while still living". Although the gardens have been replaced, they did so with the greatest effort to make it exactly as it was. The garden is absolutely lovely as well as the pond where waterlilies and other masterpieces were painted. The village is lovely as well. Great experience.

Jim Beezley — Google review

Wonderful gardens but so very busy! Line at 30 min after opening was 2.5h long. Even longer when we were leaving. I'm thinking, get there an hour before opening (09:30 for our visit).Japanese garden is certainly the highlight. Very beautiful.

Gary Sopher — Google review

Stunning and worth visiting early in the day. Visit through Monet's house before the gardens to avoid the crowds.The e-ticket was poorly signposted if you catch the shuttle bus from Vernon Gare, it's actually the Group-entry gate near the underwater, rather than the main entrance up near the gift-shop.

James Mouat (Joffy) — Google review

Beautiful gardens. Visited in August 2023. Many flowers in bloom. Visited the house. Couldn't really take your time in the house due to the number of visitors. Arrived for opening 9.30am. Well worth the time here

Bobbie Atkinson — Google review

If you love art and nature/garden, you should visit this place during Spring!To get there, you could take the TER (train) and then you will get a shuttle bus from the station to the location. Once you reach there, you will have to walk for like 5 minutes to reach the garden.If you are hungry or want to take something quick, there are a few restaurants and takeaway places outside of the garden. Keep in mind that if the ticket is single entry, you cannot exit the place and come back, in case you gets hungry! ;)So the place, I really loved the garden, which was peaceful and beautiful at the same time. I spent quite sometime in the garden before entering to the Monet’s house. The house is filled with his and many other artists works, which are amazing.Also, do lots of forget to go to the other side of the garden where you could find small water canal and a pond.I spent almost 2-3 hours there and then grabbed a small sandwich from one of the takeaway shops after exiting from the place.Also, one more suggestion, try to go in the morning time slot, something near 10:30 a.m. for a better experience.I will highly recommend you to visit this amazing place at least one time!

Sreyas K Sunil — Google review

This place is absolutely magical! If you are anywhere near here - within 100 miles - then go!!! Book online before going just in case there’s a queue or it is full. There is so much to see and explore and just get lost in the gardens. We went in summer and it was simply amazing. There were some crowds but it didn’t feel crowded at all. Park at the lot just opposite - plenty of spaces. Could have spent the whole day there but settled for 4 hours in the afternoon.

Bryan Adams — Google review

It was a very beautiful place.I visited in mid-October and it was wonderful.It was not crowded and I didn't have to wait in line, so it was comfortable.I think it might be crowded in spring, but I would like to visit in each season.I am truly grateful for preserving and sharing such a wonderful place.

Aimi Sekiguchi — Google review

Words & photos don’t do Monet’s Garden justice.Beautiful/ Serene / Peaceful start to describe the settingSmall town with good restaurants well equipped to handle the crowds.Strongly suggest you visit this treasure#travel #France #tourist #Monet

Hank Johnson — Google review

The Fondation Monet is a must-visit for any fan of Impressionist art. The house and gardens are beautifully preserved, and it is easy to see why Monet was inspired by them. The gardens are especially stunning in the spring and summer, when the flowers are in bloom. I would recommend visiting early in the day to avoid the crowds.The staff at the Fondation Monet are friendly and helpful. They were happy to answer our questions about Monet and his work. We also enjoyed the guided tour, which gave us a deeper understanding of the gardens.Overall, we had a wonderful experience at the Fondation Monet. It is a truly special place that everyone should visit at least once

Adrian Huber (Ahbr) — Google review

It was an incredible time at the Monet Gardens and house. We did this as a cruise ship excursion and while it made for a long day it was so worthwhile. Even in Mid-October there were still flowers blooming. We enjoyed wandering through the grounds and touring the house.

Rhonda Deniston — Google review

Worth the visit. Its a small place (house and garden) but the flowers and the paintings in the house are so, so beautiful. You probably will spend maybe 3 hours max. Can have a lot of visitors, so need to be patient when taking pics. Also, the shop at the end is super interesting! Couldn't resist to buy something!!

aina noorazli — Google review


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84 Rue Claude Monet, 27620 Giverny, France

+33 2 32 51 28 21

40 Best Stops Between Richmond and Conflans Sainte Honorine (2024)


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